Hey guys , its dolly back ….I said I will update on Sunday but I got time now so I am updating …..

I see u all are having a huge confusion ……
But let me clear …guys u all know meri aashique has lots of past ….as u all saw in season 1 & 2

OK wait , I will brief u all ….
What if I would have continued the collage life of Shona , varun , namish and ragini ….I am damm sure that season 3 will have no meaning and it will become boring as u all know the past ….

So I thought to add new characters ….so that I could make the real one hide in their character ……
Guys , plz support me and have some patience , I promise that I will make it interesting to read …..I will unfold the characters in 15th episode
Till then wait for me !

I know its a long gap but still what is the use to tell the pairs and the story…….but u all knwi that meri aashique is an swasan fan fiction…..then y worry !

No fear when I am here !

Here is the link for the previous episode ,

So here is the story ,
I am just sitting next to my future husband with a bright smile …..he is so dadhing and handsome yaar …..I am really seeing him in full lust eye now , ha ha ha I was just kidding !
Now I can show off to my so called friends about my husband …who can get a husband like him …pity of others !
I could see my dad and my father in law talking to each other …
“Dear come its time” my dad said , holding my hand ….
I handed my hand on his and stood up , smiling at Laksh ….he was so charming …..
Namish came and said ..
“All the best sis ” he said with a thumbs up sign on his hand …..I must say he was way more happy than I was ….
I nodded .
My future father in law said “Laksh here is the ring slide it perfectly in her little cute finger OK ”
Laksh also nodded ….
I placed my hand on his ….he slides perfectly into mine , everyone clapped ….
But his expression were like who cares ……but I was memerised by his dashing smile……but one couldnt see me staring him ….that’s varun
Now its my turn ..
“Here dear , u r gonna get officially engaged now” my dad said while giving the ring
I nodded with a smile …
He kept his hand in mine ……his hand were so soft to touch and feel ……
I came out if my dreamworld and slided it perfectly …..tadaa !!! Shona can never be irresponsible in these things….
Everyone clapped but Laksh didn’t seem to be interested in these sorts….
“My Shona has grown big and is now shona laksh malik ” my dad said it proudly ….I was dazed and amazed listening Shona Laksh malik
Its really stylish ….I can show off really well now ……
But one was looking me and Laksh with jealousy eyes ….I looked at him……varun turned his face …..
Who cares about him ….we broke up long back !
Now I am officially engaged …yipppeee !!!!! Finally , I am fed of being single ….now its time in relationship …
My namish bro came and gave me a sissy hug …..awww !!!! How good was that !
“So Shona Laksh malik don’t forgot ur partner in crime OK ” bro said it with naughty smirk …
I was blushing like hell…..
“Sir ma’am ..plz if u could give us some time to take shots” a journalist in the crowd said to us (Laksh and Shona)
We both nodded …
Laksh kept hand on one of shoulder and one on waist ……I started to feel butterfly flying up in my stomach ….his touch gave me shivers….
He was smiling so as I ….
“Prefect shot” the journalist said with a smile
“This is tomorrow headlines ….miss Shona shergil and Mr Laksh malik have been officially engaged ” he said again with a smile
I was on cloud nine …..yaayyyyy !!!
As soon the phto session finished ….Laksh moved back to his friends …..
Varun was passing me glances ……whereas I didn’t care about him ….Kavitha came and gave a bone crushing hug
“I am really happy for u” she said ..with a smile
“Thanks” I mumbled with attitude !!!!! , she left as soon I showed off ….
Was I akward ?
Tara : how much does it cost
Cashier : 12000
Tara in mind : I need it for project ….what will I do ! Can I ask him ? No …I can’t …its cheap to ask him
Tara takes her money with a pout cute face and gives it to the cashier ….
Cashier : thank u ma’am …have a nice day ..
Tara gives a fake smile !
Sanskar was noticing her cute antics and was smiling , he had an plan

Tara : shall we leave ….
Sanskar : hmm sure , by the way which collage are u studying ?
Tara : loyala collage
Sanskar : impressive ! Which group !
Tara : IT batch !
Sanskar smiles ..
Sanskar : OK then meet u soon ….
Tara smiles …
Tara : can I also ask about u !
Sanskar (smiling) : sure
Tara : hmm what r u doing ….
Sanskar looks at himself leaving Tara in confusion
Sanskar : what do I look like !
Tara : business man (looking at his tuxedo)
Sanskar smiles : right ….
Tara also smiles …
Tara : OK anyways …mom would be waiting for me …I need to reach asap there OK bye
Sanskar : what bye …how will u go !
Tara scratches her forehead that Alia took scooty with her na
Sanskar smiles …
Sanskar : come with me ….Tara smiles and goes with hi


