Mere Sai 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suhasini Hears Flute Sound In Dwarka Maai

Mere Sai 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bayaza wakes up and finds Suhasini missing from her room. She wakes up Appa and tells that Suhasini is not in the house. She sees reflection falling on her. Sai asks if you are searching your son. Suhasini says how did I come here? Sai says it was destined. Suhasini challenges him to bring her Shankar back. Sai says this miracle can be done by you. Suhasini says it is all waste. She says she lost her husband when Shankar was just 2 years old. She brought Shankar and kept fast even for him, but she lost him. She asks if my karma was bad that this happen. She asks what do you distribute to people sitting here. Sai says love and hope. He says birth and death is not in anyone’s hand, but if life have love and hope then it looks good.. Suhasini says it is just illusion.

Sai asks her to look at Sattu

and says he is smiling in sleep, as he has sand toy with him. He says he is happy as he is living in present, and is not bothered about tomorrow. Suhasini asks Sai why she can’t see her son and asks where is he? She says can you show me? She asks you called this place as Dwarka Maai, did anyone see Krishna here or heard his flute sound. Sai asks her to hear the flute sound of Krishna ji keeping her ear at any place.

Suhasini couldn’t hear the sound and says I can’t hear anything. She says I challenge that nobody heard it. She says either they lie to you or say being afraid.

She sees Sattu about to fall down and hold him. She scolds Sai for keeping Diya near Sattu and for not covering him with blanket. Sai smiles and tells her that kids have taken care of boy. Suhasini asks him to ask his bhakt to take up his responsibility if not capable. Sai asks her to check for flute sound again. Suhasini says last time and keeps her ears on the pillar. She hears flute sound and gets surprised. She hears flute sound from everywhere and is astonished. Bayaza and Appa are searching her. Suhasini says this is your Maya jaal and asks what is it? She asks why didn’t I listen it first. Sai says when you ran to Sattu to protect him, then your love and care hidden in your heart were freed. Suhasini says she has no love or feelings for anyone.

Sai says if you have no feelings then you wouldn’t have been alive. Suhasini gets teary eyes and feels the flute. Sai asks her to open her eyes and accept the God who wants to give her something. Bayaza and Appa reach there. Suhasini feels flute sound continuously. Sai says you are welcome again in this world of love and wish. Om Sai plays.

Boys talk that Keshav went again to Jungle..They think who is his friend, one day that tiger will kill him. They see Keshav coming back and talking to Sai, but they don’t see Sai and think he is mad.

Suhasini thinks about Sai’s words. Bayaza tells her that she is going to Kaveri’s house and asks her to come. Boys tell Guru ji that Keshav is mad and made imaginary friend. Keshav tells him that Sai is his real friend. Guru ji asks him to do as he said. Sattu sees Anta having butter from the pot, while Sai asks for charity near by. Banta comes to Anta and asks him to come and see something. Anta goes. When he returns, he sees Sattu having butter and holds him. Bayaza asks Suhasini what happened last night. Sai comes there. Suhasini asks him about Sattu. Suhasini gets worried and says I will search him. Anta ties Sattu to the stick and is about to beat him, but Suhasini saves him. Anta runs and hides. Sattu smiles. Suhasini says boy got marks on his hand due to rope and says he might be feeling pain. Bayaza says he is smiling. Sai says whatever he is feeling is beautiful, and his pain because reason to smile. Suhasini and Bayaza leave.

Suhasini asks Sai why did God give birth to this boy. Sai says he made Sattu meet you, as he has no mother and you have no child. Suhasini looks at Sattu.

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