Mere Sai 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari Returns as Martand

Mere Sai 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai consoles Mhalsapati and Parvati that Malhari lived a peaceful life and left the world. Parvati says she cannot forget her son. Sai says Malhari will return after 1 year. Parvati excitedly asks if her son will return. Sai shows them red flower bud and it glows and blossoms. He asks them to extend their hands and gives it to them. He chants Allah Malik.

After 1 year, whole village gathers at Mhalsapati’s house to greet newborn baby. Jhipri says she is eager to see a boy. Mhalsapati and Parvati enter with baby and keep him in cradle. Everyone smilingly watch at baby. Champa says he looks like Malhari. Mhalsapati says yes, Malhari has returned in different form and asks Sai to name baby as he wants Sai’s blessings on baby always. Sai names baby as Martand.

A man with

his wife brings his ailing son to Sai and yells at his wife that she does not take care of son well and must have fed him something wrong. She says she fed only khichdi and Dahi. Boy writhes in pain. Sai feeds medicine to boy and says he will be fine, suggests mother not to feed boy full, else he will feel indigestion. Man yells at wife that she overfeeds son and does not prepare nutritious food for him. Sai asks what does he do. He says he works at grocery shop, but his wife does not work and just does household chores. Sai asks when does his wife wake up. Man says before sunrise, but he wakes up after sunrise. Sai continues questioning man, man continues complaining about wife and insulting her. Sai asks man to prove he works hard and his wife just enjoys by cooking something good while his wife seels lamps in market. Man and his wife agrees. Wife leaves with lamp while man tries to prepare food and his wife sells all lamps by evening sitting in market. Man gets tired preparing food and burns food. Wife returns happily saying she sold all lamps. Sai says man he got tired preparing food while his wife sold lamps easily. He gives moral gyaan that only earning money is not work, wherever effort is needed is a work, his wife takes care of house so that he can go and work in shop, he should be thankful to his wife instead, she is equally responsible in his progress, they both should help each other and share their work; his wife sacrificed her pottery profession for him, he should respect her. Man apologizes Sai. Sai asks to apologize his wife. Man apologizes wife. Wife thanks Sai that on whoever his blessings fall on their life changes for good.

At school, teacher teaches maths to Pari and her friends. They look confused. Pari requests teacher to let them off, they will learn during their diwali holidays. Teacher agrees and lets them off. Teacher’s FIL and BIL come to meet them. He and his family happily greet them in and asks if everything is alright. Father says nothing is alright, he wants to meet Sai regarding his son Sahdev. They reach Sai. Father complains Sai that he is a poojari, but takes care of family’s needs. He taught when his son will grow, he can be tension-free, but his son is always busy looking into his bag and does not do any work. Daughter says Sahdev is very small. Father says Sahdev’s life is in this bag which is full of dirt. He ifts bag and shows decorate items. Sai picks item and says it is very beautiful, Sahdev is artist. Father says how will Sahdev feed his family, who willy marry him. He requests Sai to solve his problem. Sai suggests him to send his son away for some days if he wants his son to become competent. Father asks what. Sai suggests to leave Sahdev in Shirdi and return to his village, let Sahdev decide what he wants to become. Daughter backs Sai. Man agrees. Sai says Sahdev can come to Dwarkamayi anytime. Father asks to order him, else he will not come. Sai says everyone learns in their own pace.

Man returns with daughter and giving her diwali gift asks why did Sai give unusual solution. Daughter says Sai’s ideas are unique, but work. Father continues yelling not to treat her brother as guest and let him work hard. Daughter touches his feet, and he leaves. She suggests Sahdev to go to Sai. Sahdev asks to leave him alone and leaves. Sister thinks how to send him to Sai. Sai in Dwarkamayi watches that and smiles.

Precap: A woman tries to sell lamps in market. Jhipri suggests customers to buy lamps from that women. Women yell why don’t she herself buy lamps. Sai notices at dwarkamayi.

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