Hey guys its dolly back with the ff …..thanks for the response u showered in the last episode ….thanks a lot ..
I have replied everyone ….

So here is the episode ,
All were sitting around manik …
Dp : I spoke with rp …he said he will call back ….
Laksh : dad keep the phone in middle …
Dp : y idiot
Laksh : we also want to hear ..what they r saying na …
Dp : OK OK
Laksh : buddhu (low tone)
Dp : heard what u said …
Laksh bites his tongue ….everyone laughs …
Swara : acchw manik we need a treat OK
Manik : treat ?
Sanskar : for them treat and for us bachelor party OK ….

Laksh : cool dude …
Trio gives HiFi …
Swara and ragini gives a death glare to all of them
Laksh : what yaar …we are still youth …plz
Ragini : so that means ..I became old ….
Laksh : no no rago ….I said we ….
Ragini : no no cheater …u said u three boys ….
Laksh : OK whatever ….we all r youth accepted …

Ragini : fine but u r not going for the party .
Laksh : y ….
Sanskar and manik laughs ….
Sanskar : no one can get a wife like mine …
Laksh makes faces ….-
Swara : oh hello ..who said I am gonna allow u ….
Now Laksh and manik laughs like mad …..
Laksh : now who said that dialouge …ha ha ha sanskar nice joke
Sanskar : what Swara ….why can’t I go (he makes puppy eyes)
Swara melts seeing it …(awww….VK)
Swara : OK OK stop making that face …..
Sanskar jumps in happiness and twirls her slowly
Swara : but on a condition .

Sanskar stops
Swara : you should give me whatever I ask and no restriction on which food should I have OK !
Sanskar : but (Swara interrupts )
Swara : party cancel …
Sanskar : OK OK …..madam
Swara smiles ….
Laksh : rago see na ….my sister allowed now only I am the one who will stay at home with u ..
Laksh turns back and sits ..and acts like crying ..
Instead of crying he was making faces to manik …..
Manik : bhabhi (ragini interrupts )
Ragini : Laksh don’t cry ..u can go …I am allowing u …
Laksh turns instantly …

Laksh : really …oh wow …u r best wife ever I have
Laksh hugs ragini and shows thumbs to sanskar and manik ..
Swara was about to say ..-.
Sanskar shuts Swara mouth
Manik giggles ….
ap comes and make manik eat sweets …
Sanskar : what happened ….
Lisha (happily) : they accepted

Laksh and sanskar carries manik …..
Sanlak : celebration time …….(they shout)
Manik blushes ….swaragini smiles
Dp : tomorrow is engagaemnt , two days later sangeeth and mehandhi and then wedding
Suddenly they all stop
Swara : papa why so soon …I mean no time …
Arjun : hmmm because their kundhali’s are like that Swara ….
Swara : OK OK ….
Manik blushes ….
Sanlak : ohooooh ….
All laughs …
Arjun ; OK OK come let’s all prepare for the engagement …
Sanlak : OK …..
Swaragini : even we will join .

Sanskar : Swara
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar : baby
Swara rolls her eyes
Swara : fine …..
Sanskar hugs Swara
Sanskar : that’s like my princess …..
Swara hits him on his chest
Sanskar : ouchhhh …
Laksh and ragini laughs like mad …
Laksh : ragini ur job is to take of Swara that’s it ….
Ragini smilingly nods ….
Sanskar : take care OK ….don’t let her near water ….
Ragini : OK ok devar ji …u do ur work
Sanskar and Laksh leaves ..
@evening …
Swaragini were talking with each other in raglak room

Swara suddenly gets mild pain …
Swara (sweating) : ouch …bhabhi ……its its paining ….ahhh ….ahhh ….its paining ..
Swara holds her stomach …
Ragini gets tensed (guys not labour pain …its just the simple pain we get while pregnancy …I guess ha ha ha lol)
Ragini : Swara …Swara …wait I will call ma come …
Swara was breathing heavily and panting hard …..

