Hey guys ..its dolly here back with the ff …thanks for the beautiful support and comments that u have showered on me ….and this ff .
So here is the episode ,
Sanskar wakes up in a jerks and shouts : swaraaaaaaaa !!!!!!
He was sweating and Swara wakes up in a jerk .
Swara goes towards sofa
Swara : sanskar r u alright !
Sanskar hugs Swara waist …as she was standing …
Swara was worried seeing him .
Swara : sanskar …
Sanskar : I am sorry Swara ..I shouldn’t have scolded u nor leave u and go …I am sorry …I am just !
Swara pats his head ….
Swara : its OK sanskar ….even it was my fault ….
Sanskar : no it was not urs ….its my fault to over react !
Swara ; its OK ..u r just protective about me …not only every husband does it !
Sanskar : r u sure
Swara : I am absolutely sure sleep ….
Swara was about to go to bed ….sanskar pulls her and she lands on his lap
Swara : sanskar ….
Sanskar : stay close to me Swara ….(tears)
Swara too gets tears
Swara : sure …
(Imagine guys Swara was sitting in sanskar lap and sleeping on his shoulders ….whereas sanskar was hugging in a sitting postion awww…..hope it happens in real show )
Swara sleeps peacefully
(Guys Swara falling from stairs and hospital scenes are dream of sanskar , its the twist ……I know its a very simple twist …but what to do )
Sanskar wakes up first and finds Swara sleeping peacefully on his shoulder ..her hands are around his neck
Sanskar kisses her forehead .
Swara smiles and wakes up
Swara : good morning sanskar
Sanskar : good morning princess and princess mom !
Swara smiles and takes her hand !
Sanskar : no Swara dont ! I want u to stay long time forever with me !
Swara smiles and lies on his chest
Swara : love u sanskar
Sanskar : love u too !
Again the elders went for shopping for the wedding !
Laksh was sitting and watching some videos with manik
Ragini comes from behind ..
Quickly Laksh hides it
Rahini gets suspicious
Ragini : what were u both watching
Manik : hmm …..nothing bhabhi (tensed)
Ragini : manik ?
Laksh : hmm we were watching about ……about ….business schedules and I was teaching him how to …how to workout !
Ragini : really
Manik : hmm yes bhabhi …thnak for the help Laksh bhai
Laksh : anything for I my sweet bro ….
Both winks ,…ragini notices this …
Ragini : Laksh can I make a call from ur phone to my phone
Laksh : y
Ragini : my phone or lost so …plz
Laksh : here ….
Ragini turns and goes to history of YouTube videos and was closing her mouth with one hand !
Ragini turns angrily …
Both Laksh and manik gulps !
Ragini : is this what u were teaching him !
Laksh : I …I …..
Ragini : manik …this is the video which u both watch ….seriously …
Laksh grabs his phone from ragini
Laksh : gotta go …some urgent work …..
Laksh runs outside
Manik : even me …bhabhi u know nature call ….see u soon
Manik too rushes to bathroom …
Ragini : these two ….
Swasan comes down ,
Sanskar : ragini where is Laksh and manik
Ragini : don’t ask ….(angrily)
Swara : what made u angry again !
Ragini : these two where watching RAGINI MMS 2 scenes (guys truly I never watched that movie but knew its a …ahem I guess u all know)
Sanskar in mind : oh god ! I missed the chance I was dying to see that movie …
Swara : chii how could they !
Ragini : that’s what …I was about catch them …but both made excuse and ran ….
Swara : those two na ….no one can be like my husband …right sanskar !
Sanskar : hmmm …… ya !
Ragini : u r lucky ….but this lucky Bucky is getting on my nerves ….
Swasan laughs …
Sanskar : Swara I have an urgent meeting to attend …..I will back home before 7 …..ragini take care of Swara and yourself …too ..
Ragini : sure .I will
Swara : hmm OK but come soon
Sanskar : don’t worry mom and dad will come home before 7 … …ya
Ragini : OK but send that lucky Bucky back …if u see him
Swasan laughs ..
Manik comes …
Manik : what bro tomorrow is my marriage and today u will go office ….
Swara : y don’t u go with sanskar ….
Sanskar : but who will stay with u both ….
