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Guys sanskar and Laksh was not involved in the rape thing ….they were just friends ..

So here is the story ,
A leap of 5 years !

Swara POV
Hmm everything has changed ….not only me but also , my place , my friends and the most important thing …my life ….
It changed upside down after the incident ….my dad became over protective about me …always there is 24/7 bodyguards with me
My namish bro …who was child became serious and is now a business men ….he isn’t that namish whom I saw in 10th …..or my childhood
Varun……I forgot the name …I came to know …that he is in relation with Kavitha …..Kavitha gadodia …..the daughter of my fathers company manager ….and who was my best friend ….at that Time
I don’t know …whether I did wrong or he ….but I am 90% sure that on that day it was my fault …I was out of control
But that day completely changed my life …I was broken ….varun was broken …more than us …ragini di and namish was also broken …
I mean they completely broken up without an reason …but I am sure the reason is me ….

Now I am 3rd year doing biotech ….hmm I was quiet brave that I completely ignored what happened …and moved on in my life ….but my dad was completely broken and disturbed with the incident ….

I don’t know how I am gonna make everything back to normal ….but I will have to clear the confusions …as soon as possible …

My thoughts were disturbed by my beloved brother …

‘R u ready’ he asked in a professional tone
‘Yeah ‘ I answered back
‘Shona u r looking pretty dear’ he said in a pleasant tone
‘Thanks’ I mumbled
‘Even u r looking hot’ I said with a naughty smirk
He chuckled
‘If u say so’ he said with a grin
I must say he is looking hot and dashing in his tuxedo
He held my hand made a way out

@parking lot
He said me to get in the car ….later on informed some bodygauards
We drove off to a hotel I guess ….some kind of business party which was held as the company is gonna extend and the branch name is on mine so of course I need to be there ….

@5 star hotel
Namish held my hands and made my way to the hall …
It was indeed splendid seeing many people tpover there and mostly the known one …..because they were my dads dealers …
‘She is my daughter miss Swara shergil’ my dad said with a proud smile
I greeted all of them with a pleasant smile and a hand shake …
Soon the time was pass sing and I was busy with some girls …I mean daughters of the business men present
They were really talkative …I hate people who talk too much then normal

Suddenly my eyes landed on a couple who were happily talking and laughing ….
My heart stopped …it skipped a beat

Yes they were varun and Kavitha ….

As soon as Kavitha saw me ….she came running to me and gave a bone crushing hug …
Maybe she didn’t tkow that I loved varun …because I never said …her …that was always a feeling or one side love which was gonna we double side

Varun expressions too changed seeing me …the one who was laughing and smiling long back …gave a serious yet a professional look

‘I missed u so much Swara’ my bestie Kavitha said
‘Even me’ I said with a pleasant smile
‘U know what after u left the school , it had became a graveyard …it was so boring’ she said in one shot
‘Oh…..’ I said in a suprise
‘Wait a sec my boyfriend …I am sure u will love him’ she said ….
I guess she doesnt know that I know varun ….silly me
Kavitha called varun …with a false smile plastered on his face ….he came towards me
I couldnt figure out whether is was the old varun because he is totally changed and is really hot …gosh I missed him but I am happy for my friend

‘Hi’ he said in a friendly manner
‘Hi’ I replied in the same manner
‘U both talk I will come in a minute’ said Kavitha ..and left us all alone
‘So’ I asked him
‘I am glad u moved on’ he said in a concerned tone
‘Not like u ‘ I said turning my face back …as tears started ….I don’t want to show him ….
‘Swara , life moves on ….get along with it’ he said ..I know he understood
I turned to him with a smile
‘I am trying to’ I said with a smile
‘Good’ he said
‘So what r u doing ….u r totally changed’ I said in a friendly gesture
‘Hmm ….I have started an company and have merged with ur father ….yep I have changed …its all because of Kavitha’ he said looking down
‘Congrats ….I am sure u will reach the heights of success’ I said with a smile
‘Thanks …anyways what r u doing’ he asked with curiosity
‘I ….I am just doing biotech … dad has started finding groom for me ‘ I said looking at his eyes
‘Oh good ……’ he said with a sad smile ….
I can see the sadness in his eyes …but he is not able to express it ….

