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So here is the episode ,
@morning .
Ap and lisha were sitting either side of Swara and feeding with their hands …
Lisha : Swara have this ..
Ap : have this also ..
Both stuffs together …
Swara : : ma …enough ….enough …I can’t eat more
Lisha : if u don’t eat more ..then how baby will be bubbly and chubby like u
Swara smiles ,.,
Ap : haan lisha correct …now eat Swara
Swara : ma ..tummy is full …when my hunger will start that time I will cal u both OK …now plz leave me ..
Saying this Swara leaves
Lisha and ap smile seeing her

Manik , Laksh , ragini and sanskar are sitting
Swara comes …
Laksh : lo agayi theri princess ..
Ragini : finished feeding haan …
Swara : god ..I just escaped from them and came ….both were stuffing soo much ….
Manik : lol …bhabhi ur situation ….
Swara makes faces ….
Ragini : guys, guys ….now sanskar and Swara say me what name u both will keep for ur baby , not only them u all also say
Laksh : prateeksha , dharsha
Manik : bhanu , twinkle
Ragini : uma
Laksh : hmm……sweety , cutey
Ragini laughs with the name ….
Manik : Riya , sriya
Swara : angel , tamana , rosey

Sanskar : pooja , akshara , ashi ,Serena
Laksh : myself lucky , shan , jaf , Fatima
Manik : maryam , Natasha
Sanskar : arohi , tani , meena
(A small thing I can do for my friends and sisters here )
Ragini : guys slow down ..I guess u all will say on going …..
Swara : yes all names are beautiful its difficult to choose one from them ….its better
Sanskar : we leave this matter to elders ..
Laksh : point !
Manik : OK then …

Swara : guys today is manik sangeeth ….we all need to rock right …
Trio look at Swara and her tummy …
Ragini : we r gonna dance not u ….
Laksh : haan …u will dance with the baby r u mad ….
Manik : its dangerous bhabhi
Sanskar : they said my dialouge !
Swara (angrily) : how mean ..then I am not gonna take part in this sangeeth and not talk to u trio ..
Saying this Swara goes to her room angrily ,
Trio looks at each other …
Laksh : no yaar …we can’t take risk by agreeing to her ….
Ragini : Laksh is correct but

Sanskar : Swara is so stubborn …..what to do ..
Manik : no need …Swara bhabhi won’t dance that’s it …..plz ….its ur first baby bro ,…
Sanskar : u r correct ..she will soon talk to us .
Suddenly they hear some breaking sound in room

Trio rushes there and was shocked seeing the atmosphere ..
The glass vase was broken , the flowers were all on the floor , water was spilled everywhere
The blankets were thrown down , books were shattered ….but Swara was sitting in the bed .calmly
Trio : swara ! What’s this .
Swara didn’t respond .
Laksh came forward
Laksh : Swara ….
Swara throws a pillow at him ….and takes a pillow and beats sanskar also …..
She pushes trio outside the room and locks the door
Sanskar : what childish act is this ,….Swara open the door ….OK don’t open but don’t think I will allow u to dance..
Saying sanskar leaves bit angry
Manik : what’s happening here’s is my sangeeth but bhabhi and bhai are fighting ….(he cries like a child)
Laksh slaps him slightly …

Manik : bhai ,…
Laksh : boys should never cry …we should only make girls cry OK …
Manila and Laksh gives HiFi ….
Ragini slaps slightly on the cheeks of Laksh and manik …and leaves ..smiling !
Lakman : what wrong with her/bhabhi .
Laksh : only boys can understand each other …
Both hugs ..(lol)
@dining table (afternoon)
Ap : guys finish up fast and Laksh ragini …I want u both to do a couple dance …
Raglak : OK ma
Lisha : where is Swara .
Sanskar remembers her
Sanskar : vo actually we said not to dance and she is angry with us and I scolded her …
Arjun : what sanskar this time u will scold her …u know na she is pregnant …
Sanskar : that’s what dad ,…I don’t want to take risk by agreeing for the dance ….she isn’t understanding it …

Lisha : but u shouldn’t have scolded her … will be bad for health then …u need to have patience sanskar …after all u r becoming father …u need to have it ….
Dp : now take this plate and go to her room .
Sanskar nods and takes it …and leaves ….
Manik and raglak looks at each other
Manik : world war 3 will start now !
@swasan room
Swara was sitting in bed and reading magazine .
Swara sees sanskar coming towards her .
Sanskar : Swara
Swara didn’t respond
Sanskar : Swara …plz don’t hurt our baby for ur childish things plz
Swara : do u think it is childish ….but I don’t .(she has tears)
Sanskar sees tears in her ….he was shocked ….he hugs her immediately
Sanskar : I am sorry I shouldn’t have been rude to u !

