Mere Sai 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai Treats Moni Miraculously

Mere Sai 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni does puja. Moni’s mum tells that she is not gaining consciousness and asks her husband to seeks Sarkaar/Kulkarni’s help to get medical help for her. He says Kulkarni will not help us. She gives her bangles and asks him to give to Kulkarni. Bai Sa gets tensed. Kulkarni thinks Shashtri might come with the police and thinks he will get more popular etc. Moni’s father come there and pleads infront of him asking him to save his daughter. He shows the bangle to him and asks him to take it and save Moni. Kulkarni kicks him and makes him falls down. He says do you understand justice or not and says I can’t touch her as if she is not treated by my treatment then police will arrest me too. Moni’s father cries badly and goes. Bai sa comes to Sai and asks did you have anything. Sai says I am fine.

Bai sa scolds Kulkarni’s men to keep him tied hungry and thirsty. Sai asks her to go home. Bai Sa tries to give her water, but they stop her. Bai says I will make him drink water and will feed him food too. She makes him drink water. Man asks why she is supporting him who pelted stone on Moni. Bai Sa says Moni will be fine. Bai says she is critical and tells that Moni’s father went to Kulkarni to get medicine, but he will not help. Shashtri comes with Police and asks who is killed? Anta says murder. Kulkarni tells him that Bhairagi hit a girl with a stone and also misbehaved with me.

Shashtri says you are doing good for british and that’s why they want to make you head of five villages. Kulkarni gets happy and says lets go to that guilty person.

Moni’s father returns home. Someone informs them that Shashtri ji came. Shashtri ji sits on the chair. Bai Sa husband Appa ji also comes. Shashtri ji says so he is the accused. Kulkarni says he is criminal to have killed a girl. Shashtri asks do you accept your crime. Sai says I had thrown stone on that girl and my aim was right too, I wanted to hit her on that spot. Kulkarni says he is not having any repentance. People gossips that he has accepted his crime. Kulkarni says he shall be dragged in Shirdi.

Shashtri asks where is that girl’s parents. Kulkarni says they might be doing arrangements for her last rites and tells that she was mentally unstable and couldn’t speak. He says his eyes will have blood tears if Bhairagi is not punished. Sai smiles. Moni’s parents bring her to Shashtri and asks him to give strict punishment to him. Shashtri asks Police to arrest him. Kulkarni laughs. Sai looks at Moni and asks her to wake up, and says time has come to wake up, until when you will sleep. Sai plays….

Moni gains consciousness and gets fine. Om Sai plays….Kulkarni and Shastri are shocked, and so is others. Moni’s parents get happy. Moni calls Maa to her Maa. Her father gets happy and hugs her, saying my daughter started talking now. Bai Sa tells Moni’s parents that there must be a reason behind Sai’s doing. Moni’s father says Sai treated my daughter. Moni’s mum apologizes to him and says my daughter got her memory back because of you. Sai says Allah malik. Shashtri asks Police (british rule constable) to leave him.

A snake bites a man. His wife asks Kulkarni to treat him. Kulkarni asks people of the village to force Sai to leave Shirdi.

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