Ragini : array we can manage sanskar …don’t worry …ur wife is my responsibility
Sanskar smiles and kisses Swara forehead and leaves ..
Sanskar : bye …
Swara : bye …….
Both share an eye lock and doesn’t wanted to get disturbed ..
Manik : if ur romance is over ..can we go bhai !
Sanskar makes faces and leaves with manik ….
Laksh comes out of it …..some car comes and kidnaps him .
Laksh : ahhhh leave me …
Before he could escape ..they hit his head with an iron rod !
Laksh becomes unconscious ….
@hill point
The kidnappers bring Laksh to the hill point
Laksh gains conscious ….
Laksh : who r u …..what do u want …plz leave me
Kidnapper : I guess u dnt know me ….but I know u very well ….past can never end Mr Laksh maheshwari …u will pay for the deeds that ur father made ….
Laksh eyes widens
Laksh : u r ! …(before he could say)
The kidnapper stabs knife in his stomach ….Laksh was shocked and tears were there in his eyes
The kidnapper again stabs more than 5times …..
Laksh : u……will…………..for………the………deed
The kidnapped mens pushes him from the hill point !
Laksh remembers ragini and Alisha face before dying .
He falls off ….
Kidnapper : one me member is gone target for the whole family and especially sanskar maheshwari and his wife !
All his men’s laughs .
Ragini to herself : why I feel so restless ……why couldn’t I ……is come thing wrong with ……no …no ..this can’t happen ….ragini STP thinking negative !
Swara : bhabhi , bhabhi what happened …
Ragini : hmm nothing …just feeling restless .
Swara : what about a cup of coffee !
Ragini : hmm sure ….I will make ….
Swara : let us make ….
Ragini smiles and nods .
@shopping mall parking
Lisha : all shopping is done …let’s go home .,its late now .
Ap : hmm ya ….tomorrow is big day …
Arjun : hmm ya manik became so big and now he is getting married
Dp : hmm ya …we better not waste time and head home now …
Lisha : correct !
All head towards car and leaves the place .
As soon as they reach out of the mall and were in highway …
The car blasts ….into pieces and there were fire everywhere !
All the car stopped and surrounded them …all were shocked seeing it
A man calls the same kidnapped who killed Laksh
Man : the plan is success and they have became ashes
The kidnapper laughs …..
Kidnapper : now for the masterpiece !
Sanskar : manik …u r so lucky that u r getting married on new year …
Manik : ya tomorrow is 1st Jan ….god I am so happy seriously ….I am .
Sanskar : I want to give some gift to Swara ..give me suggestion
Manik : hmm …..what about a diamond ring
Sanskar : nope
Manik : diamond chain
Sanskar : nope
Manik : gold chain , earing
Sanskar : nope
Manik : I am fed up ….u decide urself
Sanskar : what about an pendant with SS (Swara & sanskar)
Manik : genious ..
Sanskar : I know manik …if u want I can give u a piece ..
Manik makes faces …
Sanskar makes an online order ….
Manik : surprise haan
Sanskar : yup !
Ragini : tomorrow is new year !
Swara : ya bhabhi what
Ragini : buddhu ….new year ..we should celebrate it …
Swara : but bhabhi tomorrow is manik wedding right !
Ragini : then we can make this night special …why don’t we cook their favorite foods …
Swara : super idea bhabhi …I just love it !
Ragini : then why r we wasting our time …let’s go to kitchen ..
@office .
Manik : bro one second uttara is calling …I will attend and come
Sanskar : oh oh romance talk haan
Manik blushes : bro …..
Sanskar : OK OK but save some words for tomorrow also …
Manik : OK OK king of romance ….
Manik makes faces and leaves .
@outside the parking lot ….
Manik : hey uttara
Uttara : hey manik …
Manik : why did u call me
Uttara : just as it is ….tomorrow is a big day for me and u
Manik smiles
Manik : I know uttara ..
Uttara : r u really happy with the marriage .
Manik : y r u asking this ! Of course ,
Uttara : I see ….I don’t know y but I am waiting to become urs !
Manik smiles …
Manik : even I am eager to make u mine !
Uttara blushes
Manik : oh god ! I want to see ur blush …send me a click …
