Meri aashique (episode 15)

Hey guys I am back with ur responses ………I am glad …that u all r giving such responses …hope unlike it …
All assemble in dining table for dinner …
Laksh smiles seeing Swara ..
Swara smiles back ….
Sanky was confused seeing their act …
Somehow sanky was jealous seeing this but he knew that Laksh is married so he is relieved …..
Sanky : Swara pass me curry.
Swara : here ….
She takes and was about to give him.

Laksh : Swara pass me the curry ..
Before giving sanky she gives it to Laksh …..
Sanky was fuming in jealousy ..
Ragini was silently laughing seeing sanky jealousy
After dinner
@swasan room
Swara was standing in balcony and admiring the beauty of moon ..
Sanky comes and hugs her from back
Swara jerks ..
Swara : sanky .
Sanky makes Swara turn ….

Sanky : so u found me huh ??
Swara : of course sanky ..I know ur touch …
Sanky : accha…
He touches her lips …which makes Swara nervous …
Swara : s.a.n.k.y
Sanky keeps hand on her lips
Sanky : shhhhh !!!
Swara nods ….
Sanky leans closer to kiss Swara ..
Swara closes her eyes ….
Swara also leans ……
They were about to touch …
Someone opens the door …
Both jerks …
Its Laksh
Laksh sees this
Laksh : I am sorry ..

Swasan stand in embarrassment ….
Sanky : OK no prob ..y u came now Laksh
Laksh : Swara can u come with me for 5 min
Swara nods …
Sanky was shocked as she didn’t ask his permission ,,,,
Swalak leaves …
Sanky stands still don’t know whats happening …..
Swalak give high HiFi
Laksh : our first plan was successful Swara ..
Swara : ya ..I said right sanky will feel jealous ..
Laksh : that means u know my brother more than me …
Swara : I guess ..OK then next plan …..
Laksh : that’s simple …we need to pull leg of sanky……we need to tease him …
Swara : r u sure by this sanky will realize his love for me …
Laksh : when u realized y can’t he ….
Swara : I am waiting for the day … that even he will help us in the plan …
Laksh : but Swara no one should know about this especially sanky …if he comes to know u have come here for a motive then

Swara : I am gone right ..
Laksh : haan …….
Swara : u know what I am really lucky to be a part of ur family …as dp uncle is such a good person can he …..
Laksh : that’s what ..first I was shocked knowing that ur dad is .our …..
Swara : OK leave all that we need to first focus on this thing and by the way ….what ragini said yesterday after the incident ….
Laksh : oh I forgot to tell u only ..she accepted me full heartily ……..
Swara happy : what …seriously Laksh ..that’s really good ….
She hugs him in excitement …
Laksh hugs her back ..
Sanky comes towards them and sees them hugging ..sanky was having tears ….and hides behind the tress to listen to their conversation …
Swalak breaks the hug
Swara : who doesn’t want a handsome husband like u ….huh ???
Laksh : and a beautiful wife like u )???
Swara blushes …..
Laksh : I am really very lucky to have u as my friend …..or girlfriend (teasingly ) ( not a serious one guys )( Laksh is asking as a brother but sanky takes it wrong )
Swara : stop it Laksh
Laksh : oh oh …someone is blushing …..
Sanky was having tears …..he couldn’t control ..

He goes towards them and shouts Swara
Swalak turns and is shocked to see sanky …
Swara in mind : did he hear ..what we said about the plans …and will oh god no ….
Sanky punches Laksh ..
Swara was hell shocked ..
Sanky starts to beat Laksh …
Swara : sanky leave him
Sanky didn’t listen ..
Swara comes in middle and sanky pushes Swara ..
Swara hits in the rock
Swara : ahhhh ..
Sanlak were shocked ..
Sanlak goes towards Swara …
Sanky : y did u come in between Swara see how its bleeding …
Laksh carries Swara in his arms (a sister brother )
Sanky : Laksh put her down
Laksh : its not time to fight sanky she is bleeding ..
Sanky became furious and holds Swara ..
In which Swara again falls ,..
Swara : u two buddhu…… y u both are putting me down…..its hurting ..
She stands up and walks by herself ..
Sanlak look each other ..

