Mere Sai 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranoji’s Jealousy Towards Abdul Increases Each Day

Mere Sai 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav craves for alcohol at night, then thinks of smoking cigarette. He fumes thinking Govinda took away his matchbox, then thinks at once place, there will be always fire. He walks to Dwarkamayi and sees Sai sleeping. He sees fire burning, picks cigarette and tries to light it, but fire increases. He treis repeatedly, but fire increases each time and burns cigarette. He then sees Sai standing and asks what he wants. Keshav asks will he get whatever he wants. Sai looking into his eyes says he will get whatever he wants provided he should know what he needs. Keshav unable to tolerate Sai’s gaze walks away.

Next morning, Ranoji’s customer reaches his home and asks why did not he get blankets, he had promised to deliver blankets in the morning. Ranoji thinks he did stitch blanket

at all because of Abdul, what will he do now. Customer asks if blankets are ready. Kaveri says yes and asks Ranoji to come inside for a moment.

Kulkarni’s friend with his son comes to meet Kulkarni and asks if he can guide him how to send his son to foreign for higher studies. Kulkarni starts boasting. Keshav walks in with crimpled clothes. Kulkarni scolds him silently to correct his clothes and greet his friend. Keshav greets friend Ratanlal. Kulkarni asks him to explain Ratanlal how difficult it is to study in foreign and how difficult it is to reach there. Keshav says yes, especially if son does not want to. Kulkarni boasts that his son is becoming Barrister and it is not so easy. He continues boasting that Keshav did not forget holy scriptures learnt in childhood. Ratanlal says it is very difficult, let it be. Kulkarni asks if he is challenging him and asks Keshav to chant verses he taught.

Ranoji and his wife sell blankets to customer. Customer happily pays them and leaves. Ranoji says they got so much money after such a long time. Kaveri says she had to stitch blankets alone, Sai told they have to serve him only after finishing their work, he never forces anyone to work for him leaving their own work. Ranoji says Sai does not tell, that does not mean they should not serve him. She asks him to get groceries from market and bring jaggery to prepare kheer/sweets for Sai. Ranoji thinks he will give something big to Sai, can get groceries any other time, he will prove nobody can serve Sai more than him.

Abdul washes utensil in Sai’s hut. Sai asks to stop. Abdul says chacha also used to say same. Sai asks if he is missing chacha. Abdul says he has always been with Chacha his life and is missing him. Ranoji walks in holding grocery bag and thinks nobody can serve Sai better than him. Sai tells Abdul nobody can serve him better than Abdul. Ranoji hears that and gets jealous, but calls Sai. Sai sees him with grocery bag, ignores, walks into his hut and asks Ranoji what did he bring. Ranoji says he earned well with Sai’s blessings, so he brought rice bag. Abdul asks to give it to him, he will keep it. Ranoji pushes him and says he will keep it. Abdul is shocked, ,but thinks he is thinking wrong. Sai asks Ranoji what will do with so much rice, only he and Abdul are here to eat. Ranoji pleads to accept it. Abdul says he knows what to do of this rice. Ranjoi jealously wtches him.

Keshav closing his eyes chants holy verses. Ratanlal and his son are shocked to hear that. Kulkarni laughs and asks Ratanlal if his doubt is cleared now, his son studies for hours and is very hard working, when he will become Barrister, nobody can stand in front of him. Ratanlal and his son leave afraid. Kulkarni laughs that nobody can compete with his son, only his son can be barrister in this whole village.

Abdul calls Lakshmi, Pari and other chldren and says he will prepare pulao for them. Ranoji gets jealous that he bought and lifted rice and brought it here, but Abdul is garnering praises. He mixes excessive salt in pulao and silently joins others. Pari tells lame joke and asks everyone to laugh. They laugh forcefully.

Keshav angrily throws things in his room. Rukmni asks what happened to him. He says baba brings someone everyday and forces him to speak about London and talks about becoming barrister, he is tired of this drama. Rukmini she knows he is worried about failing, but need not worry. She consoles and calms him down.

Abdul tastes pulao and says it has excessive salt, but he tasted it beforehand. Sai checks and asks Ranoji to bring some rice. He mixes rice in pulao and smiles..

Precap: Keshav falls down on floor heavily inebriated. Rukmini gets worried. Abdul checks and says it is liquor. Sai says Keshav has lost his way and to bring him back on track, his mother’s heart should go through pain.

Update Credit to: MA

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