Mere Sai 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhav Amazed With Sai’s Miracles

Mere Sai 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri goes to Sai and tells him that Anta and Banta didn’t let her go inside school and have broken her slate. She says now I can’t study. Sai says education is for everyone. He says you asks me always why did I call you Lakshmi, as you can change sadness into happiness. He asks her to have patience and says she will get slate and education too. Jhipri asks how? Sai asks her to sit and empties the mud pot. He says this is your slate. Jhipri says what is the use of this pot, I will not know what is taught in the school. Sai smiles. Madhav writes hindi alphabets on the board. Sai keeps his hand towards school.

Jhipri starts to hear Madhav’s voice. She thinks Sai is doing miracle. Sai signs her towards the wall and she sees hindi alphabets appearing on the wall. Madhav asks kids to write

now. Jhipri gets sad and thinks how to write. Sai gives her some white thing like chalk. Jhipri gets happy and takes it. She writes ka, kha….etc. Madhav looks at the students in the school. Jhipri writes and smiles. Madhav says I will read it now and you have to repeat it. Jhipri reads at Sai’s place. Sai smiles looking at her. Jhipri stops Tatya and keshav and says she knows what they have written in the school. Tatya asks how? Your slate was broken. Jhipri says she got the slate which can’t fit in bag, it is so big, Tatya laughs and asks her to tell what they have read in the school. Jhipri tells the hindi alphabets. Tatya and keshav are surprised. Tatya asks how do you know. Jhipri says I know everything.

Banta tells Anta that Kulkarni would have given him a chance to teach kids, but he hired Madhav for this. They come to Madhav’s school and see no kids. They think Madhav gave holiday to kids. They think to spy in Sai’s place. Sai asks a villager to teach him field work. He teaches him. Bai Sa gets happy and asks him to eat the food. Anta goes inside Sai’s place. Banta asks him to leave him. They are scared. Banta cleverly asks him to go inside. Anta asks him to go first. They go inside together and think the place is empty. They see the black board on the wall. Banta says it is Madhav’s hand writing. They think to inform Kulkarni.

Aayi acts seeing Bai Sa and Tatya coming home. Bai Sa says you was fine when I left home. Aayi asks her not to send Tatya to school from tomorrow and says she will talk to Appa. Bai Sa asks Tatya to go inside and asks Aayi to have water. Bai says I know you are angry as I came late, and asks for forgiveness. She says I will serve food and then will message your head. Aayi says she will not have food. Bai Sa says even she will go with her. Aayi says I will go to heaven and asks her to massage her head.

Madhav tells Kulkarni that he don’t know what is happening. Chivu says you have betrayed my brother and shook hands with that dhongi. Madhav says this is not truth, you have done a big favor on me by giving him a job. Kulkarni looks at Banta. Banta says he was letting Jhipri inside the school, but they stopped him. Chivu says Keshav told her about Jhipri saying him same thing that she read what was taught. Madhav says he is innocent. Kulkarni asks Madhav to find out who has written on that wall. He says he hates the betrayal people who stabs on his back. Madhav says he is innocent. Kulkarni asks him to find out.

Sai comes to villager’s house and asks for charity. A woman serves food in the plate. Her husband holds her and says he brought chain for her and asks her to wear it. She says Bhabhi will see and laugh. Villager asks her to wear it else he will be hurt. Sai is still standing out waiting for charity. Woman wears chain and shows to her husband. Her husband says now it has become precious. Sai asks for charity and goes when she don’t come out. She says he might be waiting for the charity and comes out. Sai refuses to take charity and tells about charity rules. Woman’s husband also asks her to take it. Sai says I will come again and goes.

Madhav tells his wife that why Anta and Banta will lie to Kulkarni. Bhama asks him not to worry. Madhav says if this is truth why Sai will do this. Bhama says you shall talk to Sai once. Madhav says even he was thinking same. He says if I talk to Kulkarni then will find some way. Bhama asks him to talk to him today itself. He goes to Sai’s place and sees hindi alphabets on the wall like he has written on the board. He thinks this is his handwriting and one of the alphabet is rubbed as he rubbed it. He says it is a miracle. Sai says it is not miracle, but strength of two wills.

Madhav says I haven’t understand. Sai says a guru have identified his shishya, but can’t accept her and the shishya who got Guru, but there is society wall between them. She says this is just a way to unite Guru and Shishya. Madhav asks you are talking about whom. Sai says when Guru comes in shishya’s life, flute is played, darkness goes etc. Madhav is surprised. Sai asks him to close his eyes and get answer. Madhav says if Guru can’t identify his shishya. Sai says then Guru is not following his dharma and tells about Guru’s duties towards his shisya. Om Sai plays…

Kulkarni asks Madhav to take Jhipri’s test to get her admission. Madhav tells Jhipri that he will ask her three questions. Jhipri smiles. Sai also smiles.

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