Meri aashique (episode 9)


Hey guys I am back …thanks a lot for ur responses ….I am trying to be regular ..plz understand ..
So here the story,,
Sanky sitting out in bench and crying ….
Laksh consoles him …..
Nurse comes out
Laksh : how is ragini
Nurse : yes she is fine but she has more blood loss ….she could not walk for 1month or 2
Laksh was shocked ..he didn’t show any emotions ..
Sanky in anger called ..
Rahul , rohan and siddharth ..
They trio come
Sanky just slaps the three hard …
Rahul : sir Swara mam only said to leave ..

Sanky : so if they say u will do …huh ???
Rohan : sir ..
Sanky : just shut up …u three are fired now …
Siddharth : sir plz ….
Sanky takes his gun and shoots the trio
Laksh comes
Laksh : good …
The whole hospital is numb seeing the accident ..
Nurse comes from ICU ..
Sanky : is she alright ! how is she ?
Nurse : no sir ..we took the bullet but she is not responding …..we r scared if something wrong
Sanky points gun in nurse …
The nurse gets scared
Laksh : if u don’t do anything and if something happens to Swara …u will be shot understood move
The nurse moves with much scared …
Sanky : its all because of me ….I shouldn’t have left her alone ….I am the one who killed her ….I have shot my ….he stops
Laksh understands …
Doctor comes after 4hrs of operation ..
Laksh : how is Swara ..
Sanky : how is she ..
Doctor : she is absolutely alright ..Mr maheshwari ….but she is weak now …..take good care of her .
The doctor leaves ..
Sanky gives a relief sign so as Laksh ..

Sanky : Laksh u go and meet ragini ….
Laksh nods and leaves …
@ragini ward
Laksh enters ..
Ragini was sitting with folded hands and seeing her leg …
Laksh sits beside her bed ..
Ragini : so …I won’t be able to walk ……
She slowly starts crying ….
Laksh : ragini don’t cry ..just relax ..u will be able to walk ..just a matter of 1 month …right .
Ragini : but ..u know how much its paining Laksh …
She cries
Laksh with tears hugs her ..
Ragini also hugs back …
Laksh feels happy with ragini responding to him …
Sanskar enters …
He sees Swara neck bandaid and nurse giving her soup ….
Sanky goes and sits next to Swara ..
Swara sees him …
Nurse leaves ….
Sanky : how r u feeling Swara ..
Swara : much better ..but its paining in my neck ……
Sanky bursts out crying ..
Sanky : its all because of me Swara ..u r in this condition ……I am really sorry …..
I am really sorry ..if u want u also shoot me once ..
He gives her gun ..
Swara gets scared seeing gun …..
Sanky : come on shoot me …come on

Swara with tears : no sanky ..I can’t …
Sanky : plz don’t scare ,e by not responding to doctor and all …I love u Swara …..I love u more than myself ….
I love u Swara ….
Swara was numb ….
Sanky : from now on I will not leave u alone for even one min ……u r only mine Swara
Meri aashique ….my love ….my soul its u Swara …
Swara sees his care towards her …
Sanky : I love u Swara …..
Swara hugs him tightly …….
Sanky was surprised with her gesture
Sanky also hugs her back with much love (bolna plays from kapoor and sons )
They get into intense hug ….
Laksh enters ..
Laksh was happy seeing them .
Laksh : hmm …

Swasan breaks ..
Swara feels embaressed …..
Sanky : how is ragini ..
Laksh : she is fine …how r u Swara ..
Swara : I am fine Laksh ….is ragini alright ..can I meet her …
Laksh : sure but once u become alright and in home u can ….
Swara gives a light smile
Sanky : OK Laksh call car we will take them home
Laksh : OK ..
Laksh leaves ..
Sanskar was about to leave ..
Swara holds sanskar hands …
Sanky turns ..
Swara : y u r going ..u stay here with me …
Sanky smiles ….
Swara : y do u care for me soo much ……
Sanky : that’s because u r my soul and ,y heart .
Swara smiles (sanam re plays )

Sanky makes Swara stand and takes her towards car …
Laksh takes ragini in arms and places her in the car …
Both comes ..
Dp comes and sees Swara neck and ragini leg ..
Dp : what happened ..
Sanlak explains everything ..
Dp : how could be so careless sanky ..what if something …..OK take them to room
@raglak room ..
Laksh places ragini in bed …
Laksh : I will order soup u drink OK ..
Ragini : its OK …I am fine ..
Laksh : no u r not fine ….I am ordering now be a good girl and drink it …
Ragini nods yes ..
Laksh smiles …
The soup comes ..
Ragini struggles to eat ..
Laksh takes the bowl from her

Ragini : y u took
Laksh : I love soup so I a, gonna eat
Ragini gives a confused look
Laksh : buddhu …u can’t even take spoon in ur hand will u drink ..I am gonna feed u ..
Ragini was surprised ..
Laksh : here ..
He feeds ragini
Ragini feels something …..
Laksh smiles …..
Ragini : Laksh can I ask u something ..
Laksh : hmm ..sure
Ragini : can I meet my parents once ….
Laksh stops ..
Laksh : forget that ragini u can’t ..
Ragini becomes upset ..
Laksh : now here have this ..
He starts feeding her again ..

Ragini haves it with tears …..
@swasan room ..
Swara : finally back home ..
Sanky smiles ..
Swara : OK I am gonna change my dress ..
Sanky : OK ..
Swara goes to washroom …..
She changes and comes ..
Sanky : OK I will also change and come …
After sometime
Sanky opens half door
Sanky : Swara I forgot to bring shirt ..plz pass ..
Swara takes and gives sanky ..
Sanky pulls her inside …
Swara : abhi ..sanky what r u doing. ..
Sanky is shirtless ..only he is wearing jeans …
Swara closes her eyes …

Swara : r u mad sanky ..
Sanky : yes ..I am mad for u ..
Swara : …..OK ….I am going
She was about to leave sanky pulls her from back
Sanky : where r u going Swara …
Swara : arrey leave me ……
Sanky : no …today no ..
Swara by mistake pulls the tap .
And shower starts
Both swasan have a eye lock and both gets drenched in water ….
Sanky kisses Swara cheeks and kisses her forehead ….
Swara blushes and leaves ….
Sanky : so u escaped huh ??
Swara leaves …..

Swara changes and sits in sofa reading magazine …
Sanky comes out ….
Swara sees him and covers her face with magazine ….she blushes ..
Sanky is wearing blue jeans and red shirt with blue blazer …he is so handsome ..
Sanky comes near Swara ..
Swara moves backwards .
Sanskar catches her hands ..
Swara : leave me sanky …
Sanky : not today Swara ..
Swara blushes
Sanky smiles but it vanishes seeing Swara neck bleeding …
Sanky : swaraaa …..
Swara sees it bleeding ..and gets scared …..

Precap : swasan moments ….a tragedy

How was it guys …I know its boring ………I think I should stop writing ……..
What u all say guys

Credit to: Dolly

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