Uttara : manik !
Manik : plz yaar
Uttara : OK …
Uttara sends a pic …..manik sends a Smiley to it and kisses the pic …
Suddenly he was beaten on the head with a rod
He falls .
Manik opens his eyes …
Same kidnapper was standing in front of him ..
Manik looks at him …
Kidnapper : I know I shouldn’t do this to u …but u became a part of that family …so u need to be punished manik .
His back was shown to manik ..
Manik : Sir plz I am getting married tomorrow ..plz leave me ,..I want to live …llz ..
He holds his legs and cries
The kidnapper shows his face
Manik was shocked seeing his face ….
Kidnapper : I am sorry !
Before manik could say anything
One of the men …sets fire on manik shirt …..
Manik cries aloud …
Manik : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was burned alive .
All his men’s laugh …but the kidnapper had tears in his eyes .
Swara : ufff ! Everything is ready !
Ragini : I am sure the trio will love it
Swara : ya ..and bhai will give u a romantic …ahem ahem !
Rahini blushes ….
At that time door bell rings …
Swara goes
Poster boy : are u Mrs sanskar maheshwari
Swara : yes ,..
Poster boy : here is a a package for u ..
Swara : for me …
Poster boy : yes from Mr sanskar maheshwari …
Swara smiles and takes it
Ragini : now who is more romantic .
Swara smiles …
Swara opens the package and finds a box and a letter
The letter read :
Ragini : aww … open the box ….
Swara : haan
Swara opens it and finds a beautiful pendant with SS
Swara wears it and has tears …,
Ragini : it looks so cute !
Swara : don’t worry bhabhi …Laksh bhai will give a enormous gift …for u !
Ragini smiles and blushes
Police surrounds the the burnt vehicle and couldn’t identify the person inside everything became ash
Police ; its crucial ..we better close the case
Constable : but sir ..there is a number plate
Police : really then send it to the investigation department fast !
Constable : yes sir
Sanskar : where is manik …..he took so long ..should I check no I shouldnt disturb him ,..let him after all his life .
Oh god its 7:30 I guess I need to go home now
I am sure …Swara would have got the pendant …..he must be happy …to add more sweet let me buys roses also ….
Sanskar checks messages and found
Manik : bhai gonna go to uttara house ….see u soon …..
Sanskar : this idiot went there ….can’t he wait for tomorrow ….this is insane
Ragini and alisha were in raglak room
Swara enters
Swara : bhabhi ..
Ragini : haa
Swara : I want buys flowers …ccan I go
Ragini : u ? How will I send u alone …I will also come
Swara : array bhabhi what if Laksh or sanskar comes back …
Ragini : u r correct …OK then I will go and buy
Swara : no bhabhi u stay here I will go with the driver .
Ragini : r u sure ?
Swara : I am sure …I am going with the driver only na
Ragini : OK then ….
Swara turned to go but felt something she came back and kissed Alisha forehead and hugged ragini tightly
Ragini : what happened Swara ?
Swara : I just felt like ….bye bhabhi …
Ragini smiling : bye !
Swara leaves with the driver to the shop as soon the car leaves another jeep and car enters
Ragini : aww, so cute ……
Alisha was making baby sounds
Ragini : I am sure dad will love u today …as u r wearing his gifted dress ….let me also get ready now ..
The door bell rings
Ragini : I guess ur dad came ….u stay here I will go down and see
Ragini goes downstairs and opens the door .
The men’s comes inside with the kidnapper (leader)
Ragini : oh hello who r u ….
Leader takes the gun .
Ragini gets scared …..
Ragini : what …….what ….do u ….want …..
Leader : u …
He shoots her ….ragini falls
One of his men
Men : that’s it sir ….
Leader : no still 2 are left …after I will finish them ….then no maheshwari and no malhotra’s
All of his men’s laugh .
Leader : shhhhhh !
They hear Alisha baby sounds
Leader : I guess that laksh baby is there !
They all go upstairs …and saw the baby smiling on them ….and making baby sounds
One of men points gun at the baby
