Meri aashique (episode 14)

Hey guys I am back there were many requests to update ……
So here is the story ,
@swasan room ..
Sanky : swara stop crying yaar ..I can’t see u like this ….
Swara wipes her tears ..
Swara : OK sanky …but don’t tell this to papa he will be angry on laksh.
Sanky : but what he did is wrong right….
Swara : u promise me u won’t
Sanky confused : OK …promise now smile
Swara smiles and feel’s guilty ..

@raglak room ..
Laksh : don’t u trust me ragini
Ragini : I was …but no now …..I lost it …
Laksh : when did u become like a typical wife Huh ??? U said u won’t care about me …
Ragini was numb ..
Laksh : so u accepted me as ur husband I guess (teasingly)
Ragini blushes …
Laksh smiles ..
Ragini : wait u did wrong with swara she would have felt …
Laksh : as u accepted me as ur husband and vice versa ..I will not hide anything with u ..and same u also ..OK
Ragini : OK .
Laksh tells her everything the conversation with swara ..the recording …..
Everything ….
Ragini was shocked ..
Ragini ; even I was shocked seeing swara behaving so freely …..and I had a doubt ….
Laksh : so tomorrow I will ask her everything with this recording ..
Ragini : OK ….
Laksh : so today night ….
Ragini : nothing nothing …
Laksh keeps pout face ….
Ragini : nothing is gonna work ….now sleep .
Ragini I sleeps
Laksh smiles …

@morning ..
Swara wakes up
She sees sanky sleeping peacefully in sofa .
Swara in mind : swara what r u doing control and focus on the thing which u have to do ..
Swara goes out getting freshened up …
All assemble for breakfast ..
Laksh signals swara to come garden …
Swara nods no ..
Laksh signals her to come otherwise he takes his phone
Swara was confused and finally nods yes …
Sanky was confused seeing swara …nodding …
Swara smiles at sanky …
Sanky smiles back …

Swara : y did u call me laksh ..
Laksh : what do u think swara ..I will accept that embarrassemention so easily …
Swara : I know that u r planing something ..that’s y u accepted
Laksh : u r smart enough huh ?
Swara : I know now come to the matter .
Laksh : tell me everything y did u come here for what motive …come on ..
Swara : y should I say …i am leaving bye ..
Laksh : oh I know u will say like this …
He takes the phone and shows the recording of her talking …
Swara was shocked …
Swara tensed : laksh don’t show this anyone ..
Laksh : till now I didn’t say ..but now I have mood …
OK I am going to tell bye ..
Swara : no no wait …
Laksh : then tell me ….
Swara says everything .(which is mute)….
Laksh was he’ll shocked …really very shocked …
Swara started crying ..
Laksh with tears : I can feel ur pain swara …
Swara : it made my life he’ll father struggled so much …after that incident u tell I am here for some good ..
Laksh : but …in this u will kill sanky …right ..
Swara : first I was here to kill him …but now ..
Laksh : now what
Swara : I fell In love with him ….so I am gonna reunite our families together ….
Laksh : so u love my Bro …
Swara blushes ..
Laksh : in this even I will help u …
Swara : so now I am gonna a plan a big plan to unite our families
Laksh : I am in the plan
Swalak give hifi ..

Precap : not decided …

Guys …sorry for a short update ….
Next episode u will have twist …a very big twist which most of u would have not decided

Credit to: Dolly


  1. xxx

    this is the first time i am commenting on this ff …. i am huge fan of swalak.. i love them to the core… i hope that at the end swalak can become a pair

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