Swara : I …I couldn’t control ….(she cries)
Ragini rushes out and outs ….
Ragini : ma …ma ….Swara is getting pain and is crying …..plz come …
All stopped their work …..
Sanskar ran upstairs so fast …..and all followed him …..
Swara : sanskar ….sanskar ….its paining …ahh ahhh (cries)
Sanskar goes and holds her hands tightly and assure’s nothing will happen ..
Sanskar (tears) : Swara , Swara don’t cry …come on take a deep breathe in and out ….
Swara (cries) : no I couldn’t …ahhhh ….ahhhhhhh …its paining …
By the time ap and lisha comes ….with doctor
Doctor : u old leave sir

Ap : sanskar stay out for some time ….
Sanskar : no no I am not gonna go anywhere
Ragini : sanskar ….this is …..
Lisha : we can’t explain u ….sanskar now obey my words and go ….
Sanskar was reluctant ….but
Swara (cries) : its its OK …sanskar ….u wait outside ….I am fine ….
Sanskar takes the hand immediately with her words …
Sanskar goes out …
They close the door …

@outside ..
Sanskar sits and cries …
Laksh : sanskar its nothing …its just ……(he keeps on patting his shoulders)
Sanskar (cries) no …I couldn’t see her in …pain …she is crying man …she …
Manik : its OK bhai ….its just everyone gets during pregnancy ..
Arjun : haan sanskar its first time for her so ….don’t panic ….
Dp : hmm ya ..

Sanskar wipes his tears and sits idle
They hear Swara shouting sound and sanskar was crying hearing it
Ap , lisha and ragini comes out .
Sanskar stands up
Ap : nothing …its a like pain its first time ..she couldn’t control that’s it ….she is sleeping now ..
Doctor : I gave her injection …
Lisha: thanks doctor …
Doctor : its OK ….and Mr maheshwari for this only u r breaking down ..plz don’t fall weak what will u do if she gets labour pain ..
Everyone giggles …
Doctor leaves .

Laksh : now happy Mr maheshwari ….
Sanskar hits him on his shoulder ….
Laksh : ouchh …
Sanskar goes and in and finds Swara sleeping peacefully .
Sanskar wipes his tears ….he goes and sits beside Swara …
Sanskar in mind : I couldnt see this pain itself …how will I see u in labour pain ?
He kisses swara’s forehead
Swara sleeping : love u sanskar …..
Sanskar was surprised and again kisses her forehead …she smiles while sleeping
Sanskar : love u too
Saying this sanskar comes out .
@night ,
Everyone were in dining table eating dinner .
Laksh : oh god who made this kheer ..dont tell me its made by ragini …
Ragini : why ?
Laksh : because u can never make a good kheer …
Laksh laughs ..ragini hits him with his elbow ..
Everyone laughs ..
Ap : its made by Swara ..
Sanskar eyes widens …and he looks Swara sitting beside him .
Sanskar : who told u to go inside kitchen…..

Swara looks at ap
Ap signals sorry …..
Manil closes his ears
Manik : now lecture will start (in a low tone)
Sanskar : Swara how many times I said not to do any work ,,u never listen to me …what about baby ….u will become weak . If u do too much work …why can’t u just sit and watch TV with anyone huh ….
Swara : u only said …u will not put restriction and moreover while speaking with bhabhi ..she said Laksh bhai like kheer so I made ….
Laksh : aww …so sweet Shona …
Laksh comes and back hugs Swara ….Swara smiles …..

Ragini smiles seeing their bond
Laksh : I will gift a golden bracelet for this hand …..
Lisha : hmm ..enough enough Mr maheshwari ….
Laksh comes and sits in his place
Swara makes a pout face to sanskar and our sanskar melts immediately ….
Sanskar : OK OK …now eat ….
Swara smiles ….
Laksh hits ragini’s leg
Ragini : ouchhh
Everyone looks at her
Laksh : what happened ragini (with a smirk)
Ragini eyes him angrily
Laksh chuckeles …
Ragini ; nothing nothing just as it is ,..
Everyone nods and again starts to eat ..
Laksh was about to hit ragini but she moves and he hits Swara ….
Swara : ouch
Sanskar starts to panic ..

