Hey guys ..its dolly and Alia here with the episode ….thanks for the comments in the previous episodes…I have replied everyone indiviaully I guess
This is episode di mine and alia’s ….we will mention which part I wrote and which part Alia wrote ….OK now
we r very bad at romance …..
We have tried some khichaddi !
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==================================6 MONTHS LEAP==============================
*raglak named their daughter as Alisha (indicating lisha laksh’s mom)
*sanskar is again with the bang ….he has cracked all the challenges and is now the leading business man
*Swara did her MBA and is now doing another course ….
*arjun is totally changed and is now all time spending with Alisha (granddaughter)
He became loving and caring now ….
*lisha had adjusted with arjun and is leading a peaceful life …
*manik has totally changed and is respecting everyone and is a business partner with sanskar ..
*dp and ap are leading a peaceful life lisha and arjun .
* so now everything is back to normal
@swasan mansion
Swara : sanskar , sanskar …
Sanskar : coming Swara ( from stairs)
Swara (frustrated ) : every time late …I said na don’t do work overnight ….u never listen to me ..(from kitchen )
Sanskar comes from back and hugs her …..
Sanskar : sorry darling …
Swara (fake anger) : I don’t need ur sorry Mr malhotra
Sanskar (concerned) : oh my baby is angry with me huh ?
Swara (fake angry) : yes …
Sanskar turns Swara to his face
Swara looks away …
Sanskar holds his both ears
Sanskar : I am sorry baby …from now on I won’t do work overnight …OK …plz plz talk to me …
Swara smiles …
Sanskar (smiles ) : at last …my baby smiled ….
Swara notices his tie improper ..
Swara (smiles) : again u forgot the knot huh !
Sanskar makes baby faces …
Swara : wait I will do it …
Swara turns the knot and starts to press it properly ….
Sanskar was staring her all the time …
Swara : now done …OK go and sit on the dining table I will come …
Swara was about to turn to stove side ….
Sanskar carries her in his arms …
Swara : sanskar ..what r u doing ?
Sanskar : how many work u will do ….I said na don’t go to kitchen side …
Swara : if I don’t go to kitchen then I may forget to cook …sanskar …
Sanskar : I don’t care …from tomorrow u will not ..and I have already hired new workers …
Swara smiles and nods …
Sanskar places her on the dining table chair …
Sanskar starts to serve her the breakfast …
Swara (smiles) : sanskar …what is the need ….u sit and have breakfast …..u r late
Sanskar (concerned) : I am serving for my wife …who is there to stop me and I am the boss… one cares if I go late or on time …
Swara : whatever ….enough enough ….u r putting too much …
Sanskar : look at itself how thin u r …
Swara : really !
Sanskar : hmm ya ….now eat
Swara nods ….
Sanskar sits beside Swara …and serves for himself …
Swara gives a nice to sanskar and sanskar to Swara ….both feed themselves and eats …
After sometime …
Swara : OK sanskar bye …
Sanskar : bye but …
Swara kisses him in the left cheek ….
Sanskar smiles and kisses her right cheek
Swara : bye
Sanskar : bye baby u
Swara : love u too …
Sanskar leaves ..
Swara phone rings ….she smiles seeing the dial
Arjun : hi Shona dear
Swara : hi dad ….what a surprise u r calling me …
Arjun : Shona u know na Alisha is not letting me to speak to u ..Alisha is always with me only ,,,so
Swara : now Alisha is ur first priority ,..
Arjun : no ..always my Shona is first …
Swara smiles ..
Arjun : by the way I called u too inform that today we all r going Delhi for house renovating ..
Swara : today ?
Arjun : hmm ya
Swara : OK then we will also join
Arjun : no no ..u don’t need to come …u both stay here only
Swara : y ?
Lisha takes the phone
Lisha : yeh Shona ,..
Swara : hi chachi ….chachi y can’t I join u all !
Lisha : vo actually sanskar is having office ….he can’t just come na ..
Swara : chachi …OK then I will accompany u …
Lisha : no !
Swara : y
Lisha : because sanskar can’t live without u …and who will give him food …and all …
Swara : but
Lisha : we will go today and come tomorrow evening OK …
Swara : OK ,…as u wish ..all
Lisha : that’s like my good girl ,.OK then bye take care ..enjoy !
Swara was confused ..,
Swara : OK bye chachi take care ….
Lisha hangs up
Swara to herself : y are they behaving insane ? Don’t know ,..maybe I should go to mm and check ….that’s good idea …
Saying this Swara goes and gets ready !
@malhotra industries …
(Note : in office sanskar is totally different full of attitude and bossy style )
Sanskar(bossy) : did the file of Mr khanna arrived
Pa : yes sir ..
Sanskar : good ….OK now u leave
