Hey guys ……its dolly back all dull and pale , guys r u not happy with this season ….I guess yes
Even though last episode I got comments …..but I missed many regular readers …..maybe u all r not happy , anyway …don’t worry I will try to end in next 4 or 5 episodes…..
Sorry for torturing u all ……and thanks for bearing me all the way of the journey !

Here is the link for the previous episode ,

So here is the story ,

Tara wakes up and sits ….
Tara : awww ….my small brain is spining like hell
Mishti (happy) : at last u woke …..u made me go into depression again ….haa
Tara : what happened ma …how I came here
Mishti : don’t u remember anything ….
Tara innocently nods no …..
Mishti : array ur friend sanskar and Alia ….dropped u
Tara was shocked …
Tara : s.a.n.s.k.a.r
Mishti : haa ….he is a very good bye …..he went without having dinner also ….make sure u invite him one day OK …
Tara : OK OK (happily)
Mishti : now get ready fast …..collage is there na ….
Tara smiles and gets ready!


Shona was in her room lost in her own world …
Shona in mind : did I do wrong by hurting varun ….no I guess ….anyway who wants to live with that cheapster … I am Shona Laksh malik …why am I thinking of him ….
But , varun challeneged ….will he get a girl like that …I know I am the most beautiful girl ….no one can be more than me …that’s impossible too
But what if !

Namish comes
Namish : baby sis …what r u thinking !
Shona : hmm, nothing ….just about Laksh ….
Namish : oh….u stopped thinking about ur cute bro haa (pouts)
Shona (smiles) : nope …..infinite I am thinking about u ….and one Milli percent about Laksh
Namish : smart haa
Shona : after whose sis …..
Both gives HiFi ….
Namish : I have ordered a beautician …and I will get ur dress by today evening OK ….
Shona nods and hugs him …
Shona : love u , u r the world best bro ….
Namish smiles and hugs back …


@varun house ..
It is an apartment , which has modern interior … is simple but beautiful enough…
Varun was sitting on the sofa
Leela : here is ur coffee varun ….
Varun didn’t respond
Leela : varun , varun
Varun : haa ma ……
Leela : where r u lost ?
Varun : vo kuch nahi …..I was thinking about office matter …
Leela : OK here take this coffee ….
Varun smiles ….
Varun : mom can I ask u something
Leela : sure
Varun : am I a unlucky boy for u …
Leela was shocked and tears started to come
Varun wipes Leela tears ….
Leela (angry) : don’t ever say that varun ….because of u we r living this life !
Varun : but mom still we r not having a big house or a luxurious life right !
Leela (concerned) : varun ….big house luxurious life doesn’t matter , this house this life style its all ur own savings and u have achieved this height dear …
Varun looks on …..
Varun : OK mom ….now tell me what u want from me
Leela : this is enough for us ….bas I need a daughter who can care for me , its very tiring doing work alone …..maybe that’s what u can give me
Varun thinks ….
Varun : I am ready mom …..ur wish ..
Leela was looking at him with a shock ..
Leela : will u be happy……can I start searching
Varun : haaa ma …(he smiles)
Leela also becomes very happy ….
Varun sleeps on Leela lap ……..a tear passes from his eyes


Alia : array tara , how r u feeling now ?
Tara : I am all fine ….actually yesterday ….
Alia : don’t talk about that moron …manik Tara ….plz ..leave that topic
Tara : OK OK ….anyways I need to thank sanskar
Alia (teasing) : why is that so ?
Tara : hmm he helped me ….I really need to
Alia (pouts) : what about me !
Tara pulls her cheeks….
Tara : even u …..thanks a lot Alia
Alia feels happy …..
Tara : OK now I will call him and in for him OK .
Alia (teasing) : oh oh !
Tara : shut up ……he is just a good friend of mine
Alia : OK OK ….