Sanskar : what happened Swara …again pain ….do I need to call doctor ..Swara speak up
Everyone looks at them …
Sanskar stops ….
Ap : here wife is brave but husband is weak ….
Everyone laughs ….Ragini smirks at Laksh ….
Laksh winks ….
Soon the pleasantful dinner finishes and everyone heads back to room
@swasan room
Sanskar : come on have this tablet .

Swara takes and has it …
Sanskar : OK now sleep in bed I will sleep in couch …
Swara eyes widens …
Swara : y ?
Sanskar : what if in sleep I will kick u ….
Swara smiles …..sanskar gets memerised …
Swara : no way u sleep with me only …I know u won’t kick me …I sleep …
Sanskar : I don’t want to take risk
Sanskar makes Swara lay on the bed and covers her with blanket but Swara throws the blanket …
Sanskar : Swara
Swara puppy face : what sanskar …..
Sanskar : OK now good girl sleep …
He again covers her with blanket ….
He goes and sleeps in couch .

Swara was staring sanskar ….fully ….sanskar felt her gaze on him
Sanskar with closed eyes : why don’t u sleep ….
Swara : I want chocolates sanskar ..
Sanskar opens his eyes .
Sanskar : who will eat chocolate at this time
Swara ; I will eat ….
Sanskar : don’t be a kid Swara ….now sleep ….
Swara sits on bed
Swara : no I am not gonna sleep until u give me chocolate ….
Sanskar : ufff !
He goes down to kitchen to take chocolates ….
At that time Laksh comes
Laksh : sanky what r u doing here …
Sanskar : vo she wants chocolates …so ..
Laksh laughs ..
Sanskar makes faces …
Sanskar : accha by the way what r u doing here at this time
Laksh : don’t ask ….
Sanskar : come on say
Laksh : that ragini wants cucumber ..for her facial makeover …
Sanskar laughs ….
Laksh makes a pout face ….
Sanskar : enjoy enjoy !

Laksh : u also ….
Both hugs ….
Sanlak : after wife came servants went on holidays and they made us in their position
Both leaves ..
@swasan room
Sanskar : here ur chocolates eat little OK …
Before he could say
Swara finishes the whole diary milk silk ……
Sanskar eyes widens and is shocked ….
Sanskar : Swara what’s this ..u ate full and that too this fast ..what …u …
Swara : what sanskar u know na I like chocolate and by the way it was so small (lol)
Sanskar gives a shocked expressions …
Sanskar : OK OK now sleep ….
Sanskar covers her with blanket and goes to his sofa and sleeps ….
Swara was again seeing him continueosly …
Swara : sanskar ….
Sanskar sleeping : what Swara …
Swara : I want ice cream ….
Sanskar : not again …
Swara : I want that’s it …
Swara sits again a and throws blanket on him …
With a jerk sanskar wakes up and sits

Sanskar : Swara (pout face)
Swara : won’t u do this much thing also bad ..OKi will only go and take (she acts as if she was about to get up )
Sanskar : stop right there !
Swara smiles in heart …
Swara : but
Sanskar : I will go and bring .
Sanskar goes and opens the fridge ..he closes it and ragini stand there
Sanskar shouts : bhooooot !!!
Ragini was with facial makeover in her face ,..
Ragini : sanskar . Sanskar its me ragini ..
Sanskar : oh …u ..u scared me
He laughs
Ragini : not funny ….OK y u came here …the time is 12
Sanskar : that because of Swara …she want ice cream now …
Ragini laughs ….
Sanskar makes faces ….