Pa : sir ….a package came for u ..
Sanskar : package ?
Pa : hmm yes sir ..
Sanskar : send it in and leave ..OK ..
Pa : OK sir ….
The package comes …it has a letter sticked in it
Sanskar reads
Sanskar smiles and opens the package ,,
He was surprised seeing a dress ….white shirt , red jacket and white jeans
And !
Honeymoon suite booked in the inn keeper 5 star hotel (its entry pass was kept)
Sanskar was surprised …
Sanskar : who could have done it ! …maybe
He smiles to hiself
Laksh : I have sent it to sanskar ….
Ragini : then I will go and give it to Swara …
Laksh : seriously …..ragini buddhu u will go and give it in her band or what ?
Ragini : then idea !
Laksh : what
Ragini : we both will go together and talk …of course Swara will tell us to eat something ..that time will keep it on a side and leave …
Laksh : no no ..she would know it …
Manik comes …
Manik : u both are mad …
Laksh : see who came
Ragini : king of romance ….
Manik : wait ! What
Laksh : u have any idea brother ….
Manik : stupids u r in 21st century ..not in 18th or 19th ….
Ragini : tell us clearly
Manik : bhabhi , bhabhi ……sent it through courier !
Raglak bites their tongue ….
Manik laughs like mad …..
Laksh : OK OK …no need to tease us OK !
Manik : OK bhabhi ….ma is calling u …
Ragini : OK I will come …
Manik and ragini leaves !
Laksh : good idea !
@swasan mansion
The door bell rings ….
Swara : coming !
She opens the door
Courier boy : are u Swara sanskar maheshwari
Swara : hmm yes !
Courier boy : there is a package for u
Swara : hmm OK
Courier boy : plz sign here ….
Swara signs and takes the package …
She gives inside and sits on the sofa
Swara reads the letter ,
Swara smiles ….she opens it and finds a beautiful red crop top , white skirt (short)
Swara was surprised ….
She also finds a entry pass for honeymoon suite in inn keeper 5 star hotel ..
Swara blushes …..
Swara to herself : who could have did this ?
She smiles ……
Laksh ; plan success ….
Ap smiles
Everyone smiles …
Lisha : at last let them spend some time together ..
Arjun : hmm ….we also need a second grandchild right ..
Lisha hits him ….
Everyone laughs ….
Laksh whispers in ragini ears ..
Laksh : I guess time for second one ..
Ragini blushes and says shut up ,…
Manik : we all heard ……
Everyone laughs …and ragini blushes …
Dp : why in a hurry my son ….
Laksh feels embarresed ..everyone laughs …
WHY U ALL R LAUGHING a voice came from behind …
Everyone turns …its Swara
Everyone composes ….
Laksh : hey sissy …..
Laksh goes and hugs her …tightly …
Swara was confused
Swara : hey bro …
Swalak break the hug !
Ap : how r u Swara not even coming here
Lisha (teasingly) : how will she come when her husband will not leave her for even a second ….
Swara blushes …
Swara : no ma, chachi ….he is always busy with his work and he don’t like to outside so …
Laksh : ragini see how caring she is …
Ragini : after all my sister in law ….
Laksh makes faces and everyone laughs ….
Manik : bhabhi …y r u blushing soo much today ..anything special (to Swara)
Swara : no nothing ….just meeting u all after a long time so …
Manik : oh oh ……ohhh
Swara : manik ….
Manik : OK OK …relax bhabhi
Arjun : OK form have lunch with us na ….
Swara : no no dad ..just came to see ….when u all r leaving …
Ragini : at 2pm afternoon
Swara : oh ..just one hour left huh ….
Laksh : hmm ya ..
Ap : Swara keep mm keys with u ..when we will come back we will take OK …
Swara : OK ma ..
Manik (teasingly) : maybe bhabhi would be busy badi ma …
Ap stamps his leg …
Manik : ahhhhhh !!!!!
Swara : what happened are u alright !
Manik : hmm ya …
Ap chuckles …..
Swara : OK ma ….
Everyone waves bye and leaves ….Swara locks the house and goes to her house to get ready …
@evening ….
Swara in her room is getting ready !
Swara : wow Swara u look too cute …I must say sanskar has a good fashion sense haan ….
Love u sanskar ….
Swara applies mild makeup and a dark red lipstick ….making her hair free with side style ….wearing red boots …
Swara : all done …..
Swara leaves to hotel …
@office …
Sanskar was getting ready there itself
Sanskar : I think directly I should go there ….hmm …..I must say Swara really has an good fashion sense …after all my wife …ha ha
He does her hair …
Pa comes ….(pa is a girl)
Pa was awstuck seeing sanskar in that attire
Pa in mind : how hot he is looking ….god !
Sanskar notices her
Sanskar : why r u staring me …
Pa : no sir ..actually any thing special
Sanskar : that’s non of ur business leave (rude)
Pa gets sad and leaves …
Sanskar : sanskar calm down y r u showing ur attitude …wait a sec ..wm I looking that hot !
He smiles and leaves …..