@shergil mansion
Shona : bro ..can u do a favour
Namish who was on call hung up and looked towards her
Namish : tell me dear !
Shona : I want u to collect the sangeeth dress from Tara fashion house and order the make up women
Namish : that’s it , sure sweetheart ..
Shona smiles …
Shona : love u bro
Namish : love u too sis !
Shona smiles and leaves !
Namish : so one more job came …its OK its for my sis afteralll

Its a beautiful mansion , yet not bigger than malik’s or shergils’s but simply elegant

No doubt its tara kapoor aka Swara kapoor mansion

Tara was packing her bag in a hurry
Tara : mom give me my project money (she said in a hurry)
Mishti : I gave u yesterday itself right !
Tara bites her tongue
Tara : hmm ya ..,,
Mishti : u have or u want !
Tara : no no …I have , by the way when is di coming
Mishti : she said after her exams will get over , that’s next month
Tara : at last she will come from that Greek land !
Mishti : Tara come on anyways now go to collage , don’t be late
Tara : OK OK bye mom …
She kisses her cheeks and leaves , mishti smiles


Tara was sitting in her bench biting her nails …
Tara in mind : god …I am gone today ! What will I do ! Sir will eat me alive if I don’t bring the money , I couldn’t ask mom also ….this day couldn’t get worse than this
Alia who was sitting next to her
Alia : Tara what happened ! Why r biting ur nails …
Tara : vo actually …(she says everything)
Alia (angry) : u should have made him pay na ….Tara everyone will play with ur innocense dear !
Tara : I felt shy to ask him
Alia : and by the way Tara u r a fashion designer’s daughter ….y couldnt u ask ur mother ….u r acting as if u r from a middle class
Tara (angry) : I want to stand on my own …not with the name of my mom …and moreover I will punishment if I have to ….everyone here is equal , there is no difference between rich and poor
Alia was blank …(someone was noticing them and was proud feeling about her)
Sir comes
Tara starts to bite her nails ….
Sir : so everyone give ur money …..I will call u attendance wise OK …
Everyone except Tara nods
Alia : Tara I pity u !
Tara gives a killer look to Alia ….Alia chuckles
Sir was calling everyone , and finally it was Tara turn
Tara was literally sweating and tensed , she stood up and headed towards sir table
Sir : where is the money dear ?
Before Tara could answer , the peon came
Peon : sir principal sir as called u
Tara gives a relief sign ! Alia was blank …..
Sir leaves with peon
Tara looks at Alia …..and gives a victory look ….
Otherside the one who was watching also smiles seeing Tara

Tara : OK Alia ..tomorrow bring that file OK …
Alia : OK meri Ma
Alia starts to get shivers seeing someone behind Tara …
Tara gets confused but turns …
Tara was shocked and yet tensed
Alia : oh god Tara …he is coming ……we need to go asap from here ..
Tara (scared) : this again …came , he is our senior Alia ….y is he behind me
The boy comes
Boy : hey Tara baby …
Tara (tensed) : hi ….
The boy hugs Tara which startles her , but Alia pushes him
Alia : manik stay in ur limits OK …..or else I will complain to sir
The boy is manik (don’t beat me now )
Manik (angrily) holds Alia hair : shut up and do ur work OK….
Alia screams in pain
Tara (tears) : leave her manik …plz ….
Manik leaves by pushing her
Alia falls , Tara goes and helps her in getting up
But manik held Tara hand and wrapped his hands around her waist and gave a long lasting kiss on her neck
Alia : leave her (she was protesting but all in vain)
Manik laughs …….he was about to kiss Tara soft lips but

THUD !!!!!!!!!!!
He fell down …..Tara was shocked ….even alia was shocked
Tara looks up to see ……(our hero yaar )

Tara was having a happy tears , she ran to sanskar and hugged him tightly clentching his shirt
Alia was also happy
Sanskar was shocked as well as happy and angry
Manik stood up and was angry
Manik (angry) : hey u , Tara belong to me ….leave her and go
Sanskar (angrily) : is she also hay with ur relation
Manik (laughs) : of course man ….now leave from here , handover her to me
Sanskar punches his stomach hugging Tara
Manik was so angry that he just pulled Tara
Manik (angrily) : how dare u go with him and hug him ?
Saying this he slaps her hard and she falls
Sanskar eyes were blood shot !
Sanskar was continuously beating him …..but a bike comes , manik sits and runs away
Later he comes towards Alia and Tara
Tara stood up and hugged sanskar into a bone crushing hug , she starts to cry !
Sanskar felt bad ……
Tara (cries) : thanks sanskar …..thanks a lot ….
Sanskar also hugs her back ….Alia was happy seeing them !
After sometime
Sanskar : tara , Tara ….
She faints in his embrace …..
Alia : sanskar come let’s take her home …..(she was tensed)
Sanskar : OK ..
Saying this he carries her in his arms …
Sanskar was staring tara lovingly , he couldn’t take his eyes from her
Alia was noticing all this , and was happy

They drove off …..

