Mere Sai 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Bheeva And His Wife

Mere Sai 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishwanath comes to the market and thinks of Sai’s words. He hears a vendor calling the customers and praises his voice. Vendor asks really and tells that he wanted to become a singer, but joined this family business. He helps a woman select a saree and praises her. He meets Bheeva and praises his muscles. Sai smiles. Keshav tells Kulkarni that Sai made everyone go, and tells that he made his friends go also. Kulkarni makes him sit and asks him not to cry. He asks him not to have any expectations from them and says they are not from their class. He tells him that he will send him to London and there he will get to see more technology. He tells that the village boys are poor and doesn’t know about technology. He thinks Keshav is developing a dislike for Sai and coming in my influence. Vishwanath comes

to Sai and says I can’t believe that I talked to many people today, some of them got angry, but I didn’t leave hope. Sai asks him to continue practice like this.

Keshav gets the stone which Sai gifted him and thinks he used to love me so much, but now he made my friends go. He thinks Kulkarni is right and said right that he shall stay away from Sai. A woman comes to Sai and asks for help. Sai asks what is your problem. Woman tells that her husband is separated from them and tells that he said that he will stay with them once he earns much money. He says she don’t want her child to stay away from his father. Sai asks did you talk to him? Woman says yes and tells that he will listen to you as you got him mukti from Kulkarni.

Vishwanath buys perfume and thinks to give to Chivu and make her happy. He thinks Sai helped me, it is truth that he helps everyone.

Sai calls Bheeva. Bheeva tells that he is a laborer and earns less. He tells that he stays with his friend and tells that he is saving money so that he can buy a small hut for them. Sai says once you wanted to go to your wife and was ready to do anything and kill me also. He says I was very happy when you was freed from Das custom, but I am feeling sad seeing you as Das of money as it stopping you from meeting your wife. He says time is always right and asks him to understand how much he needs for their livelihood. He asks can you buy the time with the money you have and asks him to look at his child and says he is not yearning to come to you as he don’t know that he is your father. Bheeva cries and tells Sai that he doesn’t know what to do. He tells that he brought his family in Shirdi, but as there was no place, he sent them back. He says they have no place. Sai says if you have place for them in heart then place will be made.

Chivu is somewhere and says no need to come. She sees a wild animal coming towards her and gets scared.

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