Swasan both reach the hotel ..but Swara reaches first
@honeymoon suite

I am restless, I heard a lot wedding night stories and what to expect on your wedding night, so I am wondering how my wedding night experience, our first night experience, would be when he would touch me for the very first time.

I wanted to remember this first night experience, our wedding night experience forever, cherish it and lock it somewhere safe in my heart.
Hmm here I am , the hotel came I stepped out of my car and went directly to the room allotted in ticket ..

I opened the room and I was shocked and surprised …seeing it
The room smelled divine as red rose petals were sprinkled everywhere. A huge bottle of champagne awaited us in a bucket of ice.

It was extremely romantic as the fragrant roses ignited my senses. The silk curtains were magnificent and we could see the view of the entire city laid out in front of us.
The room was on the 30th floor of a magnanimous hotel and I felt on top of the world
I waited for him as I enjoyed the view in the balcony.
I felt a hand on my waist as he kissed my neck, standing behind me. It was electrifying as I never experienced anything like it before…

I felt like a little girl who had all her dreams about her wedding night experience come true. Finally, at 22, I had my first night experience with the man I loved the most.
Enjoying the view my love?’ he questioned, smiling.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ I responded, twirling a lock of my hair.

‘It is, just like you. You look gorgeous in this dress. I’m so glad that the day came . I have been waiting forever to touch you, my darling.’

‘Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this romantic wedding night from a long time too. You excite me and I’ve never wanted anyone else in my life

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

’Sighing, he pulled me close to him, nuzzling my neck. I had imagined this night a hundred times before, but in reality, his proximity, his touch and his smile filled my senses much more than I ever thought possible. It had a deep impact on me as I moaned to his touch.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

I sensed him inhale sharply as he cupped my cheeks, pulling me closer to his lips. His lips lightly brushed mine and I felt a current pass through me…

He guided me towards the room as we both admired the way they had decorated it. He caressed my cream colored, flowing silk dress as I smiled back at him.

He switched off the lights and lit a few candles. Immediately, the room was filled with a faint fragrance of vanilla; not too strong and not too faint which made this wedding night experience just perfect for me.

He cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses for us grinning widely. I could see and sense his happiness, we both felt like we were on cloud nine.

Without a shadow of doubt, he was meant for me just like I was born for him. He handed a flute glass to me in a grand manner and his exuberance was contagious. I laughed with him, unable to contain my delight.

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera

Clinking glasses, we chorused, ‘To us!’ and drank everything immediately. I wondered whether it was because of our impatience to touch each other. I did not want to get drunk and shook my head no when he offered a second glass. He however, downed the drink and smiled happily.

I sat on the bed staring at my man who looked breathtaking in his tuxedo. He towered over me but his mannerisms made him look like a gentle, handsome giant. I eyed him hungrily, anticipating our time together.

God I didn’t want to disappoint him and wanted to be perfect in every way. I read somewhere that men loved bold women and since I knew that he loved me, I wanted to be confident and please him.

However, my nerves were frazzled just looking at him. The anticipation was killing me.

He walked towards me, smiling a brilliant smile that made my nerves tingle all over again. His eyes shone in the dark and I could never forget the way he stared at me.

His brown eyes roamed over all my features, making my desire go up to a fever pitch.

He did not even touch me and I was already weak in the knees and if he touched me, I would have probably combust right there.

Do you know how beautiful you are? How did I get so lucky and get married to you? This is a mystery I’ll always wonder about,’ he said, in his deep husky voice. I remembered the time when just his voice would do things to me and it never failed to amaze me.

