Mere Sai 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Creates Situation To Meet Blind Woman

Mere Sai 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai with Pari and Uddhav’s help corrects blind woman’s lamps. Jhipri excitedly says she can sell them in market now and share profit with blind woman. Sai gives moral gyaan that even in life, if one correct their behavior, their lives will be beautiful.

Madhav asks Bhama to take out lamp shade. She says she does not remember. Madhav brings lamp shad and says it is spoilt, he has to bring new one now. Sahdev says he will make new one. Sai enters and asks to teach him also and others. Madhav and Bhama greet him. Udhav asks to teach his friends also and insists. Sahdev agrees and accompanies him.

Blind woman eats bananas and throws them in front of temple unknowingly. A man falls down and yells at her. Other join him and yell. She apologizes them. They ask to clear garbage and get out. Woman then walks away after clearing garbage and cries that god mad her blind and she has to bear insult each day, it is better she dies. Sahdev teaches Sai and his team preparing lamp shade. Sai says for others, these bits of papers are grabage, but for Sahdev it is raw material for art piece. They all prepare lampshade and decide to make more and distribute in whole village. Sai says it is a good idea. Champa gifts lampsahde to neighbor. He gifts her money in return.

Sai then serves food to crow and ants says someone has lost her way and needs their help to find way. Cow flies away. Blind woman sits under tree. Crow flies near her and caws. Woman shoos him away saying even birds are troubling her. She then sits under another tree. Ants bite her. She walks away again saying even ants are troubling her. Tatya, Keshav and others distribute lamp shade in whole village and get money in return. Woman then goes and sits under banana plant and falls asleep. Sai waters plant in dwarkamayi and it reaches woman’s hand. Woman thinks how did this water come here. Sai smiles.

Precap: Aaji discusses this diwali looks like special. Sai says she is right, from today someone’s life will be filled with light. Blind woman meets Sai and her vision returns.

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