Mere Sai 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Treats Sattu

Mere Sai 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suhasini’s brother in law comes to Kulkarni and ask if they can get Suhasini’s 100 acres of land. Kulkarni says nobody can save her, and says she will cry on my feet. They tell that they will give 25 acres to Kulkarni and thinks it is good to get everything. Aayi asks Suhasini to talk to them. Suhasini says matter is not about land, but about respect. She says if they had asked her then she would have given them, but they are against her wish when she wants to adopt Sattu. Sai tells Jhipri that he is going to make someone assure that he is not alone. Kulkarni calls mental asylum doctors to take Sattu. Tatya sees and informs Suhasini. Suhasini asks Sattu not to worry.

Kulkarni brings British policemen and doctors there. British asks who is he? Tatya says he can’t speak. Suhasini says he is

not mad and asks them not to come infront. She picks plough and says nobody can take him. Kulkarni says it seems she has gone mad, take her along with him. Suhasini tells that Sattu is her son and heir. Appa asks Suhasini to leave it. Sai comes there. Kaveri and other women come there.

Jhipri tells that Sattu is good at games and even his aim. Suhasini tells Sai that she felt surely that he is not an ordinary man and says she couldn’t forget his help. She says she left asking God to help her and says you are always helping me. Sai asks her to let the tears flow and says your son knows that these tears are of happiness. Suhasini forwards her pallu. Suhasini’s brother in laws asks Kulkarni why Suhasini fall on bairagi’s feet. Sai tells that the boy is here since few days and says he needs mother’s love and his treatment is love which he is getting and it is showing its effects. British man says we shall test his intelligence. Kulkarni says you are wasting our time. Suhasini says I won’t let my son do test.

Sai asks Suhasini to let him give test. British asks Madhav to test Sai. Madhav keeps less water on the pot and asks him to bring the water level on top without touching it. Suhasini’s brother in laws tell that he can’t do this. Sai asks Suhasini to give him strength and tell that he can do it. Kulkarni says he doesn’t know what to do. Suhasini asks Sattu to do it. Sattu looks at the pot. He goes inside the house. Kulkarni says he ran inside and asks why you are wasting our time. Sattu brings small pebbles. Anta says he might hit us with it. British man says lets see what he do. Sattu keeps it in the pot without touching the water. The water level comes up. Om Sai Plays…..

Banta says may be Madhav taught him about the thirsty crow. Sai says matter is that, if Madhav told him this story, then Sattu used it to the best of his knowledge. British man says he is not mad. Kulkarni and the british men leave from there. The villager kids lift him happily.. Suddenly Sattu faints and falls down. Suhasini asks Sai what happened to him. Sai says nothing has happened to him. He keeps is healing hand on his head. Om Sai Plays. Sattu gets up and calls Maa to Suhasini. Everyone is surprised to see Sattu speaking. Suhasini folds her hands infront of Sai. Sai says this is his second birth as your son and says salutes her and her love.

Suhasini takes him home and makes him wear Shankar’s locket. She asks Appa and Bayaza to make arrangements for Shankar’s shradh.

Mhalsapati does aarti of Khandoba while villagers are praying. A man stares a woman’s money bag and steals it. He gives gold bangles and money to Thief, who gives him something in return. Woman searches for her gold bangles. The thief is actually her own son and feels bad.

The Thief comes to Sai and asks for medicine. Sai gives him medicine and asks him to leave. The villager sitting there doubts on Sai’s behavior.

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