‘I’m the one who’s lucky here. I’m sure you’ve broken a lot of hearts today. I can’t believe we’re finally together,’ I said coyly.

His thumb caressed my cheek as were talking and I held my breath as he came closer to me. ‘Is that so Mrs.? I’m not sure about broken hearts but my heart will break if I don’t touch you now.’
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Slowly, his lips brushed mine. For a few seconds, we both stared at each other as the tension surrounded us, making me gasp for breath.

Without wasting another second, his lips crashed on mine. It felt like a dam had burst, releasing all the pent up energy that was held in. We had saved this for our marriage and our patience was fruitful now.

His tongue ravished every corner of my mouth, as his kiss deepened. His hands worked to remove my dress as mine worked to remove his tuxedo. Suddenly, we were both frantic, trying to fulfil out urgent need

. Pulling me to stand up, he unzipped my crop top .He stared at me as I stood almost bare in front of him, with only my bra.
He was lusting for me and quickly took off his jacket and shirt as he moved in closer to me.

Grabbing my hair, he pulled me towards him as his tongue worked its magic again. His hand roamed over my br*ast as he cupped it. I inhaled sharply as a deep ache spread between my legs.

Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..

He pushed me towards the bed as I lay down, waiting for him to take me.

‘I want to do something, but first I want to know if you’re okay with it. I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,’ he whispered.

waited as he pulled out a piece of cloth, made of satin, from his pocket. Confused, I blinked at him but as he started blindfolding me, I understood.

He was going to touch me and I wouldn’t be able to see him. It seemed unfair that I could not but it was extremely thrilling at the same time.

I clutched his hair as I cried out, unable to contain my pleasure.

His lips trailed down my shivering body, trailing soft kisses and licking every inch. His fingers touched my each and every feature as I groaned loudly.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)

I could not see what he was doing but this was painful and pleasurable at the same time.

‘I want to please you my love. I want you to remember this night forever. I want to show how much I love you,’ he whispered.

Please…’ I begged. ‘This is…oh…so…good.’

I licked my dry lips as his tongue worked in circles, making me writhe and clutch the bed sheets. His punishing tongue made me senseless as he pushed in deeper, making me go crazy.

‘You taste so good,’ I heard him muttering.

‘I want to see you when you come,’ he said as he removed my blindfold in a flash. His tongue was inside me again, pushing deeper and swallowing everything. I could not take it anymore as the blood roared in my ears, driving me to a crazy edge.

I had never done this before and my body could not take the pleasure anymore.

A sensation came tearing through me as I hung on for dear life. Panting, I came out for what felt like forever but his tongue sucked everything out.

He watched me fall apart as I gasped for air. Slowly, he came towards me, kissing me roughly as I tasted myself in his mouth.

I pushed him on the bed

Laughing, I kissed him on his shoulders as I went down, trailing kisses on his bare chest.
I was unsure how I was going on kissing him ,but I really wanted him to remember this night forever too.

I nuzzled up next to him, but he pushed me down, towering over me. He was not done, not yet anyway. I thought I was done as my body was limp

Crying out, I clutched my br*asts as I was about to come. Sensing that, he slowed down and as I gaped at him, he pushed himself inside me.

‘You’re so tight,’ he growled as I experienced immense pain and pleasure.

‘Tell me if it hurts you,’ he said, making me love him more as he thought about me even in his throes of passion.

Our bodies worked together, as if we were meant for each other. The pain dissipated as the pleasure took over, making me senseless as he thrust himself deeper.

He lay on top of me for a while, panting breathlessly.

Our bodies soaked in sweat served as a reminder of the most intimate moments we had together.

We lay next to each other, happy and grinning widely.
I remember us grinning widely, happy and content in each other’s company. Hugging each other, we had fallen asleep in a deep dreamless sleep


Soon the beautiful high faces off and the morning sunshine wakes smiling at us



I woke up the next morning with a huge smile plastered on my face.
I didn’t find her next to me ….
Then I heard the splashing of water in the washroom …so she is in the washroom
After some time , she came out smiling seeing me …..
She was wearing yellow top and white pant ….making me crave again for her

she came towards me, her eyes were shining as she kissed me
I couldn’t hold back …..
I crashed my rough like in hers and made a passionate kiss out …..
We broke as we were painting for breathe …..

‘Naughty, she said smiling at me ..

