Meri aashique (episode 3)


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@kolkata .
Laksh drags ragini into maheshawari mansion (mm)
Dp : so u choose ur bride laksh …..
Laksh : ha an dad …
Dp : OK ..ap (he shouts)
Ap scared :yes ..
Dp :take our bahu inside …make her ready for suhagraat ..
Ragini cries ..

Ragini : no plz leave me ..I want to study more …I am only 19 …years …
Laksh : oh baby don’t cry ..I am not so old ..I am 22 that’s it ….so go get ready ..
He winks at her …
Ap gets sad seeing the girl ..she thinks same way Dp did to her ..when she was just 16….
Dp : did u hear what I said ap ..
Ap : haan OK ji ..I will make her ready ..
Ap and some women comes and takes Ragini forcefully ….
Dp : happy my son .
Laksh : haan dad ..
Sanky smirks …
Sanky : dad that arjun is always blocking our way …
Dp : I know we will wait for a correct time ..
Because we have the power only in kolkata ..arjun is Delhi ….we can’t do anything ….
When he will land in kolkata ..he is finished ….I am just waiting …..
Sanky and lucky smiles ..
@Delhi …
The results came ….
Diya (swara best friend )

Diya : swara u r the topper ..
Swara jumps in excitement …
Swara : yes …oh woooow ……
Diya ; I am really happy for u ..
Swara : thanks Diya
She hugs her …
Swara : come let’s see which collage we got …
Swara and Diya enters the mark list room
Swara and Diya searche’s for their names in the list ..
Swara : here …I got it

Diya : mine too …
Both together : we got same collage …
Swara : we r going kolkata ..
Diya : yes .mm even I am happy …
Swara : u go inform ur parents ..
I will inform my dad ..
Diya : OK done bye …meet u tomorrow ….

Swara smiles and heads towards home ….
(Swara doesn’t know about the dark evils so as Diya )
@kolkata …
Ragini is made to wear heavy saree and jewellery ….
Tears roll from ragini”s eyes continuously …
Ap hugs her and cries ..
Ap : I know what u r thinking ..even I was trapped like this when I was just 16 ……….
I never thought that my sons will also become like his dad …….I am really sorry …
Ragini : no problem aunty ….why u r saying sorry …it’s not ur fault ……but I miss my parents ..

Ap : but they will never let u too see ur parents ….in my case also same …..
Ragini cries ..
Servant : mam laksh sir is waiting and calling ragini mam ..
Ragini gets scared
Ragini : aunty…

Ap : I am helpless …child ..
She hugs her ..
Ragini enters laksh room ..
It was beautifully decorated ….with hearts and red roses .. with bed covered with roses and candles were kept beside ……
Ragini was frightened …..
Laksh sees ragini
Laksh : so baby u came ..come here sit ..
Ragini sits.
She is not looking at laksh ….seeing her lap …
Ragini POV

I sat ..I was breathing heavily …..this devil didn’t care about me ….he removed my jewellery …
I closed my eyes …..I think he finished removing it …she pushed me in the bed ……he was up of me …he was kissing me neck both the side …
And starting bitting it …..I weeped in pain ..he didn’t care ….he removed my pallu ..and started kissing my bare stomach ….
He again came up and started suckling my lips really hard .. I couldn’t push him ….
He started bitting it …….
I was almost about to scream ….
He opened my blouse …he undressed me ….even he was undressed ..
He started making love …..
He was really rough …
I am really small to bear this ..but ….
At last after an hour he finished and slept ….
I was relieved …. I covered myself in blanket …
I was crying thinking about my parents condition …..but what could I do ..I am a girl point …
I was crying bitterly ….I couldn’t control ..
After an hour ….I started sleeping …..
@Delhi ( night )

Swara : dad u know what u got collage in kolkata …
Arjun : as soon as he heard kolkata ..he started to gulp ..
Swara : dad r u fine …she gives him water ..
Arjun : no Swara ..u don’t need to go kolkata .
Swara disappointed .
Swara : dad I got in the most top collage of kolkata ….plz let me ..plzz …
Arjun with anger : I said no means no leave …
Swara was shocked seeing Arjun angry towards …
Because she never saw him like that .
A tear was about to fall ..

Arjun rushes and wipes it ..
Arjun hugs her ..
Arjun : I am sorry . Swara …u stay with me plzz…don’t go to kolkata…
Swara ; dad ..plz …..
Arjun : I will tell u tomorrow go to ir room and sleep ..
Swara happily : OK dad ..let it positive answer …
Swara goes to her room ..
Arjun goes in front of mishti photo (swara mom who died)
Arjun : why destiny plays with me ….first it took u from me and now it wants swara ….
I came to Delhi only for swara..
But see’s calling swara to kolkata …I promised u that i won’t make swara cry ….or not even tears …..but …….

He sits …..

Precap :”look at this day ! For it is life the very life of life ”

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Credit to: Riya

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