Mere Sai 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Ends Villagers’ Greedy Fight

Mere Sai 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

All villagers gather at Sai’s place. Sultan comes and asks if there is some special reason to call us here. Sai says I will tell soon and asks Chandu to help him to keep the net on the ground. He then puts the grains on the net. A crow comes and eats the grains. Others crow follows and gets trapped in a net. All villager tells that they are trapped and can’t fly now. The crows fly altogether with net and free themselves. Sai says they got united and solved their problem. He asks why we don’t want to help each other and think that we shall not be benefitted. He says we forgot that our relative, neighbor are the ones who help us. He asks if the money is necessary? He tells Sultan that he can make a big house, but he will not be happy. He asks Chandu what is the use of the money if he doesn’t have his

friends to share his happiness with. He asks them to share their wishes. Chandu, Sultan etc tell him. Sai says only one of your dream will be fulfilled in this competition and says everyone’s dream gets fulfilled if they are united. Then everyone will get prize money and then they can develop Shirdi.

Sai says when we think about other’s problems then our own problems are solved. Villagers agree. Chandu apologizes to his friends and they hug. Sultan apologizes to Saleem. Saleem says I never lied to you and says don’t know why you misunderstood me. He says after meeting you last, Gangaram ji’s wife bought 20 blankets, so how would I tell you before. Sultan’s wife says this is happening because of her. She tells that she heard that Rehana gave work to many women and I thought your business is going on well, and returned from there. Bayaza says if you had stayed then would have known that Rehana said that business is not good. Sultan thanks Sai for uniting them. Bayaza tells Sai that he is Shirdi’s life and they are lifeless without him. Reham Nazar Sai plays.

Anta and Banta play with Keshav. Kulkarni comes there and says you both have become kids while playing with Keshav. Anta says Keshav wants to play. Kulkarni says I kept you for handling Keshav. They ask really? Kulkarni scolds them.

Sai sees farmers working in their fields. Hari comes to Sultan and tells that they will start with his farm. Sultan says he will call Saleem first. Rukmini asks if Keshav can go out and play? Kulkarni agrees.

They come to the field and see everyone working and thinks they got their own bad sight. Ratnakar thinks Sai can’t ruin my plan. Kulkarni plans to hire them to work in his field. Appa says you can go if you want? But nobody wants to go and refuse. Kulkarni gets shocked.

Precap: Ratnakar sees Sultan and Hari in the farm, and thinks of making them fight. He thinks to make all religion fight with him.

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