Hey guys ..its dolly here ….thanks for the huge response u all have given me in the last episode …..I was like so overwhelmed reached 100 comments again …thank a lot guys …..
Sorry for making u all cry too ….but I didn’t do it intentionally ….I was first about to write on Sunday but now I got time so I am updating it today .


The next day after the death if swasan ….that’s new year !
A man (the killer ) was sitting with his men’s and watching news channel

Reporter : today we got a very spicy and a terrible news that …..Mr durga Prasad maheshwari gangster and CEO of maheshwari industries ,and
Mr arjun malhotra CEO of malhotra industries with their both families have died on spot ….it was declared today morning on the science lab with their DNA of their ashes
Yesterday on the highway of Kolkata this incident had occurred ….it was declared that it was a target from the rival group as Mr durga Prasad maheshwari was an gangster ….
Another shocking news came to us that Mr arjun malhotra son Mr manik malhotra and Mr durga Prasad maheshwari step son Mr Laksh maheshwari have been caught murdered ….
Mr manik malhotra was caught fired by a gang …but due to the smoke …police couldn’t find who did it through the CCTV camera ….
About Mr Laksh maheshwari ….he was brutally murdered by the killer and was pushed off from cliff this was notified by a person passing through ..but couldn’t declare the killer ……
To add more spice to the news ….
Another two encounter also had happened ….
Mr Laksh maheshwari’s wife , mrs ragini Laksh maheshwari and his 1year daughter Alisha is also dead ….the mansion of maheshwaris have been burnt and have found that inside persons were there and was confirmed by the Indian scice lab

But the shocking news came us is that Mr manik malhotra fiancee and would be wife Miss uttara kapoor has suicides herself knowing about this matter …..

Mr and Mrs sanskar maheshwari has gone missing …police couldn’t trace them nor could find them
We asked people about this case and here is the live response

Man 1 : this is really a very bad news and a good news ….
Bad news is now Kolkata is not a safer place to live and the good news is that Dp is gone now no more gangster things .
Reporter : whom do u think the person killed them
Man 2 : as Mr and Mrs sanskar maheshwari is missing to must be their plan …I came to know that sanskar is not the actual son of Dp so may be for money he would have killed the whole family and eloped ….
Man 3 joins : yes even we guess the same …..may its sanskar maheshwari’s plan ……

Reporter asks many people and it goes on

Reporter : as about the people opinion …it is shown that behind the murder of the maheshwaris and malhotra’s death …its Mr sanskar maheshwari and his wife …but we can’t just take this as our proof ….the case is still open and police investigation is going on .
For more updates log on to

Reporter : its roopa with camera man Ravi signing off .

The killer and men’s were laughing seeing this ….

Killer : at last the whole thing have gone on that stupid sanskar name ….but people don’t know that he is no more .-ha ha ha
Men : but sir …why did u kill the whole family
Killer : its an life time revenge dear ! I was born to take revenge from my brother …..arjun malhotra ….

FB (sorry for an another one ..plz bear me )
Das malhotra brother of arjun malhotra and father of manik malhotra (shocking right )
He was an easy going guy and loved his brother but it was fake …he was always jealous of him …
In his collage days …he loved mishti like hell
But arjun came in between their love story and made mishti his ….
From there the revenge started but he wanted it to be more painful for his brother …so he acted as if he was good in front of him
He was the one who gave the cheap ideas to arjun …..
But plan backfired when mishti accepted the relationship of lisha ….so he made lisha intentionally know about mishti and sent her to US
He was acting good in front of everyone …..
The accident happened and it was a plan of das he was the one arranged it ….but he was saved but mishti was dead ….he felt bad for her but happy and excited seeing his brother in pain …
He wanted to take a heavy revenge and made the whole plan …..arjun is thinking that Dp is his end,u when the enemy was next to him
Das faked his death so that arjun gets more angry and tortures Dp … Dp was a business rival of das ….
But his plan backfired when manik became one in their family and swasan united the family …
He couldn’t take it anymore ….he killed his own son and his entire family not even leaving anyone ….
The whole story was an planned sketch of das malhotra !


Das : see the complete revenge and its completed… one is left ….ha ha ha ha …
Saying this he shoots his men
Everyone were shocked …
Das : as he knows the truth …..he shouldn’t be alive ..if anyone tries to leak it then they will also get the same punishment ……ha ha ha
Das : evil always win !
He laughs …..

End of season 2 of meri aashique !

Its night on which swasan died …..

11:45 (31st December)


A lady gets labour pain …..her husband rushes her to hospital
Doctor : the surgery is complicated only the mother or the baby can be saved …. u will have to choose Mr vikram shergil
Vikram breaks down and cries
The lady name is priya …
Priya : old plz save my child ….I want to bring her to this world …
Vikram : but u ….u …
Priya (angrily) : just do what I say ….give her all the happiness ….give her more freedom ….don’t say no to her ……give her an independent life to lead …she should get to know her real identity when she/he turns 22 OK
If one drop comes from her eyes ….I won’t spare u vikram ….I promise
Vikram cries and nods .
He hugs her tightly !

The clock strikes 12
Priya gives birth to a baby girl
Priya dies and the baby cries
Vikram takes her in his hand
Vikram : I am there for u ….and I won’t let anything happen to u …my life
The baby girl smiles
Vikram : u r welcomed by the whole world dear !

1st Jan
Vikram : haply new year …..haply birthday dear ..
He kisses her forehead .

@Kolkata hospital
A lady is shown in the hospital beside a baby boy just born and a man was standing smiling at the baby
Lady name is Leela kapoor
The man name is ram kapoor
Ram : he is born …my son is here
Leela and ram hugs
Leela whispers in baby boy ears
Ram whispers in baby boy ears
They both smiles and the baby also smiles .

A shadow is shown ….near the door
The shadow : u r born but u will not unite this birth also ….ha ha ha

The shadow is a man
He turns into a bat and flies away (I will reveal later)

@shergil mansion (Delhi)
Vikram keeps the baby on bed and goes to washroom
The baby girl takes her right hand and swirls …..she makes a rainbow with all colors
She smiles
Vikram comes , the rainbow gets diapperared
Vikram : I know u r magical to me …..I won’t leave u till my last breath ……my symbol of life …
The baby girl smiles

@hospital (Kolkata)
The boy baby also smiles

The screen freezes ……..


Now I guess ur doubt has all been cleared ….if u want u can check episode 1 of meri asshique its same ….
At last I didn’t keep anything pending ….
Even I am excited for season 3 and swasan meet will be a magical one ….I will try my level best to keep the same spark on season 3 too….
And I want all of u to show the same love and comments …..for me …

Thanks for the beautiful journey of season 1 & 2 and yet to start 3

I am back !!!!!!!

Stay tuned

With love ,

Credit to: Dolly

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