Hey guys , its dolly back again…sorry for being late for a while , due to hectic schedule couldn’t write ff’s ….anyways I uploaded an one shot and u all gave a huge response thanks for that !

Here is the link for the one shot

Here is the link for the previous chapter of meri aashique
Here is chapter – 16 ,
After the party ,

Sanskar : Tara come , I will drop u
Tara smiles
Tara : ya sure
Amran : Tara dear where do u live !
Tara : aurovill street uncle
Amran : oh ! It would be nice to meet ur parents and congratulate them for a beautiful daughter like u !
Tara smiles , sanskar gets memerised
Tara : anyways uncle it was good seeing u , bye meet u soon
Amran : OK dear , feel free to come here , (to sanskar) sanskar its raining so drive slowly and drop her
Sanskar nods , Tara waves bye and leaves with sanskar

Shona and varun were witnessing this all
Shona in mind : is Tara more beautiful then me !

Soon swasan leave ……….

After an week …Tara and varun become good friends ……but varun starts to develop feelings for Tara ….without knowing that she is gonna marry him ….

One fine day ,
While returning back from malik mansion with sanskar

Tara was so tired , that she just sleeps in the car
(Baarish song was playing)
Sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her , and her body , it was showing her full body curves , her clevage as she was fully drenched !
Sanskar in mind : sanskar stop ! What r u doing ? How could u see her like that !
But the mood of boys didn’t allow him to stop looking like that , so he stops the car
He goes near Tara and smells her hair , her scent smell ….which was driving him crazy !
He was about to kiss her but Tara wakes and jerks

Tara angrily : what the hell sanskar …..what were u trying to do !
Sanskar composes

Tara holds his collar
Tara angrily : how dare u try to misbehave with me ….I thought u r my good friend but u chiiii !
Tara slaps him and gets out of the car , now sanskar’s ego hurts , he also gets down the car

Tara starts to leave , sanskar goes in front of her and blocks her way
Sanskar : Tara listen ..
Tara : no I don’t want …now move away !
Sanskar : Tara
Tara slaps him
Tara ; not one more word from ur mouth Mr malik !
Sanskar gets angry
Sanskar grabs her shoulders tightly
Sanskar (shouts) : Tara listen ….I love u dammit ……I love u
Tara was shocked
Sanskar : I love u from the first sight I saw u Tara , I promise I spent most of the time thinking about u only …….only u ! I wanted to be with u forever and want to grow old with u Tara …..
Tara stood numb and shocked but
Tara (blank) : no sanskar , I don’t love u , I never saw u in that angle ……I always saw u as a good friend
Sanskar (angrily) : come on Tara , friendship is the first step to love , y can’t u love me
Tara (tears) : because , I am scared that u will also leave me satisfying ur needs ! Like my father
Sanskar was shocked
Sanskar : no Tara I won’t , I won’t do that
Tara : I know u wont do that ….but from that case I lost the hope in love , so find some other girl
Saying this she was about to leave , sanskar holds her hand
Sanskar : Tara without u I will surely die Tara , I want to be with u always
Tara was shocked
Tara : listen sanskar ….the thing which u r calling is not love its lust ! OK its lust !
Sanskar gets angry
Sanskar : OK wait …u call my love lust na …now see
Sanskar looks here and there
Sanskar : come have s*x with me now …….I will satisfy and leave u !
Tara was hell shocked and astonished
Tara (angrily) : r u in ur senses …..sanskar ……
Sanskar ; OK if u can’t ….then live with me for life long ….what say !
Tara stood numb
Tara : but how can u expect me to love u and sacrifice my life for u
Sanskar (angrily) : I don’t Care , its up to u …to love me or not , but I want u , u r only mine
Tara was so shocked seeing this side
Tara : no sanskar never …..I won’t be ur ‘s

Saying this Tara runs …(its raining heavily)
Sanskar (angrily) (shouts) : Tara !!!!!!!!!

He chases her , Tara runs

Suddenly she dashes with a person
She looks up to see , its revealed to be varun (aww…..)

Varun (tensed) : what happened Swara , why are u running ….what happened ?

At that time he sees sanskar coming towards them
Varun : sanskar ?
Tara turns and eyes him with fear …
Varun : what u both are doing ! I mean what happened
Sanskar : vo nothing much varun …I ……I just proposed …..her
Varun was not convinced and moreover his heart was aching
Varun : oh ……congrats
Sanskar smiles , but Tara was tensed , varun senses it
Varun : any did u run then Tara
Tara was blank ….before she could answer
Sanskar : vo because u na girls were impossible to believe …..she was blushing so …
Tara was shocked and angered seeing sanskar lieing !
Varun : oh OK ….u both carry on ….I shouldnt stop ur romance …(teasing tone)
Sanskar smiles
Varun was about to leave , Tara holds his hand tightly
Varun looks at her and Tara also looks at him , both eyes meets ….varun eyes senses something wrong in Tara’s eyes ,
Tara (courage) : can ….can …u drop me varun …..
Sanskar was boiling in anger

Varun : why so , when sans….(Tara interrupts)
Tara : plz (with tears)
Varun was shocked and instantly said OK
Sanskar comes forward but varun comes as a shield in front of her
Varun : sanskar can I !
Sanskar : Tara come on …he is just an employee , u r gonna be my wife and going with a low class person
Varun was embarressed ….Tara felt bad seeing varun
Sanskar : u know what Tara , these low class people will sit on our head if we give them a little space so …its better be careful and come …after all he is having an bike , which is very small …come I will drop u in my Audi car ..
Varun has tears and was totally embarressed ….Tara couldn’t take more
Tara comes forward of varun and slaps …….

