Hey guys , its dolly back again to torture u all …..thanks for the prayers guys , I know its all because of ur prayers the operation was successful
I misses u all so much , I am really happy now seeing u all back !

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I know u all r confused regarding the promo , but don’t worry there is a lot of twist and turns coming up

So here is the story ,
Shona POV ,
He stepped in
With a dashing smile and a hot attitude , I saw the media people rushing towards him but he didn’t pay a heed
While I was admiring my future husband , I could feel a long hour gaze on me
And I know its varun
My eyes landed on varun who is still staring at me inspite of Kavitha standing beside him
We both shared a long eye lock ….I don’t know till when but it was definently disturbed by my future husband
I could feel varun cursing under his breathe
My dad hugged my future husband …..he indeed took blessings from him
What a respectful and well mannered !
My future father in law also hugged him and whispered something in his ears which wasn’t audible but y do I care ,
Then after the formalities the beautiful hazel brown dashing eyes fell on me (yup its my future husband )
He was really like an Greek god , totally ! My Greek god
As soon as he was heading towards me , I felt varun anger and boiling substance towards him
He came and forwarded his white hand and I entangled with him
“Hi bhabhi” he said , making me shock and all numb
Omg he inst my husband , but how could this even happen I mean ! I looked at my dad who gave a normal look as usual !
I think everyone except me knows that he is not my future hubby , how fool of me
I gave a warm smile and said
“Hi” with a sweet tone !
Then we both composed and stood beside our dads !
I know this is all happened because of varun …..because of his cursing I missed a Greek god
“Sorry for inconvience , my elder son couldn’t make it up today for the engagement so we would like to postponed it” said my future father in law with a apologetic look .
Everyone out there seemed to be convinced and mostly varun was giving a relaxed look to me and a smile on his face glowed up !
After this most unwanted party we all headed back home but I figured where did namish went I couldn’t see him after the Greek god stepped in
Oh shit ! I didn’t Steven know the Greek god’s name ….seriously ! Anyways why should I think about that ….I need to focus on my birthday tomorrow yayyy ! Yep its my birthday tomorrow !
******************the next day********************
Flower stall near the park
Alia : Tara we r late what r doing there for a long time
Just then Tara waved bye to the grandma and came to alia ..she was wearing red frock till knee with black half jacket and made a free hair with red headband ..
Tara : array yaar Alia can’t u wait for a minute
Alia : Tara I have been waiting for an hour …..and by the way did u give ur bouque to grandma
Tara : ya she was really happy seeing it u …..atleast today she will happy right
Alia smiles
Alia : of course after all its ur birthday today !
Tara smiles
Alia : now come we r already late for classes ….OK
Tara : OK OK come
Both sit on the scooty and leaves …….
@Kolkata (shergil mansion)
Shona was standing in front of the huge guest ……even though it was her birthday that bubblyness and chubbyness was not there as it was before
Shona POV ,
Hmmm ! This isn’t new to me …I mean my all birthdays were like this but now its new as my brother didn’t show up till now nor messaged neither
Called me to wish …that’s weird .
As usual everyone gave me gifts , not gifts but like mountains …..I don’t know do they all think I am poor and can’t buy these things what they give me
Useless people ……!
“Shona dear today u have ur engagement , are u OK with it ” my dad asked
I was blank and numb but simply nodded I don’t know y I did it but there maybe a reason for it
“Good girl ” my dad said patting my head and with a smile
While my gaze called on the doorstep varun and Kavitha entered !
Urghhh !!!!!! Is he trying to stalk me I don’t want him to be here , y god y ! I really don’t want him di be here ….I am sure he will change my decision
And that Kavitha …….what to say !!!! I like to poke her now
Varun walked to me with a bouque and a greeting card , I gave a fake smile
“Happy birthday Shona” he said with much love and care
“Its OK OK ” I said showing my full attitude
Varun smile vanished ……I could see his pain and anger but I can’t become the old Shona who will care for others
He gave and went without looking back at me and joined his friends gang !
Y is he even here ….I know now varun is also a big business man but who cares …..
“They came be polite and humble ” my dad said looking at the door step
I nodded and looked at the door step …
I saw a dashing young man with spikes and wearing a black cooling glass entered with a killed smile
I was flat or should I say I fell ……was gonna
Behind him came the Greek god …..hmmm ….I find him way more handsome then usual …..but now he is my devar …..eww!!!!!
“Happy birthday DIL” my father in law said hugging me
“Thanks ” I said with a warm smile …
“Hey aarav , is he Laksh ” said my dad giving a hug to Mr aarav !
Laksh …..nice name right ….but I should make sure he is my hubby ….I can’t break again ….
“Yeah he is Laksh , lakhs malik ur future SIL ” Mr aarav said to my dad ……
I was shocked , happy , surprised and over excited !
I was smiling with my knowledge ! Varun was fuming with jealousy and anger , I was giving a victory smile to him
“Laksh this is Shona , Shona shergil ur would be wife” my future father in law said while introducing me to Laksh
“Hi ” he said rising his eye bbrow
I was splendid ……seriously I was !
“Hi I am Shona , Shona shergil ” I said with a cute smile in my glowing face
He nods and turns his face ….
Hmm that wasn’t a good response its OK ! Who cares !
But to my surprise ….the Greek god came to me
“Hi bhabhi happy birthday ” he said handing me a bracelet …..with a childish smile
Awww……he was looking so cute …lol
“Thanks a lot Mr ” I said with a smile and questioning look
“Sanskar , sanskar malik ” he said with a cute smile again
“Thanks sanskar” I said with a warm smile !
“Don’t worry bhabhi bhai needs time to mingle …….” he said understanding my situation
“I see” I said with a surprised look
Sanskar smiles , his phone rings
“One sec bhabhi” he said and went out
Such a good boy …..
@outside shergil mansion
Sanskar was talking on phone
Sanskar : OK OK u finish the project and give the presentation to Mr khanna ..OK
Saying this he hungs up
He was about to go inside but stopped seeing a dog on road with a broken leg
Sanskar ranned outside