@shergil mansion
Shona : come on dad I need a personal beautician for me
Vikram : as u say Shona …I will tell my manager to call and inform OK
Shona nods
Vikram : OK dear I have an important work … I would tomorrow night only , kavitha and varun will accompany u
Shona was dazed
Shona : varun ?
Vikram : why ? He is such a good boy …are u having any problem dear
Shona : hmm no ….no …
Vikram : OK then bye ….
Saying this he leaves , Shona was in her own world

Just then Kavitha and varun enters
Shona and varun looks at each other !!!!!!!!
Kavitha comes and hugs Shona
Kavitha : how r u baby doll
Shona (fake smile) : all fine , how are u ?
Kavitha : awesome dear !
Shona : OK come have a seat , varun u too (cold tone)
Varun nods and sits next to Kavitha and opposite to Shona
Kavitha : so Tara what about ur sangeeth function ….how its going ??
Shona : yep its all fine , just have some shopping left
Kavitha : can I ask u something Shona
Shona : sure go ahead !
Kavitha : do u still love varun ?
Shova were literally shocked hearing it …….
Shona (fumbles) : I …I ….I ….no ….
Kavitha keeps her hand on hers
Kavitha : come on Shona …..I am ur best friend….I really need to see happiness not the sad face
Shona was looking at varun ….
Kavitha : i don’t love varun ….I was just faking to be , I can’t snatch my friends love
Shona : no Kavitha ….its not like that ……
Kavitha : if its true or not but I don’t love him neither he ……nor our family me members know …I just faked to know about ur feeling that’s it (to Shona) I am sorry varun …..I can’t be ur girlfriend …..I just faked ! (To varun who was in a complete shock)
Kavitha left saying it …….
Shova were on shock state ………


@kapoor mansion …
Sanskar carries Tara till door and Alia ring the bell
Mishti comes and was shocked seeing her in his arms
Mishti : Swara , Swara what happened ? Alia what happened to her ?
Alia : don’t worry aunty , she is absolutely fine ….she fainted as ….as …she didn’t eat lunch….
Mishti gives a relief sign ….and a questioning look to sanskar
Sanskar : hi aunty I am sanskar , sanskar malik ….I just helped Alia and Tara to reach here
Mishti : malik ????? (She was shocked)
Sanskar (confused) : haan
Mishti : OK old come inside and thanks for the help ..
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar ; its my pleasure
Sanskar goes towards Tara room …..he was just awstuck seeing the room
It was so beautiful with her pictures everywhere and a girlish natural look
Sanskar slowly places her on the bed and covers her with blanket …….
He was looking at her innocent face and was admiring it …….but was disturbed by Alia …
Alia : ahem , ahem
Sanskar smiles embarressed
Alia : thanks sanskar …..its really great for u to help us
Sanskar smiles ..
Sanskar : u r like my sis Alia ..
Alia (teadingly) then what about Tara ?
Sanskar hits his forehead …
Sanskar ; hmm ….hmmm …..

Mishti calls
Sanskar : aunty is calling …..(saying this he runs)
Alia laughs

@shergil mansion ..
Varun : vo Shona actually me and Kavitha had a fight and I opened about our matter ….by mistakenly and she broke with me
Shona (cries) : varun why can’t u just stay away from me and my life …..u …u just don’t know how much Kavitha got hurted …..u don’t care about her feelings neither u cared about me ….
Varun (angrily) :Shona u r mistaken that day I didn’t leave, but u left me without a reason …
Shona : I admit , but I really don’t want to be around u , nor be with u ….forever !
Varun : why is that so …
Shona : look at me varun ….I am having everything I want …..I just can’t come and stay in a place where there is minimum one Ac ….and a small house ….I can’t varun …..
Varun was total shocked …
Shona : I want someone who can keep me happy more than my dad …..I am sure , u will have a problem to buy a wedding ring for me also ….right !
(With attitude)
Varun : Shona how could u compare the status …..I truly love u inspite if money
Shona : that’s me varun ….OK if u truly love me than leave ur parents and come …..stay here with me forever , u don’t need to work …nor do anything ….are u OK …then I am ready for marriage varun ….(with a cold attitude)
Varun was total shocked …..
Varun (angry) : never Shona …that won’t happen ever …money may come and go ….but true love will come only once ….now I am sorry for loving u …..don’t worry i will marry a girl who is more beautiful , more stylish , more sweet and innocent than u……u r greedy for luxury Shona ….I wish u all the best with ur love if ur life Laksh malik ….

Saying this varun storms out of the house …..Shona was numb yet she didn’t care
Precap : not decided …

Guys , ragini and a new character will come in next episode …..don’t worry about manik case soon u will see …
Guys , can u tell me whether I should write the paragraph in POV or normal …..

Because some of u may get bored reading pov’s …..yet some wants it

So tell me which style should I write ……ur wish is my command ….

Anyways thanks for the beautiful time u all gave for me ….I will update next one when I get time …till then bye from dolly

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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