Hey guys …its me Sara ..posting in favour of dolly …as I said she is hospitalized due to accident. …….
I took this part from her laptop ,,,..I am updating in favour of her ….
@Goa ..
@Swara room
Swara wakes up and finds herself in bed ….
Ragini : Swara r u alright …..
Laksh : Swara …
Swara sits on the bed with pillow
Swara : ya …..but how did I land here
Laksh : actually I came to give pen drive to u …then I saw u were lying on the floor
Swara : oh ….
Ragini : r u OK now …..suddenly what happened
Swara : I don’t remember bhabhi ……but now I am OK

Ragini gets relieved
Laksh : ragini come let her take rest …
Ragini : OK Laksh
Laksh : if u want any help …call me or ragini OK
Swara : OK bro …
Ragini kisses Swara forehead ..
Swara smiles
Raglak leave ..
Swara to herself : what happened ..I got a call then suddenly ……
Swara phone rings
Swara : hi dad

Dp : Swara r u safe
Swara : haan dad ….when bro and bhabhi r here than what’s the problem …
Dp : oh k …but I want u to come back to Kolkata …
Swara (confused) : but still 3 days r there ..
Dp : I know dear …but ma and I want u all to come back ……even I have booked flight today night …..
Swara : all sudden ….
Dp : plz ….
Swara thinks something is fishy

Swara : OK dad ..
Dp : OK then ……be safe dear ..
Dp hangs up ..
Swara thinks …..
@sanskar mansion .
Sanskar : any information …
BG (BODY GUARD) : yes sir …
Sanskar : tell me
BG : Swara mam , Laksh and ragini are coming back today night ..
Sanskar : oh I see …..Dp is genious …after all he was my so called father ….
BG : what should we Do sir
Sanskar : nothing …just update me and send our car to airport ..OK
BG : OK sir …

BG leaves …
Sanskar to herself : Swara after a long time I am gonna see u ………..get ready for the hell life (he smiles evilly)
Laksh comes to Swara room
Laksh : Swara ma called and said us to come back
Swara : even dad called and said us to come back …
Laksh ; I think something is wrong
Swara : even me ….by the way we need to go and check first ..
Laksh : OK …u packed …..
Swara : haan ..where is bhabhi ..
Laksh : she went to check out our rooms
Swara : OK …
Both leaves ….

@maheshwari mansion
Dp : I don’t know what to do ……one side my daughter who I got after much difficulty ….one side my heart ……sanskar who I raised with Mich love and care …..
Ap with tears ; I never taught sanskar will change this much …..
Dp : I am scared ap ……my powers are decreasing day by day ………
Ap : don’t worry …..when one side is closed another will open ….
@ airport (Kolkata)

Swaraglak comes out …
Laksh : Swara and ratio wait here I will call dad and ask about the car .,
Swaragini nods
Laksh leaves to call ….
Ragini : oh shit I forgot to bring my handbag …its in the trolley
Swara : bhabhi how careless ..
Ragini : money is with me …only cosmetics are there in that bag …
Swara laughs
Ragini : OK I will go and bring

Ragini leaves …
Swara was standing holding her luggage and seeing something in phone
A driver comes
Driver : mam ….r u Swara
Swara : haan
Driver : durga prasad maheshwari sent the car
Swara : oh ..I will come but my brother and bhabhi
Driver : two cars came one for them and one for u …
Swara : then OK …but wait I will inform them ,,,
Someone comes running and hits Swara …
Swara phone falls down and breaks ..
Swara : shit !
Driver : mam sir said to bring u fast as he said its not safe for u …
Swara feels something fishy

Swara : what’s the password
Driver : password ..means
Swara ; dad gave a password to drivers … hello me then I will come
The driver thinks
Driver : Shona
Swara : correct
Driver smiles
Swara trusts him
Swara ; I will inform them later first let me go …
Driver : give the luggage ma’am
Swara : here
The driver and Swara heads to a car ….
@parking area …
The driver : ma’am u sit in the car ..I will keep the luggage and come
Swara : OK …
She opens the door ….
A boy was there
He sprays something …..

Swara falls unconscious ….
He makes her sit …..
He sits in front
He calls sanskar
Boy : Sir bhabhi is here ,.
Sanskar : good ..bring her safe to me OK …if something happens to her u know what
Boy : OK sir ….
They drove off
Ragini comes
Ragini : array where is Swara …..where she went
Laksh comes ..
Laksh : challe
Ragini : is Swara with u
Laksh : buddhu she was with u right ?
Ragini : I went to take my luggage …
Laksh : who said u to leave her alone !
Ragini : I am sorry Laksh

Laksh : its OK let’s search for her now ….
Ragini gets a call
Dp : hello ragini when r u coming
Ragini : papa we landed …we were about to come but
Dp : but
Ragini : Swara is missing
Dp was shocked …..
He gets heart attack …..
Ragini : papa ….papa
Laksh : what happened …
Ragini : papa is not talking
Laksh : u said him
Ragini : haan

Laksh : god ragini y u said him …u know na he is scared ……about Swara ..
Ragini : I am sorry Laksh
Laksh : now leave that …..we need to first search Swara ….
Both raglak search ………

Precap : swasan marriage , swasan ki hate story starts ….

Hope u all like it ….
Plz all of u pray that dolly should get alright ….as she had an leg accident …its minor only but she cannot walk ….
She is admitted in hospital ….since 1 week …

Hope she gets well
I will update in favour of her

Credit to: Dolly

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