Mere Sai 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratnakar Decide To Initiate Religious Fight

Mere Sai 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar sees Sultan praying Namaz while Hari is standing. He thinks I never thought of religion war before in Shirdi. Kulkarni is angry. Ratnakar asks him to have patience and tells that his father used to say that he has to be ready with two options, but never lose. Kulkarni makes an excuse. Keshav comes to play with the villager kids. One of the boy gives ladoo to him. Jhipri asks Keshav what are the things which he got in Adhik Maas. Keshav gets sad and tells that he has no Mama or Nana. Friend tells that everyone have some relatives. Sai comes and says it is not necessary that everyone have relatives. Keshav smiles, but then recalls Kulkarni’s torturing his mum. Rukmini takes off the gift from her cupboard and cries thinking about her brother. She recalls telling him that they will be together in the

festival and will give gift to each other. Rukmini thinks Chivu taunting her taking her brother’s name. She thinks she misses him, although she can’t meet him.

Ratnakar asks Nand lal who are they? Nand Lal says they are Sultan and Hari Bhao. Ratnakar asks him to meet them separating and tell that I want to meet them. Saam Daam Dant Bhed…Sai tells them that whoever we connect with is our family. He says I have no relatives, but you kids and all Shirdi are my family. He says some people have their relatives, but they couldn’t meet for years, and that doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other. He says such people have memories or thing seeing which they remember their relatives. Keshav looks on.

Sai asks Jhipri and others to give gift to the person who didn’t get any gift on Adhik Maas. Jhipri says Sai, I will come in sometime. Sai song plays. Nand Lal takes Sultan to Ratnakar. Ratnakar says I have examined all farms and came to know that your farm is best among others. He says I will buy all your grains which you had grown last years. He says he don’t want to buy from Bombay now. Sultan gets happy. Ratnakar acts good and says he has understood Sai’s Mahima and want to do something for Shirdi’s betterment, so that it can become stable. He asks will you sell grains to me? Sultan says ok. Ratnakar asks Nand lal to give him money and asks Sultan not to tell anyone. He smiles.

Jhipri gives lemon water to Sai.. Others also give him gift. Sai thanks all kids and says you have made this Adhik Maas special for me. Jhipri asks if you will not give gift to anyone. Sai says I will give someone. Ratnakar tells Sultan if he don’t buy others’ grains then they will feel bad and fight will start. Sultan says ok and says I will send you grains. Sai keeps black stone in his hand and rubs it. Om sai plays. Everyone see white marble in his hand and gets surprised.

Sai says I will make it swirls and it will belong to that child where it stops. Stone falls near Keshav.

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