Swara : no its my fault ….I shouldn’t have did this childish things ….
Sanskar : no Swara its my fault
Swara : no mine …..
Sanskar : no mine …..
Before Swara could say the next word ….
Sanskar places his lips on hers …..blocking Swara to say further words !
It was a light peck shut Swara mouth
Swara was numb seeing his sudden act !
Sanskar takes a bite and feed her ….Swara opens the mouth and has it ….
Both share a cute eye lock …..
Swara also feed him with her hand …..
Swara : I am sorry !
Sanskar keeps his index finger on her lips
Sanskar : shhhhh ! Never say that sentence !

Swara gives a light smile
@evening ….
Everyone were busy getting ready in their respective rooms ….
Swara was wearing red and white lehenga with diamond necklace ….and ruby stones
She was looking really royal and gorgeous with dark red lipstick .
Sanskar was wearing his black tuxedo .
Sanskar : wow my wife is looking again gorgeous today
Swara : and my husband handsome as always …..
She notices his tie
Swara : sanskar again …u ….

Swara starts t arrange the tie into knots ….
Sanskar was stating her lovingly .
Swara : now perfect ..
Sanskar : sure !
Swara : sure (she smiles)
Both heads down .
@raglak room
Ragini was wearing gold lehenga with gold ornaments …..she was looking like a queen of a kingdom ….
Laksh : hmm ….excuse me where is did my wife ragini ….

Ragini : Laksh stop joking …
Laksh : I am damm serious ……my wife doesn’t look like a queen …she looks like an angel …
Ragini : this dress is not good
Laksh carries her in his arms ….
Laksh : its royally beautiful my queen ….
Ragini : Laksh put me down ,..some one may see us
Laksh : so what …I am romancing with my wife ..who has the right to say no …not even u ,..
Ragini smiles and blushes ….
Laksh : u look more beautiful while blushing ….
Ragini : is it ?

Laksh : yes my queen ….
Ragini : OK now put me down ….have lots of work ..u take alsiha and come OK …
Laksh makes her stand ….
Laksh : OK queen ….ur wish is my order …
Ragini smiles and leaves …
Laksh to alisha : don’t worry princes even dad is here no one can touch my daughter …but be careful OK…
Alisha smiles ..
Laksh : awww……chooo sweet !
He plays with her …..(aww….namish )
Again the house is packed with guests

Manik comes and sits on the sofa blushing hard …
Swara : oh oh manik ….blushing haaa …..
Ragini : aww ….u look so cute !
Manik : bhabhi ….(feels embaressed)
Uttara comes and sits next to manik ,,,,
Manik heart beat rises ….
Uttara : hi ..
Manik looking down : hi ….
Uttara : so
Manik : do u want juice … waiter , waiter …
Uttara : hmm thanks ….
Manik : my name is manik , manik maheshwari .
Uttara : I know (she chuckles)

Manik bites his tongue ….
Manik : are u happy with this marriage
Uttara : I am more than haply who doesn’t want a bhabhi like swaragini , a family like this and ……a husband like u (she blushes )
Manik flyes in air
Manik : blushing doesn’t suit u
Uttara : what ?
Manik : u look more gorgeous while u blush seeing me
Uttara again blushes
Manik smiles seeing her ,…
Sanlak comes from back ….
Laksh : what an awesome romantic movie …
Sanskar : haan I never taught manik is so romantic …

Uttara : u both heard what we said ….
Sanlak : yes !
Manik : bro …..wait a minute bhabhi (he shouts)
Sanlak both shuts his mouth
Uttara laughs
Swaragini comes …
Swaragini : any problem manik …
Manik : bhabhi these both (sanskar interrupts )
Sanskar : we both gave gift to them
Swara : which gift show me …
Laksh gives a glare to sanskar
Lakah : we mean we will give after marriage
Ragini : is it uttara ,..I know u won’t lie to us….
Sanlak signals uttara not to say
Uttara : haan bhabhi …they said they will give us after marriage …
Manik looked at her surprised …
Sanlak gives a relief sign …….both smile at uttara …
Swaragini : OK OK….both leaves
Sanskar : so u r our gang huh !
Uttara : if u say so

Laksh : no no u be in our gang only …..this is manik …he is bhabhi na baccha ….u be with us …OK uttara
Uttara smiles : OK ….
Manik smiles at her …
Dp : now let’s start the sangeeth cerem


Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Swasan start to dance …..sanskar holds her by belly and slowly lifts her …he than made his twiral around

Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri ma

Swara slowly does some salsa steps with sanskar .

Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Sanskar goes behind her throws glitter papers on her which sparkles …according to her moves

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg

He holds her both hands and starts doing some small stunts with her hands and lifting her up …Swara throws colors all over …making it extra beautiful .

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

They come to middle stage ..he holds her both hands and starts dancing he carresses her face with the back of his hand ..Swara closes her eyes

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

At last they finish sanskar holding her both hands and making her do small easy steps and carrying her in his arms …

Both share an eye lock …..the song ends

Everyone claps

Swara sweats a bit but no one notices it

Laksh : u said u will not allow her to dance ….
Sanskar looks at Swara
Sanskar : when wife says …the answer should be only yes …
Swara smiles
Ragini : learn from him Laksh …
Laksh makes faces …..
Uttara comes ….
Uttwra : bhabhi bhai …both were just awesome ….such a super performance …loved it …
Swasan : thanks ….
Manik : bhai …..ahem , ahem …
Sanskar makes faces all laugh !

The lights go off ….its dark now


Har pal meriyaan yadaan
Yadaan vich ae tun
Dil di gal main dassa
Te dassa fir kinnu (x2)

Laksh starts dancing near the stairs and does some hand tactics movements

Teri meri, meri teri ik jind’di
Ik jind’di what to do
Jhoomu main naachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun

Behind the stairs ragini starts to dance …Laksh went near the staircasea and out hand on ragini shadow….while dancing …
Ragini moves in a way as if he called

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana (churana..)
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse mil kar tumko hai batana

Then they both start dancing with each other’s shadow ..and then ragini comes front and laksh goes back of staircase

Sham wahi, kaam wahi
Tere bina o sanam
Neend nahi, chain nahi
Tere bina o sanam (x2)

They both start doing lyrical …..then Laksh shadow gave roses to ragini shadow …..looking as if he is really giving ragini blushes a Lil

Teri meri, meri teri ik jind’di
Ik jind’di what to do?
Jhoomu main nachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun

Now Laksh also comes front ..some people join raglak and all started to free style …some spinning and lifting ….

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana (churana..)
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana (x2)

They both were doing close dance ….at the end laksh lifted raginj in a bridal attire ….both had an eye lock …

The song ends !

Eveyoen claps …..

Swara : wow ….both rocked …it was awesome seeing it …..
Sanskar : when did u both practice haan …the dance was so awesome…god!
Raglak both smile looking at each other ….
Manik and uttara come
Manik : y r u all giving me heart attacks ….the dance was so awesome….I loved it…it was so …oh god !
Uttara : haan bhabhi it was so good ….love u both ..
Raglak : we too love ..

Then they all chit chat for some time …..with happy faces …..
Sanskar : manik tomorrow bachelor party …remember
Manik looks at uttara …
Sanlak both laugh seeing his condition
Uttara : its in u enjoy …..
Sanlak were surprised ….now manik smiles ….
Laksh : learn from her ragini and Swara …
Swaragini : we know …..
Uttara : I mean to say he can inky enjoy tomorrow after that no drinks no nothing ….
Now swaragini and utter were laughing while sanlakman were making faces …
Swara : that’s what first listen …OK ….
Ragini : duffers ……
Sanskar watches the time ….
Swara in mind : god plz sanskar should forget it ..plz plz plz
Sanskar : Swara …
Swara in mind : god u cheated me
Swara makes a pout face ….
Raglak and manutt laughs seeing Swara situation ….
Laksh : go baby its ur juice time ….
Swara gives a death glare to Laksh …he stops laughing ….
Sanskar : Swara come we both will drink …
Everyone laughs …
Manik : sanskar bro she is pregnant not u ….ha ha ha
Sanskar makes faces
Sanskar : as if I don’t know …..u idiot if I give her company she will also drink …
He winks at him ..
Manik : genious ….Mahan ….(.he claps )

Raginj : now Laksh u learn from him OK .
Laksh : sanskar don’t be so good boy yaar ….every time this duffer ragini is saying the same thing
Everyone laughs …
Sanskar : what can I do …on now time …we will join u all later …
Swasan leaves ..
Ragini : see how much care he is showing …u r good for nothing !
Saying this ragini leaves !
Laksh : if sanskar is so caring what is my fault …..rago ma …rago ….
He goes behind her …
Manila and uttara smile
Uttara : ur family is so much of fun
Manik : ya I am really lucky to be a part of this family ….
Uttara : I am the most luckiest to be the part of this family and wife for u ….
Both look at each other ….they share a cute eye lock !

To be continued …..

Hope this episode was average and not boring ….sorry for the grammatical mistakes if I made any…….
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