Meri aashique (episode 2)


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18 years leap ..
@Delhi …
Arjun malhotra the big business man in Delhi ..he is really rich and daring …….
Arjun : Swara went to school …r u sure ..
Driver : yes sir ..
Arjun : OK fine u may leave ….
Arjun calls the school ..
The principal : hello sir ..
Arjun : did Swara reach ..

The principal : yes sir …
Arjun : good …soon u will get ur funds …
The principal (in a happy tone ) : thank u sir….
Arjun : OK …
He cuts the call …
All students are seated and are writing their board exam …its their final exam …..
Everyone is confused as the paper is really difficult …
But ..
Girl : mam finished ….
Teacher : that’s my girl ..submit and u may leave home ……
(Yes the girl is non other than Swara)
Swara intro

Swara malhotra the only daughter of arjun malhotra ..lost her mother when she was born …but never felt it as her father never leaves her …..
She is really a special kid ….she is very studious girl ..her aim is to achieve MBBS …..even though her father can get it very easily ….but she wanted to do it by herself …she is very kind and caring ……a straightforward girl ……loves her father too much ….
@Swara goes outside the school …
The driver comes on time ,,,,,
Swara sits in the car and leaves home ….
@malhotra mansion ..
Its really a big mansion …….covered with garden and a very big swimming pool ……
Swara enters her mansion fully covered with bodyguards ……
Leena (Swara personal servant )
Swara : Leena ..just prepare something cold for me ..
Leena : OK mam …give ur bag ..
Swara : here …she gives and goes to washroom …..

@Kolkata ..
Kolkata is under the control …of dark evils ….
They have been ruling Kolkata for years and generation …
No one is dared to speak a word against them …….if they..
The next day they won’t be alive …
Everyone were scared of them …
They influenced Kolkata by their rules ….
The head of the dark evils was durga prasad ….he married annapurna forcefully …..dark evil is really a big gang ……which consists more than 100mens
He has two sons ..
The elder is Laksh maheshwari
And the younger is sanskar maheshwari
Laksh maheshwari is really evil ……but has a soft corner which he doesn’t show ….
Sanskar maheshwari he is really handsome and cute ..he shows soo much attitude whatever he wants he takes it …
The rule of them is that …they can marry whoever they want can be forcefully ..after the marriage the brides are not allowed to see their family ….they should forget their family ….
They can do whatever they want ……
That’s DARK EVILS …..
@Delhi …in malhotra mansion ….

Arjun : buddy we r u !????
Swara : here buddy ..did u miss me .
Arjun : of course buddy …..
She hugs him ….
Arjun : so how did u do the exam ..
Swara : super …tomorrow we will get results …excited
Arjun : I know u will be the topper OK go and pray ur mother …she will be always with u ….
Swara : OK dad …bye .
Arjun kisses her forehead …
Arjun leaves ..
Swara goes near her mother photo …
Swara : mom I know u will be with me throughout my life ….u will bless me ..I wish I could see u ..but all in vain …OK mom bye I am sleepy ..
Gudnight !!!
@Kolkata ..
Laksh and sanky with their gang have gone raid to Kolkata high school their jeep ..
While going all give them wave one is dare to step in the road ..
Sanlak and gang give evil looks to the people which scares the people ..
@Kolkata high school ..

A girl comes wearing her school uniform made a high pony tail …..
She is ragini …
She comes out of school waiting for bus ..
Dark evil passes and stops ..
Laksh gets memerised …
One gang member : u want her ..
Laksh : haan ..go bring her ..
The four gang member gets down ..
They go towards ragini .
Ragini gets scared ..
Ragini moves backwards
They catch her ..
Ragini : leave me leave me …plzz ..she cries .
Surrounding people watches that …but were helpless..
Ragini begs them to leave …
The gang member catches her hair and takes her to the jeep …
Sanky gives a evil look and smile ..

Laksh smiles ..
Laksh : come baby let’s go ..
Ragini (crying ) : plzz leave me ..I want to study ..
Laksh : oh oh don’t cry come we will enjoy our life come .,,
They make ragini sit with Laksh ..
Laksh holds her waist harshly ..
Ragini cries …
Sanky and lucky gives HiFi ….
Sanky smile
All the others laughs ..
The people who were watching are sad ….
Laksh : sankupy inform the matter to the girls parents forget her ..
Sanky smiles ..
Sanky : hello shekhar (with no respect to elders )
Shekhar : who is this ..
Sanky : dark evils …
Shekhar gets scared ..
Shekhar : yes sir ..
Sanky : forget ur daughter ….OK bye ..she is married ..bye ,,,
He cuts the call ..
Ragini cries ….
Shekhar gets shocked and gets heart attack ..

Mishti : what happened shekhar ..
Shekhar holding his heart …
Skehar : our daughter is gone …..she is married by a dark evil men ..
Mishti cries ..
Mishti : noo … ..small girl …
Mishti cries …
She also faints and skehar also faints …

Precap : evils rule …what is the possibility of innocent people …..

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Credit to: Riya

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