Hey guys its dolly back thanks for the beautiful comments u all gave …its such an honour ….love u all loads …

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So here is the story ,
@dining hall
Vikram : I am glad ….that u both have joined us in dinner
Ragva : no sir …its our pleasure to have dinner with u ….
Vikram smiles ….
Vikram : namish ….when is the trip organized
Namish : hmm maybe next month end …
Vikram : but make sure …we have it on the current day not to postpond OK
Namish nods ….
Shona : dad ….can I also join u in this trip dad plz
Vikram : Shona dear …u 10th and u have to focus on studies rather than these stuffs dear
Shona : but dad …what will I do without with u and namish (she pouts)
Namish : haan …even I can’t stay without Shona
Shona : see na …
Ragva feels upset ……(misunderstanding yaar)
Vikram : if that’s the case …I have a plan ….
Swara and namish looks curiously
Vikram : namish u stay back with Shona …we will go and come …
Namish spits out the juice which was in his mouth …
Swara , ragva laughs …
Namish : Shona ,..who is she ..I don’t know her ……and y shouldn’t I come to trip …
Swara (angrily) : oyyeeee !!!! How dare u ?
Namish : oh hello who r u ?
Swara chases him and namish runs.
Vikram and ragva laughs seeing them.
After some time
@Shona room
Shona and varun was sitting in her bed and watching her album
Shona : this photo was taken when I was 6
Varun : awww ….u look so chubby and bubbly yaar !
Shona : aww thanks .
Varun smiles….
Shona : so varun when will u teach me
Varun : hmmm I have collage tomorrow
Shona : y don’t u take off tomorrow …
Varun (shocked) : no way can I
Shona : come on yaar …just a day !
Varun : but Shona… will I get off
Shona : u r forgetting something ….
Varun : OK OK ..u will say to ur dad right
Shona pulls his cheeks
Shona : u r knowing me better ..
Varun makes faces and Shona laughs !
@namish room
Namish ; so this is namish palace …how is it ?
Ragini : its like ur face …
Namish : oh do I look more handsome …
Ragini : in ur dreams …
Namish makes faces ….
Ragini : but the way u r not bad as u look
Namish : excuse me ….I am ur senior so be careful OK ….
Ragini : what will u do …ragging huh
Namish : nope but poke u in Facebook !
Namish laughs ….ragini makes faces …
Namish : stop making it ….its …..kinda of not good
Ragini (angrily) : how dare u ?
Namish laughs ….
Ragini takes a pillow and throws at him ….
Namish stops and ragini laughs …
Namish : how dare u rebel !
Saying this he throws a pillow at her mouth ……
Namish laughs now
Ragini gets irked and started to fight with and namish does the same ….
Both Leela on beating each other and the pillows feather flies up
@Shona room
Shona : OK come I will show u the guest room
Varun : OK …
Shona walks first ….she was wearing skirt and shirt …her waist is clearly shown …
Varun was seeing her back and admiring her structure
Shona was feeling his gaze …so she kept her hand and blocked …
Varun in mind : array varun idiot ….dont u have sense ….always fast haa ….how dare u …what she will think ….
Shona : don’t think too much its boys nature …
Saying this Swara giggles and goes ….
Varun feels embarressed and walks along with her
Varun : I …I ….didn’t mean to
Swara : its OK varun what’s the thing to be ashamed of …..I mean …its boys thing but try to control
Varun was impressed and shocked with her answer ….

While gong they pass by namish room

@namish room
Ragini and namish were exhausted and lies on bed
Both bursts out laughing seeing the room condition ..-.
Swara and varun enters
Swara : what the hell
Varun was also shocked
Namish : Shona actually !
Swara : oh oh ragini romancing with my bf haa
Namish gives a death glare to shona where Shona giggles
Varun becomes upset so as ragini
Ragini : hmm …no …no …I didn’t …
Shona : its OK di …..I know when a handsome hunk is intent of any girl na …they will do the same
Shona winks at namish and namish giggles….
Ragini and varun were blank ….
Namish : u won’t habe any problem na Shona …
Shona : no not at all ..
Both gives HiFi …
Ragva were still numb
@collage (morning)
Ragva were upset but don’t know why they were ,..because they were listening and seeing Swara and namish close ..ha ha ha lol
Shona calls varun
Varun : hello
Swara (angrily) : what hello …I said na take off and teach me …but u gone to collage when I was sleeping …u idiot
Varun chuckles ….
Varun : Swara r u brushing right now
Swara looks around …
Swara (shocked) : how did u know …
Varun : ha ha ha Shona ..that’s y ur sweet voice changed to frowned voice huh !
Swara gets more angry …
Swara : ts not a big joke …OK now u didn’t obey Shona words na …so I won’t talk to u for an week and u need to convince ..
Varun was shocked but was happy
Varun : but in this one week …u should do whatever I say , come wherever I say and u should be with me only OK
Swara (smiles but hides) : OK OK bes to luck Mr varun kapoor and I am warning u …its not that easy too
Varun : challenge for varun kapoor……OK accepted ….thanks for the warning ….
Swara smiles and cuts the call …..

@corridor ..
Ragjni was coming with some heavy books …
Namish comes from opposite and smiles evilly seeing ragini ..
Namish : hey rebel …what r u doing ?
Ragini : hey duffer …can’t u see ….
Namish : y these many books….
Ragini : hmm not fr me but for Shona ….
Namish (shocked) : Shona ?????????
Namish : hmm she asked me for tuition classes …so I took some guides for her …
Namish : hmm …my sis …changed u …huh !
Ragini didn’t notice the word sis ….
Namish bites his tongue but realizes that she didn’t t notice it ….
Ragini : whatever ….can u help me …
Namish : sure …..
But without helping her , namish dashes her …
The books falls so as ragini but namish catches her holding her waist tightly ….

Raglak both looks into each others eyes …..and were lost …
Varun comes and sees this ….and was shocked …
Varun in mind : oh god namish is cheating Swara …I should tell her about it …or else it will break it

Saying this varun leaves …

Raglak composes themselves
Ragini (angrily) : u duffer ! I said to help. But instead u bumped on me
Laksh (puppy eyes) : I thought to help but by mistake …
Ragini melts …
Ragini : anyways come and help me …to take these books …
Laksh : OK Mata ji
Ragini smiles , Laksh gets memerised ..

Varun calls Swara ..
Swara : hello ..why did u call me …I know u want to convince me but I didn’t thought that u will get idea so soon
Varun : hmm actually I called ….to say ….that ur bf …I mean namish is cheating on u ..
Swara (fake shock) : what ???????
Varun : hmm Shona don’t break down …but namish is flirting with ragini and I guess he is in live with her
Swara was jumping in happiness inside but outside
Swara (fake anger) : how dare he ….how could he ….I hate him ….I will break his relation with me
Varun was smiling inside …but outside
Varun (concerned) : oh Shona …don’t get angry …..but ur choice is correct ….u should break the relation …the one who doesn’t respect shoudknt be trusted ..
Swara (smiles) : hmm ya correct …
Varun : anyways don’t break down …try to move on and focus on ur studies OK ..
Swara (smiles) : OK OK
Varun : OK bye
Swara (angrily) : thanks for the info ….but stint think I am convinced …..Swara shergil can’t forgive anyone that easily OK ….
Varun smiles …..
Swara cuts the call and smiles …..

To be continued …

Hope u all like the episode ,,,I know its boring …still bear me …I will try to complete season 3 asap ….

Sorry for wasting ur precious time …

With love ,

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