Mere Sai 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Witnesses Keshav Talking To Tiger

Mere Sai 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav meets Sai and tells that they were calling him mad and can’t see you. Boys look at them and sees Tiger instead of Sai. Sai says you calls me from your heart and that’s why I am visible to you. Rukmini asks Kulkarni why did Keshav’s school called him. Kulkarni says he doesn’t know. He goes there and talks to Guru ji. Guru ji tells him that your son is mentally unstable and goes to jungle to meet his friend Sai who is just visible to him only. Kulkarni is shocked and says I will make him understand. Keshav thinks why Rukmini haven’t come.

Rukmini comes to Bayaza’s house and tells that he is worried for Keshav. Suhasini says kids shall not be sent to boarding school. Tatya comes and tells her that Sai told that Keshav is fine. Rukmini says I shall meet Sai. Suhasini says I will

also come with you.

Kulkarni takes Keshav to Jungle and asks him to tell with whom he talk to. He asks him to call that person and says I am spending so much on your education so that you don’t trust on imposter Sai. He says I have spent half day to reach here and asks how can Sai come here, if he is God. Keshav tells that he is not lying and says Sai comes here and brings sweets and food for me.

Rukmini tells Sai that Keshav is not having strength like other kids. Sai says Keshav has strength and trust on God. Kulkarni asks Keshav to call Sai and says he wants to see if he is mentally unstable. Guru ji comes and says we shall ask him to call Sai. Kulkarni asks Keshav to call him.

Rukmini tells that she will send food and old clothes for Sattu. Suhasini says he is not beggar to wear someone’s old clothes. Sai says Sattu’s mum will take care of him. Sai asks Rukmini not to worry about Sattu and also about Keshav as Krishna ji is with him. Suhasini asks if Keshav is hungry in school, will God come and feed him or save him from trouble. Sai says Keshav can reply to you. Keshav calls Sai and asks him to come. Sai hears him and smiles sitting there. Keshav sees Sai coming towards him, but Kulkarni sees tiger approaching him and is shocked. He shouts Keshav and hides behind the tree. Keshav tells Sai that everyone wants to see you. Kulkarni asks Guru ji to bring his gun. Guru ji says tiger will not harm him. Keshav says if you don’t appear infront of him then they will make fun of me. Sai says your father punished you for keeping friendship with me once, and says don’t worry nothing will happen to you. Keshav smiles. Kulkarni is still in shock. Sai turns to go. Kulkarni relaxes.

Suhasini says I will reply to you, and tells about the wounds on her feet. She tells that she went to mountains temple on her knees, to get Shankar treated, but nothing happened. She asks if there is God then why did he do this with me. Jhipri comes and gives Banana to Sattu. Sai asks Suhasini to look at Sattu and says he is happy eating Banana, and didn’t ask why only me. He says look at Lakshmi, she didn’t think what to bring as she had nothing in her house, when she got a chance, she climbed the tree and plucked the fruit. He says when you was in trouble, you had questioned God, but when you got married in good house, did you ask him why only you. He says many people ask God to give them kids. Did you questioned God when he blessed you with a child.

He says truth is that you have everything, you have wealth, healthy heart and loving family, but you think you have nothing. Suhasini says do you want to say that I was not thankful to God and that’s why this has happened to me. Sai says God’s heart is not small and has immense love for everyone. Suhasini asks why did God made Sattu. Sai says God made you meet him as you have no child and Sattu has no mother.

Suhasini tells Sattu that she will comb his hairs. Suhasini decides to give Shankar’s toy to Sattu. Anta and Banta plan to keep Sattu in bag and throw in river.

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