Mere Sai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Men Search For Sai

Mere Sai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni’s son Keshav is studying. Kulkarni says you are a coward just like your mum. He says that beggar tried to attack me, the govt. Rukmini comes and asks him to forgive him. Kulkarni asks her why do you force me to insult you again and again and tells that this house is not dharmshala that it can accommodate anybody. Just thn Kulkarni’s sister comes there and cries hearing dharmshala word. She tells that my brother is changed now, now where did this sister go. She says I will die by jumping in the well. Kulkarni says I told you many times not to act standing on the door. His sister tells that she is suffering and knows the best. She hugs Keshav and tells that his Bua is alone. She acts and breaks her head on the wall. Kulkarni tells her that his house is hers also and she can stay there, but

don’t ask me to talk to them. She asks him to promise and tell him if he thinks she is a burden to him. He says ok. She asks Rukmini to serve her food with ghee so that she can feel good. Kulkarni laughs and says hari om.

Kulkarni’s men are searching for the Saint and asks the bullock cart rider if he saw any Saint. He says just now he went from there. They get down the cart, puts blanket on Sai and takes him.

Kulkarni is waiting at his house. His men bring Sai there while his face is covered with black cloth. Kulkarni aims gun at his face and tells that how dare you to give magical flower to my wife. Rukmini sees his face and tells that the Saint is someone else. Kulkarni asks her not to lie. Rukmini says Anta and Banta have brought someone else. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to bring the right saint and let that other Saint go. He announces to give gold. Anta and Banta tell that they will search in everyone’s house for the bairagi. They break the things in the people’s house inorder to search him. They get tired after searching full day. Banta says he might be in other side of village. They See Sai sitting somewhere and thinks to inform Kulkarni.

Sai calls someone as Veer Bhadra and asks how come you are here today. Anta and Banta are shocked to see him holding the snake. Sai talks to Snake. Anta and Banta think to inform Kulkarni. They run from there. Kulkarni is doing aarti in the temple. Anta and Banta comes there running. Banta says Sarkaar. Kulkarni aks why did you hinder in the aarti. Anta says we have searched him. He is hiding in the khandar and was holding snake and talking to it. Banta says he came here to fulfill a big mission. Kulkarni asks people not to worry and says he is freed from moh and maya and wears dharam’s kawach. He says that bairagi is unaware that he put the hand in the tiger’s den. Sai tells about the proverb and says if nobody can become pandit if he don’t have love in his heart.

Kulkari asks Sai who is he? Sai smiles, lifts stone and throws.

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