Sanky goes towards Swara ..
Swara : sanky I am tired leave me
Sanky : I need an answer now …
Swara : what answer
Sanky : do u love Laksh ..
Laksh who came behind him was shocked ….
Swara was like statue ..
Sanky in mind : I think she loves ….I should not be a obstacle between them ..I can do it for my Laksh ..
Sanky : Swara ..I ..
Swara was curious
Swara in mind : say me those magical words
Sanky : Swara I hate u ..I don’t love u …

Swara was shatted with this reply ……..
Tears start coming from Swara eyes …
Laksh was hell shocked …
Laksh : bhai ..
Sanky : no lakh I don’t love her ..I love some other girl …
Ap and Dp comes down hearing the noise
Dp : sanky what r u saying ..u love Swara right ‘ can u …
Sanky : dad no ..I don’t love her ..who said like that …….
Sanky was saying this making his heart stone ….
Swara was heart broken …..
Swara wiping her tears : OK then ..what is the need of me here …..I am going …….
For what I came here is also not happening
Even if I change the plan then also its not happening
Everyone was shocked ..
Swara realized what she said …
Laksh keeps his hand on forehead ……
Sanky : what u mean by ……….for what u came here …..
Swara was numb scared and frightenend ….

Sanky shouts : what was ur motive Swara …
Swara jerks …
Dp : so u know the past …
Swara : yes I know .u were the killer ,,,,,,………u r the one who made me an motherless child ,…u took away my mom and now my dad …..
And Laksh is my ,,,,……………………..
I am gonna tell u the past Laksh …I didn’t say it to u before but now its time …sanky listen carefully ..
Dp : Swara no u can’t say ……..
Swara : Mr durga prasad maheshwari …..u r an childless man ..sanlak r not ur childrens ..
Sanlak were shocked …
Swara : the past is ..

To know their past ……………
I know many would have guessed season 2 …. I don’t want the past to be a normal one …I wanted to make it something new I need time …
I am gonna make the past a new one ..I guess ….
I will try to start season 2 asap
Hope u all will wait ….
Till then its a bye
With love ,

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  1. Plz post next episode……seriously eabna know d past…..plz post nxt episode fastly…..

    1. I wana know d past

    2. Thanks sanu for ur comment …ya I will post the next from next week or so on ..

  2. U can’t do like this…

    1. Sorry dhara ….I have to do this somehow …
      But soon I will update

  3. superb

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  4. Dolly when you are coming with season two Yarr plz tell me the day..I am waiting

    1. Thanks nikita for ur comment …I will update asap ….
      Maybe I guess 11th ..not sure just a guess

  5. Its awesome plzz start season 2 soon

    1. Thanks shruthi ..I will update asap

    1. Thanks zzzzz charming ….I will update asap

  6. oh no u cant stop like this…..anyhow come with season 2 very early…..nd i think laksh s swaras bro…..

    1. Sorry shan …I know I can’t stop it like this ..but ..u know we shouldn’t drag the story …so I thought ….ur guess ….was somehow ..ya but keep reading

  7. Update asap.I can’t wait.I like ur ff so much

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  8. waiting for season 2 make it soon

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  10. very nice…you are so good in maintaining the suspense..please continue

    1. Thanks preatheeksha. ..I think u were a silent reader…..but anyways thanks u really think I maintain good suspense ..I suppose …by the way thanks yaar

  11. Awesome part nd please post soon nd I think laksh is swara’s brother

    1. Thanks labdhi I will update asap ..keep guessing ….somehow close

  12. nice

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  13. Dolly this much of suspense even tv serial makers not showing, but you are making me wait so much yar. When is your next season starting.????That to in my life I can’t bear any suspense but you were giving me almost daily and I think you were the only one who were escaping from me as J never met you or else I couldn’t wait show patiently what would have happen next.

    1. Bhargavi ..I am literally laughing seeing ur comment ??…..ya even I hate serial writers they give more suspense …but we need suspense in our life ….it teaches us how to be patient at times …I will update asap …font worry yaar

  14. Very nice and waiting for next season

  15. Very interesting dear and eagerly waiting for season 2

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