Not sanskar , but varun
Sanva were shocked

Tara (tears) : don’t u have sense varun …this spoilt brat is embarrassing u so much and u r staying numb …..why the hell , u give them space to talk …..this is what they take as granted and tease u more …….u should be able to fight with them varun ….so can’t back off ….they will take it as an weakness point and will tease u more ……
We should shut their mouth before they could insult us more …..

(To sanskar) what do u think of yourself if we r rich enough , we can buy anyone …then u r highly mistaken Mr malik ……don’t ever think like that
What u said ….u want to have s*x with me na night then u will leave …is this the line a true lover says to his love …this itself shows how weak ur love is ….u rich people see girls oops …sorry their body not girls …they are like use and throw for u all ….whenever u want u will use and will throw ….chiiii …..such a cheap character u r sanskar ….I never thought u r like this ….I am cursing for being ur friend …I hate u sanskar , I hate u …

Saying this she leaves …making sanskar so embarressed and angry …..
Varun follows Tara and goes with his bike giving a disgusting look to sanskar ……

Sanskar in mind : Tara u only saw the friendly side of sanskar …now u will see the real side of sanskar …..u r only mine

Varun : Swara come ..let’s leave
Swara : I am not coming with anyone ….what if even u ask me like him
Varun gets angry , he goes toward and pulls closer

Varun : do I look like that …..see my eyes …
Both share and eye lock …which shows the pain of each other …….

Swara hugs (Swara = Tara) varun tightly and cries ….
Swara (crying) : I am sorry varun …I shouldn’t have raised hand on u …who am I to …
Varun : shhhh …..u r my friend and u all full right on me ….
Swara feels good and hugs him more tightly …….after some time Swara sleeps in his chest while hugging him
Varun feels so good in her embrace …..he wants this moment to stop right there …..

He takes her in his arms and places her on the bike ….and drives to her home ..

@singhania mansion ….
Varun in mind : if I go her mom will think wrong so …..
He pats Swara cheeks slowly …..
Varun : Swara , Swara …..
Swara opens her like an angel ……varun was dazzled
Varun : ur home came Swara ….
Swara rubs her eyes and smiles , varun was memerised
Swara : thanks …..why don’t u come
Varun : what will ur mother think
Swara : she is will think ..that u r my bf ….
Varun hits her head
Varun ; don’t think too much …..go and sleep peacefully ….tomorrow there is collage na
Swara : OK boss …good night
Varun : good night …

Swara leaves , varun smiles and leaves ….
While going back
Varun : this is mishti aunty home street na ……maybe Swara house is opposite to her …

Varun apartment
Meeta : varun come let’s Go and meet the ur angel Tara
Varun : who is Tara ?
Ram : array buddhu we said na …mishti aunty daughter
Varun saddens …
Meeta : are u happy with this marriage varun
Varun gives a fake smile
Varun : haan ma ….I am happy …come let’s go …..
Meeta : wait a sec …close ur eyes and say me which person comes to ur face first ….
Varun : ma ….what’s this
Meeta : just do it …..
Varun closes his eyes , Swara aka Tara picture comes …….he smiles
Varun (closed eyes) : Swara !

Meeta and ram were shocked hearing the name …but were happy also
Varun opens his eyes and composes
Ram : who is Swara ….
Varun : I said na dad …the girl in party …
Meeta : OK OK enough u go get ready
Varun leaves
Ram : I think our son met Swara aka our
Meeta : DIL Tara only …..I am very happy now …..he will love her na ….
Ram : of course …I am planning to give a surprise to him
Meeta : what surprise ….
Ram : we will not let them know their names …..before marriage ….and let them meet in front of us …they can do their private chats in collage and office with their original names , at home we will use their nick names like Swara = Tara , varun = varu …OK ….they will love also and will marry also
Meeta : wow …my husband is an genious …wait I will inform mishti also
Ram : OK OK Inform

@singhania mansion
Mishti : Tara are u ready …
Tara in her room
Swara : I don’t want to get married to someone …..
Shona was also there
Shona : why is that so
Swara : I don’t know ….I just don’t want to ……(she stops)
Shona sense something wrong ….even Shona don’t know that varun is groom
Shona : anyways now get ready ..its just meeting na …
Swara : ha u r correct ..I will get ready and come

Shona in mind : phew ! Now she will get married and varun will be free …but wait why its affects me when varun is with any other girl

Ram informs mishti about it ……so they all plan something …..
As even shergil were present Laksh(groom of Shona) also joined them …….Tara never met Laksh malik ….

All were present in the hall ….

The meeting starts ….

Precap : total confusion between grooms ….lol…..

At last don’t with the 16th chapter …….next episode will be full of dhamaka …..full of confusion and fun ..because I have per planned everything
Hope u all read and comment …..

Thanks for the responses u all gave me last part ….and plz do give so ….

I need suggestions for writing another one shot ..
Should I write about

Its confusing me a lot …as next one shot will be total romantic …so plz suggest me a pair …so that I can start my imagination …ha ha ha lol
Drop ur comments plx

With love,
Esha (dolly)

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