Mere Sai 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Evil Plan Works, Villagers Refuse To Give Charity To Sai

Mere Sai 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni’s sister asks villagers if they want to bring storm in the village by doubting on her innocent brother and trusting that Bairagi. The villagers say that they will not believe him and requests Kulkarini to treat him. Kulkarni says I will treat him and asks them to bring him inside. He signs Anta. Anta asks everyone go out. Banta asks what to do? Anta asks if he dies. Kulkarni laughs. Banta says that snake poison was already taken out and the thing which is coming from his mouth is nothing but the affect of the medicine which was kept in snake’s mouth. He is actually sleeping. Kulkarni says snake has bitten him, but everyone’s heart will be poisoned against the bairagi. Anta and Banata announces to the villagers that if anyone gives charity to bairagi then he will become enemy of Kulkarni


Sai comes to everyone’s house and asks for charity, but nobody gives him money. One woman was giving him roti, but her son takes her inside, saying if anyone gives him charity then Kulkarni govt will punish him. Kulkarni’s goon says you must be hungry. Anta says I have kept food for you. Sai says whatever you gives me by prem and shraddha, I will have that. Anta smiles and picks up the sand asking him to take it. Sai forwards his pot to accept it. Bai Sa sees them insulting Sai. Banta says our plan is flopped.

Kulkarni’s son Keshav is reading his book. Kulkari praises him. He thinks today Bhairagi will know that it is difficult and impossible to impress the govt, people might be refusing to give him charity. Keshav asks what is Apple and what is Bat. Kulkarni asks him to learn it first. Keshav says this language is not easy. Kulkarni says whoever knows English will rule and tells that shashtri ji speaks English nicely and that’s why British praises her. Keshav asks why don’t British learn our language. Kulkarni says his memory is like his mum. He tells him that whoever doesn’t know English will be left hungry or will have to beg and people will kick such person. Keshav says Maa says that it is good to do charity and the needy people who don’t have home or kicked out of house shall be given food. Chivu starts acting and says your wife is making your son learn this thing. Kulkarni says this house is yours too and you can stay here.

Sai brings food for Bai Sa. He says I told you not to bring. Bai sa says when he called her Maa, how can he let him be hungry. Sai says I am your son, but Bairagi too. Anta and banta laugh asking him to have soil. Sai says a person is called sanyasan if he have food which he gets from charity. He says food or stone is same for bairagi. Goon holds the stone and laughs. Bai Sa asks him to sit and is giving him roti. She then thinks how to give. Sai says if you don’t give me then I can’t take anything from you again. Bai sa keeps chapati and vegetable curry in his pot. He mixes roti, curry and the sand and have it, says it is tasty. Bai sa cries. Just then goon Bheema throw stone on Sai’s head. Bai Sa is shocked. Sai gets injury and his head starts bleeding. Bai Sa tears his saree and ties on his forehead. She tells them that she will complain to Shastri ji. Sai asks her to let them go and says it is not their mistake. Bai says he forgave you, but I am not like him. She says if anyone raises his eye on Sai then she will not leave that person.

Kulkarni tells Bai Sa’s husband to finish the food which they have served him else he have to kick Sai out. Bai Sa comes home and sees her husband in bad condition.

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