Mere Sai 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukmini Finds Inebriated Keshav

Mere Sai 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai mixes extra rice in pulao rice and says there won’t be extra salt after pulao is prepared. Abdul thinks Ranoji went near pulao utensil last, if he added extra salt, then thinks he is doubting Ranoji wrongly. Pari continues cracking jokes. Sai then walks to stove and asks Abdul to taste pulao now. Abdul tastes and excitedly says there is no excess salt now. They all enjoy pulao. Lakshmi says it is very tasty, she is having such a tasty pulao for the first time and says Abdul is serving Sai better than anyone. Ranoji says pulao’s taste depends on rice and he brought rice. Lakshmi says rice is fine, but taste depends on cook, Abdul cooked it very well. Ranoji gets jealous and thinks he will prove that nobody can serve Sai better than him. Sai hears it via telepathy and looks tensed.


nervously waits for Keshav to return. Kulkarni returns home and walks to Keshav’s room. Rukmini already fixed pillows and bedsheet in place of Keshav nervously says he is sleeping. Kulkarni says let him sleep and leaves. Rukmini leaves home searching Keshav. Abdul tells Sai that some pulao is left. Sai says it is someone’s share and asks him to go and give it to some disciple. Abdul leaves searching someone. Keshav walks towards home heavily inebriated and confused thinks which is his house. Abdul sees him and asks if he lost his route. Keshav shouts none on his business. Abdul asks if he is inebriated. Rukmini sees fireflies and follows them. She sees inebriated Keshav, runs to him and asks whaat happened to him. He collapses. She says her son had gone to take medicine and fell unconscious due to illness. Abdul says her son is inebriated. She does not believe. He makes her smell liquor bottle. She reminisces Keshav lying that he is having medicine and asking not to inform Kulknari about it. She gets tensed thinking how will Kulkarni react knowing about Keshav’s liquor habit.

Lakshmi prepares cow dung cake. Abdul asks its significance and insists to learn it. She jokes not to ask her to learn wrestling in return and teaches him preparing cow dung cake. Ranoji gets jealous seeing that and thinks Abdul is trying to impress everyone.

Sai goes to temple next morning. Priest Mhalsapati happily informs him that he had gone to meet Tulsa and got very happy seeing her happy. Rukmini enters and prays god that she wanted to give good morale to her son, but he went on wrong path, god should get him on right path. Mhalsapati gives Sai prasad to prepare. Rukmini says a happy father and obedient son in temple and wife thanking Sai for helping clear her son and husband’s differences and building their strong bonding. Sai says when child makes a mistake, parents should speak to them and correct their mistake instead of scolding them. Rukmini gets happy hearing that and in mind says thank you Sai. Sai smiles and says Allah Malik Hai..

Rukmini then returns home. Kulkarni says looks like she cried whole night. She says something went in her eyes during pooja. He stops her and asks if she is hiding something from him and warns if knows the punishment. Anta informs him that palanquin is ready. Kulkarni warns her to be ready with answer when he returns and leaves. Rukmini then walks to Keshav’s room and asks Keshav if he is fine. He says yes. She says he is ill as his medicine is his illness.

Sai walks towards home with Lakshmi asking if she saw Abdul. They see a man scolding sweet seller for not completing laddoo order and complains Sai. Sweet seller says he was ill and does not have servant to help. Man says he has his son’s birthday in the evening, where will he get 30 kg laddoos from. Sai asks to come to Dwarkamayi and take 30 kg laddoos.

Precap: Ranoji challenges Abdul to prove he can serve Sai better than him, else leave Shirdi. Abdul accepts challenge.

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