“When a hot wife is around …how can I not be naughty …Mrs Swara sanskar maheshwari” .I said grinning at her

“OK go and get freshen up as we need to leave now …its late for course and ur office” she said by pressurizing me

“Nope ..I don’t want to go nor leave u ” I said looking st her with lust in my eyes

“What do u mean ” she asked me with a questioning look

I quickly grabbed her eyes and pulled her towards bed and covered us with blanket

“The answer” I mumbled ……

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Precap : I year leap

Hope u all like the episode ,…..we have tried some thing ….I cannot even understand a single thing written in the romancing part ….if I ask Alia ..
She is saying ‘ grow up kiddo ‘
Maybe u guys can understand ……if not I will kill that Alia ….I am scared whether u all will like or not
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      2. Come on sneha …u didn’t hurt me …
        U didn’t ..don’t stress urself dear ..I am really happy that u shared ur pov …I am glad about it not broken about it …u r always welcomed to say it …dear

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    1. Seriously u r correct dear …..everyone is like dolly …need to grow up I guess …only we know how it is ! He he ….what we all do in collage …but I am good girl …
      Thanks for the comment

      1. Just read that there are some are 16 but still didn’t understand the romance and I’m 13… well i guess my friends taught me too much info than i should know….
        that email on the other comment was typed wrong…

      2. U r 13 …GoI’d that u didn’t understand …he he eh kiddo …
        It’s OK I got double comment ha ha greedy for comments
        When time will come u will know it dear ..ha a ha
        Thales for the comment

    2. No I meant that they are 16 and they didn’t understand whereas I’m 13 and I DID understand…. My friends taught me everything, I know I am too young too know this type of romance but still, I do… coz of my idiotic friends…. Wonder where they learned all that from…?

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    1. Hey dear …even u didn’t understand huh ..nevermind even I didn’t tinder stand that much lol…yep we r sisters …
      Dolly is 16 and I am 21…
      We both good writers ..seriously if u sat so
      Thanks for the comment

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    1. Hmm thanks for the double comment dear
      I guess u will have to grow enough to understand …lol …hmm ya we r sisters ..I am 21 and dolly is 16….
      If u want a clear understanding read the romance part once again ..dear if u want to

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    1. At last u understood natasha …thank god !
      Uff ! I was freaking as no one understood ..
      At least u r are supporter here dear .thanks
      Dolly is still a kid who doesn’t even know the name romance lol …she is such a kiddo
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    1. Hey arohi ..thanks dear …we will definetly update next asap …

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    1. Riya is that u ! Omg …so we both r gone ..
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        Beat of luck

      2. Riya dI plz don’t say to mom and dad…love u loads …plz for ur cute Lil sis won’t u do this …plz plz …
        I will do whatever u say ….

      3. OK esha u r request granted but one condition
        When I come India ..I want ur car for an week and u should accompany me for shopping ….whole the months I stay there …accept or not …
        Not only u even alia di

      4. OK riya u accept now u won’t say right

      5. But riya di it’s ..too much …OK never mind …I will accompany u ….
        Now don’t say to parents ..that’s it

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    1. At lasty sneha has been cured …it’s kk sneha …u didn’t bash us at all dear ….u have just shared ur pov ….
      Come yaar …u r like my sis ….don’t say sorry and all to me ..then only I Will feel bad….I am glad that u have been silent reader for our ff’s I am really happy now dear …
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    It may be difficult for other’s as it has strong words which has powerful meanings ..and which are inexpressible …
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    Anyways the episode was awesome and I wish u give more and more romance parts because ….u make me blush hard yaar ..seriously …
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    1. Thanks shanaya I am glad u have understood it ….thanks for that …yep I used some strong and powerful words ….so that it’s easy for understanding but it became twisty …
      I am happy that I made u blush …don’t worry soon …ha ha ha
      Once again thanks dear u loads too

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    1. Thanks tani. .glad u liked it dear …
      I am glad u found it intense too ….

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    1. Thanks Natasha …..I am very happy that I made u comment today …I am so glad that u understood where 50% of kiddos here didn’t …he he he
      Anyways thanks for the comments dear

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    Its really aswsome yarrrr
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    Pls update nxt episode as soon as possible dolly kiddio

    Hey hw is u r health kiddio

    1. Thanks dear …yep this dolly need to grow …ha ha ha
      Ya she is fine now ….but eating our heads with the sickness name …

    1. Thanks dear

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    Dolly kidio u r irritating u r sis alia
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    I am also irritate my sis
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  37. Awesome!! Loved the epi? I can’t imagine how can u write such intense romance bcoz whenever I try writing something romantic it ends up being funny lol??

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