Meri aashique (episode 6)


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@mm ..
Dp : so Laksh u call and threaten arjun ….but make sure nothing happens to Swara OK …I am I clear ..
Laksh (confused ) : haan dad ….
Dp : leave now ….
Laksh leaves ..
Dp thinks deep about something (which will be revealed later)

@sanskar room …
Swara slowly wakes up ..
She gets up opening her slowly …..
She started blinking seeing the room ..
Swara : where am I (in a soft tone )
She jerks …
Sanky comes from washroom …
Swara gets shocked … he is a member of dark evils …..
Swara : wh–at …I am do…ing here ……(in a confused manner )
Sanky : u r safe that’s it ..
Swara : what do u mean by safe ….what I am doing here in ur room in ur home ..
Sanky comes closer ..
Swara moves backwards …
Swara : listen stay in ur limits ..or else ..
Sanky pinned her to the wall
Sanky : or else what u will do ….Swara ..
Swara gets scared but she doesn’t show (even she is a girl right )
Swara : hey u just move away I want to go to my flat friend will be waiting ….
Sanky : u know who u r talking …to I guess ……
Swara gets numb ..
Sanky : ur questions will be answered later …
Swara : but I want my answer now (in a rage )
Sanky : listen ..u r lucky that I am not doing anything with u ….otherwise ..
She gets scared but leaves ..
Sanky holds her hand twists it …..he is back of her ..
He tightens his grip ..

Swara : leave me its paining …
Sanky : I think now u understood me …..
He leaves ..
Sanky : u will be called when dinner is ready …OK ..till then enjoy ..
He smiles and leaves
Swara : what’s going on …I will teach him a nice lesson ..but what about diya ….oh god please help me ….

@raglak room .
Laksh : go to sanskar room and talk with that Swara …..
Ragini : ohk ..
Laksh : but come fast soon ..OK baby …
He touches her hands ….
Ragini jerks and leaves ..before he does anything to her

@sanky room.
Swara was sitting on sofa thinking what to do …
Ragini enters ..
Swara : again u came ..u bl**dy
Ragini : no no its me …
Swara : by the way who r u ..and of course u r a member of dark evils right …so u came to harm me
Ragini : no I didnt come to harm u ….I am ragini ..
Swara relaxed
Swara : oh .I am Swara …nice to meet u .
Ragini feels happy
Ragini : so u r also trapped here ..
Ragini : y u r also trapped here ..
Swara : at least u r just Swara and nothing happened ..but me ..
She tells how Laksh married her …

Swara was shocked .
Swara : how could he …u r …I mean we r same age and marriage and all that …eww ….
Ragini : we can’t do anything …unless we r in their custody ….how did u come here ..
Swara : that’s a long story ..
Ragini : u talk very boldly …are u not scared of them
Swara : no I am not scared …they did wrong by bringing me here ….I will teach them a good lesson .
Ragini laughs ..
Ragini : u r really amazing year ..
Suddenly ragini keeps quiet .
Swara : what happened ragini ..
Ragini with tears : I really miss my parents and my sis …
U r just like my sis ..
Swara : oh come on ragini ..ur weakness is that u scared ..that’s y they take advantage …and by the way …I will be ur sis till I am here ..
Ragini hugs Swara ..
Swara : so sis what is the daily routine in this stupid bl**dy house …
Ragini : nothing u can whatever u want ….no works …no nothing …
Swara happy
Swara : really ..then its good only no ..then y r u not enjoying ..
Ragini : ya its nice ..but being without parents and friends its awful ..
Swara : I can understand ,.I never saw my mother face …so I don’t have that sentiments …may be u ..
Ragini : oh I am sorry
Swara( frankly ) ; its OK dear ..

A servant comes
Servant : ragini mam and Swara mam they r calling u for dinner …
Ragini : say them we r coming ..
Servant leaves ..
Swara : I think devils are calling us …
Ragini scared : yes ..
Swara : no fear when Swara is here only I will teach them a good lesson ..
Ragini : how ..
Swara : wait and watch ..
Ragini smiles ..
They both head to dining table ..

@dining table ..
Everyone is assembled ..
Swara sits ..ragini was about to sit next to her ..
Sanky winks ..
Ragini sits next to Laksh ..
Sanky sits with Swara ….
Swara smiles at sanky …..
Sanky gets surprised

Sanky POV
I think she is mad ..we have kidnapped her and she is smiling …..I am sitting with her ….how can she
Sanky POV ends ..

Swara : so how many days I am gonna stay here .
Dp : maybe a year or two ..
Swara : what !!!! A year …who will study …for me …who will get job for me ….huh ..
Dp laughs seeing her expression
Sanlak are shocked seeing do laughing at Swara ….even though she raised her voice ..
Dp : don’t worry….u will get everything ….u r just like my …………nothing …
He gets tears ..
Ap notices this ….
Swara smiles in a confused manner …
Sanky : Laksh pass me the bowl ….
Swara takes and gives ..
Sanky was surprised …everyone is confused seeing her behavior ……..

Precap : “”Swara magic …sanky fall for her “”

Credit to: Dolly

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