At that time namish comes ….he was first shocked seeing varun but composed …
‘Hey dude ‘ he said ro varun and hugged him in a dude hug
‘Hi namish ‘ he said breaking the hug …
‘So I heard that u r getting engaged to Kavitha next month’ namish said to varun
Varun looked at me and I looked at him
‘Hmm ya ‘ he said looking at me with a painful eyes ….
I couldn’t control …..or stay a minute there …I really need to cry out Now…so
‘Bhai , varun if u will excuse I have some sort of stuffs’ I said with a moist eyes ..
Namish and varun nodded ….
Namish understood …..
I ranned as fast as possible ….I know varun was seeing me all the time

The party was about to get over ..but
‘Ladies and gentlemen’s …I have to make an announcement now’ my dad said …..
He came towards me and held my hands …..he took me to the stage …I was center of attraction now …
Whole members eyes were on me
Mainly varun’s eyes
‘As my daughter is gonna finish her studies soon …I have planned her marriage’ he said with a smile
Even I gave a fake smile ….
Everyone clapped hands ….but varun was disturbed ….he seemed
‘Mr amran malik plz come’ my dad said ….
Mr amran malik came to the stage …he was same age of my dad ..I knew him I heard a lot about him
‘Its indeed a pleasure for me and my son to join relation with Mr shergil …I am glad that a girl like Swara is gonna be my DIL (daughter in law)’
Said my future father in law ….
Everyone clapped …I saw my brother smiling after a long time …..
My future father in law came and gave a hug to me …
‘Here is my son Mr sanskar malik ‘ Mr amran malik said ….
Everyone looked at the door …I mean entrance ….

He stepped in

To be continued

I know again u all will be confused …it will be cleared one by one …
Guys some are saying that season 3 is doesn’t have the spark and is boring …first I thought to discontinue it but I changed because I can’t cheat my sister who r regular readers for some …

But plz tell me whether its boring …because some are saying …if its boring …I will discontinue it or end in next two episode …
Or u all want me to continue …its up to u but ….

Guys I won’t be able to post any ff’s from now on …because tomorrow is my operation ….they are remove my leg tomorrow …
As I said earlier ….I have been on a accident …
Doctors confirmed it will give more pain …if it is left without removing….now I don’t know how I will come back to normal after this situation …
Tomorrow is my operation ….I am really scared and hell nervous ….
But I am really sad …that my leg will be removed ….I mean how …..can I be …

Anyways I don’t want to make everyone emotional …guys plz wait for me , don’t forget me…..

Alia will post this episode whenever she will get time ….as she will be with me always …

I am really gonna miss u all so much ….so so much …..plz don’t forget me ….I won’t forget u all …..
Because u were the one who gave me the writer identity …

Love u all loads ….

With love ur sis/kiddo ,

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. It’s not boring at all its superb Plzz update next part soon

    1. Thanks dear

  2. get well soon dear….we don’t have problm yaar…first u becm completely fine…

    1. Thanks dear ..I am happy u understood …
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Make it fast dear!
    Today you confused me again shova?? Or swasan??

    1. Both are there jaf ….ha ha ha at last I got a chance to talk to romance queen …thanks for comment
      Ur confusion will be cleared …in upcoming episode

  4. nice chappy..its not boring at all..plz continue..and everything will be fine..take care..:)

    1. Thanks dear ….thanks for the prayers

  5. Nothing will happen to you dolly…you will rise up like a fenix bird…..have courage…be strong…after all you are out kiddo right….you have to be strong…..prayers of everyone of us are with you

  6. Woww awesome episode. & dear I didn’t forgot u & ur ff. & it’s not boring it is superb yaar & above it plzz continue it. & I will pray for u. & don’t worry u will be fine soon & god is always be with u.
    & dear in next week bye didn’t come to this page regularly because Ramzan is coming na & my college will also start. So don’t forgot me. If I didn’t comment on ff . but I will try to come regularly. Love u loads. Take care .

    1. & dear waiting for next plzz update asap. & plzz plzz plzz at least said who is real sanky I am dieing to know it plzz yaar at least say that varun or sanskar malik who is real one plzz plzz plzz yaar. If I am ur friend or sis plzz replay to me. I am dieing to know it.

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