Tara calls sanskar number …

Sanskar : hello its sanskar maheshwari here
Tara : hi (cutely)
Sanskar was shocked as well as happy
Sanskar : hmm Tara ….is that u
Tara was also shocked ….
Alia : jiju u found her huh …..
Santan were shocked …
Tara : chup Karo Alia …….(but sanskar smiles)
Tara (embaressed) : sorry sanskar …she is
Sanskar : its OK , tell me what happened …..y did u call me
Tara : vo , actually I want to say thank u …….thanks a lot sanskar for helping me yesterday
Sanskar (smiles) : its my pleasure dear
Tara smiles …..
Tara : OK then bye …
Sanskar : wait , wait ….only for this u called …
Tara (confused) : ha…..y
Sanskar (fumbles) : vo …I ….u ….I …
Tara : array say fast I am getting late for collage
Sanskar : why don’t u come to my home …..and meet my parents like I met urs ….
Tara thinks for a while …
Sanskar : madam r u there ?
Tara : haa ….OK bug I will ask mom and inform u in evening….OK
Sanskar (smiles) : OK madam …..
Tara smiles and hungs up

Alia : kya chal raha he bhai ….
Tara blushes ..
Tara : actually sanskar invited us to his home .
Alia (teasing) : oh oh ..then go na ….it will be good to meet ur sasural ….
Tara widens her eyes ….Alia bites her tongue ….
Tara (angry) : Alia……
Alia : OK OK leave that what u said ….
Tara : I said I will ask mom and say .
Alia : OK OK good now come we r late after class we will ask mom and say OK …
Tara : OK come ….

They both head to class


Shona goes to the cliff top …(where swasan died)
Its evening !

Shona in mind : this smell and this sun …..I totally get changed whenever I come here ……I just be in another world ….
But don’t y …..whenever I come here ……my mood smoothens and I take a right decision ! Maybe because of this childhood memories .

Saying this she sits on the sand ……a boy comes ……
Shona back was shown ….

Boy : again this girl …whenever I come ….she is here ……whatever …..

He gives near Shona …and pats her shoulder ….

Shona stands up and looks at the boy ……
Shona (shocked) : sanskar …
(Yes he is sanskar )
Sanskar (shocked) : bhabhi … its u whom I am seeing from childhood ….
Shona : and its u whom I am seeing from childhood …what a coincidence na
Sanskar : haan ….bhabhi ….but how do u come here as u r in Delhi …
Shona : array buddhu ….when I was in Delhi … used di take me only 5 mins ….
Sanskar was blinking
Shona : I am in the outer border of Delhi … its easy for me as this cliff is between the highway
Sanskar : oh ….
Shona : anyways ….its pleasure meeting u
Sanskar : me too bhabhi …..
Shona : why do u come here
Sanskar : I don’t know but I feel connected to this cliff ….
Shona : same pinch …..ha ha ha
Sanskar also laughs


Leela : ram sanskar has agreed for marriage so …u finalize with mishti …
Ram : r u sure ..
Leela : haan …I am damm sure ….
Ram : OK then I will call her and ask…

Ram calls ….mishti
Mishti : haan ram bhai …how r u ?
Ram ; all fine ma ….how r u and Tara ….
Mishti : all fine bhai …so what special u have called me !
Ram : vo ….varun is getting older and is marriage age now , so
Mishti : I understood …even Tara is at marriage age ! , we discussed this already ….a positive sign from my side ..
Ram (happy) : thanks a lot mishti …
Mishti (smiles) : come on bhai …this is a small help from my side ….it is no big than ur help to me …
Ram : I am really happy …come on ….no sorry and thank u in relations ….
Miahti smiles ….
Ram : then we will come tomorrow and finalize OK …
Mishti : sure bhai …
Ram : OK I will call u later bye ….
Mishti : haan OK ….

Ram : she said OK …
Leela : god bless them …

Both smile ….

Precap : Tara meeting sanskar parents , varun and Tara marriage talk , Shona jealous …..Laksh attitude and ragini intro ….

Sorry for troubling u all ….I will finish this season asap … I am getting low comments from u all ….
Maybe the spark as gone off now ……

I shouldn’t have made season 3 ….I know its my fault ….but still many if sisters are supporting me …thanks for the that sisters …love u all loads ..

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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