Leader : no don’t shoot ….its baby yaar ….so cute na ..fill the tub with water .
The men’s do so …
Leader : good …now let baby take bath …
One of his men puts the baby in water and it sinks in crying …
Everyone goes down
Leader : I don’t want a ash to be found from this house …
Men : yes sir .
All the men …does their work , like
They switch on the stove , putting things in microwave and gas leakage …
All leaves ….
As soon as they leaves ….the house blasts .
@flower shop
Its a lonely place …only one shop is there and no one is there …either it has forest and one forest side leada to cliff point .
Sanskar comes first
Sanskar : oh god ..the time is 11:40 now …..traffic of Kolkata na ….ufff !
Sanskar goes to the vendor .
Sanskar : give me a bunch of roses ..
Vendor : which color
Sanskar : oh course red !
Vendor : OK …here u go .
Sanskar : how much
Vendor : 300
Sanskar gives and was about to leave ….Swara comes there ……but sanskar was turning back side .
So Swara couldn’t see him neither sanskar could see Swara ….sanskar was a bit away from them
Swara : I want a bunch of roses
Sanskar feels something but ignores
Vendor : sorry mam ….last piece was given to sir
Swara : ohh !
Vendor : but if u want I can give u mixed roses …
Swara : OK give me how much
Vendor : 350
Swara : oh god …I don’t have change ….
Vendor : neither me ,..I will ask the sir .
Swara turns to check her purse ….now sanskar turns towards Swara .but he could only see her back
Vendor : sir do u have 500 change
Sanskar : sure here .
Vendor : thanks sir …
Now sanskar turns and Swara could see is back ….sanskar was talking on phone .
Swara : thanks
Vendor : welcome advance happy new year
Swara : happy new year …just 15mins left ….
Before going Swara wanted to thank the man she goes towards him …
She was about to pat but someone from behind pulls her and closes her mouth ..he takes her near the cliff point .
@cliff point
The leader was wearing mask
Swara : leave me ..who the hell r u all ?
Leader comes
Leader : are Mrs sanskar maheshwari ?
Swara : hmm ya what ….leave me …
Leader : did u catch u to leave
Swara remembers his voice somewhere ..
Swara : aren’t u the one who blackmailed me on the mehandi day …
Leader : oh wow ..u found me so easily …
Swara was scared but didn’t show …
Swara : what do u want …leave me …u bastard ….u ****
The leader slaps her hard ..
Leader : u r just a copy of ur father the same braveness and all
Swara : u r coward that’s y
Leader again slaps her hard ….
Leader : before u say further look there …
Leader moves away and Swara was ultra shocked seeing sanskar being beaten up badly ..
Swara : sanskaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!(she shouts)
Sanskar could hear her shout and looks on ..he was also shocked seeing Swara .
Swara : plz plz …tell them to stop beating him …plz plz
Leader catches her hair
Swara winces in pain
Swara : plz no pls plz ….
Sanskar shouts : u ..leave her ….take me but leave her …
Sanskar fights with the goons ….he comes towards Swara but someone from behind hitted him on the head …
Sanksar : ahhhhhh
Sanskar falls
Swara : sankaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Swara shouts)
Sanskar was about to wake up couldn’t ….
Sanskar hand was on the ground leader went their and was stamping on his hand …
Sanskar was wincing in pain …
Swara was fully crying ….
Leader : I guess its enough for u …now for her …
Leader was about to go but sanskar holder his leg ….
Sanskar : don’t do anything to her .
Leader jerks and hits him with his leg .
Sanskar winces in pain
Swara was fully crying !
Leader comes towards Swara .
Leader takes an iron rod ….and hits her stomach ……
Sanskar : swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(he shouts)
Swara holder her stomach and it was bleeding heavily …
Swara : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! She winces so much in pain …
She falls down …she couldn’t control the pain but somehow .

