Mere Sapno ki rani- IKRS- 3 Shots ff by Louella (part-1)


I m back with a 3 shot ff. But don’t worry I will post this regularly. About my other ffs that I will post after my exams?
Note- The ff will only be of 3 episodes or shots and also its a royal love story. It means that Vidha will be the prince and princess of their respective kingdoms? I will introduce the characters in the story itself? Let’s go?
A beautiful palace is shown. Its a king’s palace. Its so beautiful that anyone who will see it will fall in love with it. There is a garden outside. Its filled with beautiful and colorful flowers. Almost all types of flowers r in this garden. Lets go inside it

Inside the palace there is a big throne for two people. One for king and the other for queen. But where’s the king and queen? Let’s go to the rooms and check.
There r so many rooms that u will get mad checking it. A loud crying noise is heard now. Let’s go near the voice. Its a beautiful pink room just like a princess’s room. A young girl is seen sitting and crying. It’s none other than our Dhaani (Dhaani is the princess of the palace. That means she is the daughter of a king and queen) She is continuously going on crying. In her hand there’s a photo of a couple. Suddenly a woman comes in front of her.
Dhaani (stands up seeing her and gives a cute smile)- Maa u?
Woman- Yes I. Okay I want to tell u some important thing. Listen carefully okay?
Dhaani nods
Woman – First of all, just stop crying okay?
Dhaani quickly wipes her tears.Woman- Beta always remember that u r never alone. Even in my absence God is always there with u. And plz don’t ever bring tears in your eyes. If u want me to stay happy then u have to do this, okay?
Dhaani is listening very carefully.
Woman- And now the whole palace is in your hand. Never let the enemies conquer it especially the Tripathi Kingdom.
Listening the word Tripathi tears roll down her eyes.Woman- Again tears?
Dhaani (wipes her tears)- Maa I will not leave that Tripathi kingdom. I will take revenge from them
Woman – No beta. Never think about revenge. Don’t forget Viplav was your Fri……
Dhaani(interrupts)- No he is not my friend but my enemy now. I can never forgive him.Woman- Beta u have to forgive him. For me he was never been wrong and he can never be. The day will arrive when u will be alone and he will support u. Everyone will be against u but he will be with u. I m sure he will never let anyone harm u. I know u will not understand now but later u will understand it.
Saying this the woman disappears.
(Note- The woman was the queen of the palace and she is the mother of Dhaani)
Dhaani (realizes it was a dream)- Maa I can never forgive him. Never……
On the other hand,
A palace is shown where a young boy is sitting with a photo in his hand. He is crying. He is none other than Viplav (Viplav is the prince of the Tripathi Kingdom)
Viplav(wipes his tears)- Who’s there?
Young girl- Viplav it’s me, Kamini.
(Kamini is a friend of Viplav. She loves Viplav but doesn’t has the courage to say him. But she is positive here)Viplav- Just go away from here. Leave me alone, please.
Kamini(has tears in her eyes as she knows the reason for his sadness)- Viplav I have come to say about Dhaani.
Hearing this Viplav rushes and opens the door.
Viplav (curiously)- is Dhaani come here? Where’s she?
Kamini- Viplav calm down. I know u r eager to meet her. But..Viplav (shouts)- But what Kamini?
Kamini – Calm down Viplav. If u will cry then who will support her? She needs u. Go and console her before its too late.
Viplav rushes out while Kamini sees him going and prays for him.
Viplav reaches Dhaani’s palace. He stares at the palace with tears in his eyes. A fb is shown…..
Dhaani and Viplav r sitting in a swing.Viplav- Time passes so fast na. Yesterday we were so small and today we have become so big.
Dhaani is lost in thoughts
Viplav (moves his hand in front of her face)- Dhaani….
Dhaani(comes out of her thoughts)- Yes Viplav what happened?
Viplav- What’s going in your mind?
Dhaani- nothing.
Viplav- If u r my friend then u have to tell. Don’t try to hide anything from me. Dhaani- Accha tell me u will ever leave my side?
Viplav- Dhaani what’s wrong with u? Why r u saying such things?
Dhaani- I had asked the question first. So answer me.
