Mere Sai 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shastri ji tells Kulkarni that you sent a message to me that a murder happened here, and says you shall enquire everything before calling me and asks if you did her treatment or not. Kulkarni signs Moni’s father not to say anything. He says I thought Police will come. Shashtri ji tells that you are vaid and saving people is the first duty of a vaidy and says if British comes to know then you will lose. He apologizes to Sai and goes. Kulkarni looks angrily at Sai. Sai asks people never to forget that shraddha and saburi, sabka malik ek. Moni’s father tells his wife that he will go to jungle and get some wood. Moni’s friend come there whom Sai called Lakshmi, and she introduces her to her mum. Her mum gives her sweets. Jhipri/ Lakshmi takes it.

Banta tells Kulkarni that his Satta is in risk. Anta says people are innocent and will fall for Sai. Banta says British will dismiss you from Shirdi’s responsibilities. Kulkarni plays to make him devil. Jhipri gives laddoo to Sai and asks are you God? Sai says everyone of us are God, and that’s why I called you Lakshmi. He makes her have some laddoo. Anta and Banta hire a snake charmer and asks him to target Moni’s father.

Moni’s mum brings laddoos etc for Sai. Sai asks her to distribute it to needy and asks her to believe on God and believe that if any bad thing happens then it will be for food. Snake Charmer realizes the snake. It bites Moni’s father and he falls down unconscious. Anta and Banta ask men there to take him to Kulkarni. Kulkarni is making medicine to treat him. Rukmini asks if someone is coming? Kulkarni asks her to mind her work. Moni’s mum says they have seen may bad days, now they are sure that someone came to share their sorrows.

Anta and Banta bring Moni’s father to Kulkarni’s house and asks him to save him. Moni’s mum comes there and asks Kulkarni to save him. Kulkarni says I will do his treatment later, first they shall give prove that they are worried for Shirdi’s future, same as him. The people asks what to do. Kulkarni asks them to make Bhairagi leave the village else they all will be punished.

Sai asks everyone to give charity. Nobody gives him anything. Anta asks a man to beat him with stone. Bai Sa shouts Sai.

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