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera [x2]. (*****TUM HI HO PLAYS*****)
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Swara : sanskar ,…….sanskar …..dont worry ,….I didn’t ……..get……….pain …….
She was hardly controlling it ….
One of men’s go towards sanskar and beats him with iron rod ….
Swara cries ; sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskar (while they were beating instead of wincing in pain ) : love u Swara !

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Leader : enough enough ……now its Swara turn yaar …bechara how much he will get beatings ….
Sanskar angrily : if anything happens to her ….
Leader picks Swara ….Swara was fully drenched in blood
Leader gives gun to Swara and makes her hold it
Leader : u know what I did so many murders today …so let her do one ….
Swasan were shocked .
Leader : u shoot him , I will leave u
Swara was shocked ..
Sanskar makes his mind
Sanskar : shoot me Swara ! Shoot me …..shoot me …..(sanskar cries)

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera

Swara : how can I ….? ( she cries )
Leader : u don’t have whole day ….shoot him …..let him die …shoot or else ..I will kill u first !
Sanskar cries : shooooooooot me swaraaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!
Swara was crying seeing him other Mens were laughing !

Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..

Swara starts to remember her moments with sanskar
Their first meet , their first kiss , their first fight, their marriage , their hate story , their love story , their baby ,their fights …
All come over her
She smiles
Leader : why r smiling …..
Swara : the victory …….which coulsnr be expressed …….I have loved my entire life …….nothing pending ….but will surely meet u next generation sanskar ….I am always ur and only urs ……don’t worry we tied for whole life ….no one can seperate us …
True love never dies ……love is always true …..our love is more than it …..
I am always urs sanskar …no one can seperate u from me ! ……..but now the time is come ….let’s meet in next generation , and I promise I will come for u and u promise me that u will come for me …
Sanskar gives sad pin smile
Swara closes her eyes ……..
Swara angrily : I will come and show u …..who I am ……..(saying this to the leader)
Saying this Swara jumps from the cliff …….
Everything freezed .
The birds stopped flying , the air stopped , the water stopped flowing being a froze , the earth stopped rotating …..
But sanskar smiled …..he smiled ….he knew Swara keeps her promise …..

Sanskar slowly slowly wakes and goes to the cliff …..
Sanskar angrily : next time ….I will come and I won’t spare u …and thats a promise …I make
Saying this he goes to the point of cliff
Sanskar : the light of my life , the reason of my breathe , the love of my life , the mother indeed ……..I promise I will come for u in next generation
Its a promise …….
Meri aashique ….u r always locked in my hands forever and ever after ….I am coming to u

saying this he jumps from the cliff .

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

*************THE END **************(THE SUPRISE)
The man and the goons will be revealed in the epilogue that I will post on 29th may , the first episode of meri aashique is an new start of swasan track !
The girl falling from cliff is Swara sanskar maheshwari ! I will explain the first episode ……in the epilogue

Hope u all liked it …..I am very sad and happy that the journey of meri aashique has come to a end ! This was an marvelous journey ….this journey has given me more friends , more sister and more fame ………
This is all because of ur continuous support my dear friends and sister …….thanks for bearing me throughout the journey !
My each and every sister in telly updates needs a very big hug ! From me !

Love u all loads !


it depends on ur comment ….if u want I will start if u don’t want then this is the last episode for meri aashique journey !
Hope u all choose wise !

If u want season 3 …….promo on 29th may ……..

If no,

Waiting ! Epilogue on 29th may stay tuned ……..

With love ,
Dolly …….love u all loads

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