On the other side
Tara and Alia were passing thought the scooter
Tara : oh god ….see Alia there is dog ….I need to help come
Alia : but Tara we r late today come na
Tara : no Alia but we should help then only my birthday will have a meaning
Saying this Tara gets down and runs towards the empty road
Sanskar from opposite side comes running
Both hits with each other and falls on each other and rolls along …..
They both stop
Tara top of sanskar , both were having an eye lock
Alia comes
Alia : Tara r u alright !
Both sanskar and Tara realizes and composes !
Both stands up
Tara : sorry sorry ….I didn’t see plz forgive me
Sanskar was just memerised seeing her
Tara waves hand
Tara : hello …..hello …..listen ….sir
Sanskar : hmm ya …its OK by the way mistake was also mine
Tara : anyways ….will u help me to take this dog to hospital
Sanskar : sure (smiling)
Tara bends down and takes the dog caringly
Sanskar was staring her lovingly …..Alia was noticing this ….
Sanskar : come I will drop u in car ,
Tara : OK Alia u bring the scooty I will come in car OK
Alia : one second (to sanskar)
Alia takes Tara a little distance away !
Alia : are u mad …..u will go with a unknown stranger but if he
Tara : is that ur problem ..OK then wait
Tara goes to sanskar and forwards her hand
Tara : hi , I am Tara , I mean Swara kapoor but u can call me Tara OK
Sanskar smiles and shakes hand
Sanskar : I am sanskar malik , u can call me sanky
Tara turns towards Alia
Tara ; now he is not stranger OK !
Alia was blinking …….sanskar chuckles
Sanskar : come we will go
Tara nods …..sanskar walks beside Tara ……
As some people pass by
Aunty 1 : look at them ….they are like made for each other na ..
Aunty 2 : such a cute pair …
Alia smiles …..

Precap : Santa (sanskar and Tara) friendship grows , varun jealousy and Shona attitude , ragini intro and a special character intro for namish …

Hope u all like it ….plz comment guys ….its highly needed !
I am not gonna be regular as I am gonna have home schooling from now on …so here is the schedule and with it I will be regular

Saturday – will u be mine forever
Sunday – meri aashique
Wednesday – first love is always first
Friday – new ff …..(surprise)

In these dates I will be regular …..anyways thanks for reading and if u find it boring let me know it
Thanks for ur valuable time

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  1. BHANU

    Crazy girl new ff wow ur really amazing

    Coming to update its amazing I got clarity by this part

    U rocked it?

    1. Esha

      Ha ha ha di …..I am happy that u liked today’s plot
      At last ur confusions are over but still there are many more
      Thanks di , love u loads

  2. Yipppeeeee… U r back.. Im soooooo haaappieeeee… Hope u r doing great… Now i can read my favrte ff without delay.. But u need to update regularly.. Plssss…
    Need to say u r nailing each and every episodes with twist and turns.. My head is paining by thinking abt the people and their relation.. What’s gonna hpn next??? Will be waiting for ur next update..
    Take care..stay safe???

    1. Esha

      Hi shree even I was missing u so much ….ya I am doing great I hope u too are fit and fine ,
      I will try to be regular not sure but will try ,
      Don’t worry I will give u vix in upcoming episodes to stop ur head from spinning
      I will try to update asap ….love u loads ..
      Take care ,

  3. awesome…but very confusing……..