Viplav (keeps his hand on hers)- Never Dhaani. I will always be with u. Now tell me why such things r going around your mind?
Dhaani- Because after my parents only u r the one whom I trust. And if u break my trust then I will di..Before she could complete Viplav keeps his finger on her lips.
Viplav (with tears in his eyes) – Don’t dare to remove this word from your mouth.
Dhaani (removes his finger)- Accha now stop talking these heroic dialogue or this rajkumari will throw u out
Viplav- Ohoo see who is telling. Even I m Rajkumar Viplav Tripathi, samjhe ya samjhaaye?
Dhaani bursts out laughing.Dhaani (still laughing) – U and Rajkumar? Anyone will see u na they will wonder who made u Rajkumar.
Viplav – Wait I will not leave u
And he starts chasing her and Dhaani runs teasing him.
Fb ends.
Viplav (in tears)- Dhaani your rajkumar did not break your trust. Plz try to understand.
Just then Kamini’s words come in his mind, “go and console her before its too late.”Viplav wipes his tears and goes towards the door. He slowly opens the door. He steps inside. Just then a man comes there.(he is the servant)
Servant- Where r u coming?
Viplav- Kaka I m come to meet Dhaani. Let me go in her room.
Servant- But she has told me not to let u in.
Viplav- No I have to meet her. No one can stop me from meeting Dhaani.
After much argument the servant allows Viplav to meet Dhaani. Dhaani is in her room thinking about Viplav.
Viplav goes near Dhaani’s room. He takes a deep breath and knocks the door.
Dhaani- Who’s there.
Viplav (in another voice)- Choti malkin I, Ramu kaka?
Dhaani opens the door. She sees Viplav and gets shocked. She was about to close the door.
Viplav – Dhaani..Dhaani has tears in her eyes but she wipes it and goes to close the door but Viplav stops her.
Viplav (tears in his eyes)- Dhaani at least look at me.
Dhaani doesn’t answer but her tears shows all her sadness.
Viplav- Dhaani….
Dhaani (doesn’t look at him)- Don’t even dare to say my name.
Viplav- Dhaani plz… I know how ur feel..Dhaani (without looking at him, interrupts)- U don’t know anything Viplav, oh sorry u r Rajkumar Viplav Tripathi na, right?
Viplav – Dhaani u r not trying to under….
Dhaani (again interrupts)- Viplav leave me alone.
Viplav- Dhaani at least listen to me once.
Dhaani- What’s the use of listening? Everything is finished, Viplav.Viplav (holds her shoulder and makes her face him)- Look into my eyes Dhaani. Can’t u see the pain in my eyes?
Dhaani(shouts)- What about me Viplav? I have lost my parents, Viplav just because of u. U r the reason for my parents death, You Viplav.
Viplav was too hurt with these words of hers. He never expected these words from his best friend, his Dhaani.Dhaani- Why Viplav why? U have broken my trust Viplav.
Viplav kept silent. Tears rolled down his eyes
Dhaani- Answer me Viplav, why did u do this? Why?
Viplav had no words to answer. He kept silent.
Dhaani- U were my friend na but now u r nothing for me. I can forgive my enemy but not u Viplav.
Viplav was now fully shattered. Dhaani held his hand and dragged him out of the door which shocked Viplav. She just closed the door in anger and leaned to the door and cried. Viplav too sat there and started crying. Chandriya song plays……
The screen freezes on Vidha’s crying face.

Hope u all liked this episode. Now there r only two shots left. To know further keep reading?

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    Wow Louella it’s amazing!! Post the next one soon pls..

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  3. Waah re Louella? it was amazing??
    Viplav and dhani as king and queen, beautiful? poor dhani she lost her parents? and she thinks viplav has betrayed him, bechara viplav he was shattered.. this is a very interesting story.. waiting to read it further?

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    wow louella nice start cant wait to read the other two parts keep writing cutie pie love u dear

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  5. Super excited story Louella…. Keep writing….?? I love historical and royal family stories….?

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    Wow Louella amazing and interesting. Keep writing and waiting for next part…

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