Sanskar : OK what r u doing here now
Ragini : that mad Laksh wants ice cubes for water …
Sanskar laughs ..
Sanskar : for water …
Ragini : ice water ….mad fellow ….
Sanskar : OK OK I am going now …she will eat me Alive
Ragini : OK OK go
Before going to room sanskar goes somewhere and goes to room
@swasan room
Sanskar : here is ur ice cream OK ….
Swara smiles : thank u …
Sanskar smiles and goes to sleep ….
After eating ice cream ..
Swara : sanskar …
Sanskar comes and keeps pani puri plate …
Swara was surprised
Swara : how do u know that I will ask pani puri
Sanskar : how many ff’s I read …every Swara asks the same (ha ha my dialouge)
Swara : but anyways I am full now take this ….
Now sanskar shocks Swara rocks …..ha ha
Sanskar wakes up early its his routine ..and finds Swara sleeping peacefully ….
Sanskar : now a very big task ..
What’s that WAKING SWARA (lol poor sanskar)
Everything was arranged and was picture perfect …..
It was mixture of blue and white with flowers and sparkling decoration everywhere .
Lisha : is everything ready …

Arjun : array that flower should be in entrance …..
Worker : OK ..
Arjun : everything is perfect lisha …u give sherwani to manik …
Lisha : OK ….
She leaves ….
Ap comes with aarthi plate ..
Arjun takes Prasad and she gives everyone
Laksh comes
Laksh : where is manik ….
Lisha : Laksh Laksh
Laksh : what ma
Lisha : can u give this sherwani to manik …
Laksh : sure ma ….
Laksh leaves …
@manik room
Manik was sleeping ….hugging a pillow
Laksh was about to wake manik …but stops and thinks something …
Laksh : after this I won’t get chance ….
Laksh pushes manik and he falls with a thud …
Manik : ouch ….

Laksh laughs like mad ..he falls on bed holding his stomach .
Manik : Laksh ..I am not gonna leave
Laksh runs out and manik chases him ….
Laksh : has help me ….
Laksh hides behind ragini ….
Laksh : ragini , ragini help me from this Godzilla
Manik : no bhabhi ..I was sleeping an she pushed me from bed
Ragini : OK then …
Ragin moves and makes way for manik to hit Laksh
Manik and ragini gives HiFi …
Ragini : yesterday u were asking me to do some many work na ,.here is the punishment …
Laksh makes face and runs …
Manik chases him …..Swara comes inbetween Laksh applies a sudden break and manik couldn’t control he trips and falls on Laksh ..
Both Laksh and manik falls on the feet of Swara …
Swara : what happened to both of u
Manik and Laksh stands up holing their back ….
Laksh : ahhhhh its paining ..
Manik : mine too …
Laksh : who said u to come in between

Swara : y what happened
Laksh : because of u I applied sudden breaks and this stupid fell on me ….
Manik : bhabhi …of we didn’t apply break …Laksh would have fallen on u and baby ….
Laksh : leave baby ..but if sanskar comes to know this matter na ..he will bury us alive
Swara laughs …
Swara : oh my seat bhai and devar …don’t worry ….
Swara leaves ….
Ap : everyone go and get ready …bride family will be here any time ….everyone nods manik was blushing hard …
Laksh and sanskar starts to pull his leg but swaragini were support of him .
@evening swasan room
Swara was wearing light blue lehenga and heavy diamond jewelleries with blue crystals …made her hair open
Mild angel makeup …..she was looking gorgeous and beautiful in it …..
Sanska was wearing white shirt , blue blazer and white pant matching matching
Sanskar comes from back and hugs her tightly …
Sanskar : wow …my princess mom is looking so cute and hot in this attire ….
He digs his face in her neck ….
Swara : Mr maheshwari ..for ur kind info baby is still in stomach OK ….
Sanskar : I know ….but u looks so beautiful today ….
Swara : I know Mr maheshwari …even my husband is looking hot and handsome
Sanskar : is that ?
Swara : yes !
Swara tuns and hugs him ,…..,

Swara : OK come its late let’s go
Sanskar : OK come Mrs maheshwari ….
Both smiles and leaves ..
@raglak room
Ragini was wearing white lehenga with blue jewels ….made her hair free and Mild make up ….
Laksh laughs seeing her ….
Ragini : what happened …why r u laughing
Laksh : ur blouse is still open ….
Ragini touches and feels it open …
Ragini : why r u laughing …come and tie it na ….
Laksh : Alisha see ur mom wants to get romantic with me again …
Ragini : if h don’t want to tie ..I will call Swara for help …
Laksh : OK OK I will …
Laksh comes and stands behind her …..he touches her bare back …
Ragini closes her eyes ….its like first time …..
Laksh tie’s it and hugs her from behind …
Laksh : u look like a angel today in this white dress ..