    1. Esha

      Thanks dear ….confusions will be cleared !

  4. Aashi

    Hey dolly it’s a bit confusing…so many characters. . You know!
    Episode was nice!!
    N take care of yourself. …
    Glad you’re fine now!

    1. Esha

      Hi aashi dear ….I know there are many characters but don’t worry I will give u a small character intro which will clear the confusion …
      I am glad u liked the episode …
      Love u loads ! U too take care .

  5. Nice as as usaual …hope ur fine now…all the best for ur home school

    1. Esha

      Thanks dear priya ….I am fine dear …how are u ?
      Ha ha n home schooling will be easy I guess …coz no need to get up morning to go to school lol

  6. It was really a good twist
    I thought shona is swara
    Namish is laksh
    But yaha to kuch aur hi hai

    1. Esha

      I am glad u liked this confusion twist …even I thought that out Shona be Swara and namish be Laksh……but then a idea popped ….then I thought why should we make this simple let’s add some spice so this is the result I got ….but now I don’t know how will I proceed but sure will clear the confusion …
      Anyway thanks for the comment

  7. please post forever mine

    1. Esha

      I have updated will u be mine forever … will posted soon dear

  8. What! I don’t understand anything! Who are the pairs? Sometimes it is shova and ragnam, then I thought that it would be shosan and raglak but now you are saying that it is sholak… ok maybe shona isn’t the real swara and tara is… but then in the beginning you said that Shona was the real swara… I dont get anything! please clear the confusion and tell who REAL SANSKAR AND SWARA is…!

    Wait now you said that Tara is Swara kapoor, Sanskar saw her and probably fell in love… are they the REAL SWASAN?? If yes then who are Varun, Shona (you said that she is Swara), and Namish????

    1. Esha

      Omg ! I am literally vibrating seeing ur comment ….
      These many questions seriously dear ! U r planning me to send me to hospital back huh !
      It won’t be sholak ….there will be a love triangle in Shova love story !
      I will clear ur confusion of the real characters in the next episode ..and moreover with names only I gave u all the hints ……but still I will say the real characters and pairs in next episode
      Ur confusion will be cleared in a short period of time !
      Thanks for the comment

  9. I am happy to see u again todays episode is awesome

    1. Esha

      Even i am happy to see again dear ….thanks a lot dear ….love u loads

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    I missed u and ur ff as well as commenting!

    First of all…thanq God that the operation was successful and uh r okay…..

    I came to know it just now as I read the remaining left out parts that I didn’t read…

    Uh r juts so amazing writer I have ever seen…..great yaar and keep going……

    Well….am confused about this current track of urs but hope I will get a clarification later on as it moves further…

    Loving it dear but am really sorry till infinity as I won’t be able to comment further…..plzzz forgive ur busy reader…
    Hope u will and take care dear…???

    1. Esha

      Oh oh dharsha ….how can I forget u …..even I will forget this idiot Alia but not u ….lol
      I missed u so much dear ….I am all fit and fine is because if ur prayer ….
      Thanks for the prayer dear !
      I am glad u read all the parts and like this ff …..
      Thanks for the appreciation sentences u gave ….even I am confused but soon it will be cleared …as it moves further !
      Its OK ,..commenting is not so important , at least read it ..that’s it ….I will surely wait for ur comment dear …..
      Love u loads …..

  11. Now u are fine thank God. story is very confusing yaar i thinks this confusion will clear in end of the story. but nice

    1. Esha

      I am fine dear , hmm ya story is very confusing but surely I will give the clarification soon
      Love u loads and thanks for the prayers u gave me

  12. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Welcome back dear, I missed you like hell.You are fine now, I know it’s odd to ask but still I want to know. Tumne apni ek leg koya hein.It’s not a easy thing. Iss liye tum depression me bhi chali gayi hogi.But plz be strong. At least for your family. Socho unpe kya bitega jab tumhe vo depression mein dekengi.Alia di tumari saath rehti hein.So,unki liyeh strong hojao.One more thing, we also need you buddy.So,move on.About chappy, awsm+confusing. Love you loads☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Esha

      Uma I don’t know what to say but after reading ur comment , I am feeling really good and positive now …I thought after this operation and leg removal I am useless and good for nothing and being a burden to my family , but my family supported me so much and still supporting , Alia is more depressed about it ….but she is supporting me in all the way she can …..but now I am feeling glad and proud that I have another familywho had been waited for my return and a family who has prayed for me ….that’s telly updates family ….I am really honored to be a part of this family ….
      Um a thanks a lot for this comment …..dear …..don’t worry uma ur buddy will be soon back for u … u loads dear …..

      1. Abdul hafiz(uma).

        That’s the spirit

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