Ragini : really
Laksh : I swear …
Ragini smiles ….
Laksh kisses ragini neck ….
Ragini : Laksh ..
Laksh : what my wife …I have right ….
Ragini : not now ,.come let’s leave .
Laksh : no
Ragini : Laksh ….
Laksh : no means no ..
Ragini ; hi ma …
Lakhs steps back, ….
Ragini takes Alisha and goes out makes faces to Laksh
Laksh : I will get u ….
Ragini smiles and leaves …Laksh follows her .

Rp , sujatha ,Adharsh ,pari and uttara arrives
Dp , arjun , lisha and ap welcomes them …
Uttara was wearing red and gold mixed heavy lehenga with a bridal make up ….
Manik couldn’t take his eyes from her
Sanskar : control bro
Laksh : its like as if u will eat her alive today …

Manik makes faces to them
Sanskar : Laksh have some shame ..then what he will do in first night ….
Laksh and sanskar gives HiFi …
Manik : u both ..should I call bhabhi’s …..(he shouts bhabhi)
Sanlak closes his mouth but
Swaragini : did u call us manik ….
Sanskar : nothing ..nothing ..u all carry in go …
Manik : bhabhi …
Laksh : Swara go and sit …ragini ma is Calling u …..
Swaragini nods and leaves …
Sanlak gives a relief signs and give a death glare to manik
Manik chuckles …..
They make uttara stand beside manik ….
Ragini and Swara stands beside uttara …
Raginj : utters ..u r gonna be a part of our family ….
Swara : yaayy

All three hug ..
Uttara : I said ok at first itself as who will get bhabhi’s like u both again ,…
Swaragini smiles and applies kaala teeka to her ….
Uttara : where is Alisha …
Ragini : she is with ma …
Uttara : oh …she is looking exactly like u bhabhi u know …
Ragini : really …
Uttara : haan …Swara bhabhi how many months
Swara : 5 months ..
Uttara : So baby is on the way ….
Swara smiles ,
Whole guest arrive and the mansion is fully packed with guests ,
Sanskar comes towards swaragutt
Sanskar : ladies if u will excuse Swara for a minute ….
Ragini : why for a minute she is urs take her forever …
Sanskar makes faces to ragini
Sanskar : uttara old don’t join these both …then even u will become like these devils ….
Uttara laughs
Swara : devils ?
Swara catches sanskar ears and takes him

Ragini and uttara smiles .
Swara : why did u bring me here …
Sanskar : juice time madam ….
Swara : yuck ….not again sanskar plz plz ….
Sanskar : plz drink for me
Swara : no no …
Sanskar : even I will drink with me
Swara was surprised
Swara : really …sacchi
Sanskar : for u ….
He takes a glass and pure the juice for him also ….
Both does cheers and drinks ….
Swara : good boy …now u r on track ….
Sanskar : because of u only …..from now on I will also drink with u
Swara : sacchi

Sanskar : mucchi
Swasan smile looking at each other !
Arjun : attention , attention now let the engagement start …..
Uttara makes manik wear the ring …..everyone claps …
Laksh was taking photos …..
Manik makes uttara wear the ring …….everyone claps…
Sanskar : photo time
Whole family stands beside ….manutt (Manik and uttara) sanskar sets timer and comes
Everyone shouts : cheese !

To be continued ……..

Hope u all like this last and plz tell me whether its boring ….plz comment too ..
Many of u were asking me about the first episode …I said its an twist and u will get to know it soon …..

Hope this track inst boring ….I am dragging this only because of ur request ..otherwise next episode would have been the last one ….
But now I guess it has total 30 parts ….I mean 30th will be last I guess ….don’t know ..hope for the best !

Thanks for ur precious time

With love ,

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