Mere Sai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhav Surprised With Sai’s Miracles

Mere Sai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni tells Madhav to think that he is doing this for British and not for him. He gives him something and says you will not get sleep with this. Madhav says I don’t need this and says if that Sai is a dacoit, krantikari, etc then he will expose him. Later Bhama says he looks innocent. Madhav says he has to keep an eye on him as Kulkarni asked. He comes out and sees Sai sweeping the floor, then he sees Sai resting on the swing. He is shocked and tells Bhama that just now he was sweeping the floor. Sai plays……Madhav tells Bhama that he was on ground sometime back. Bhama asks him to sleep. Madhav hears the flute sound and wonders from where it is coming. Sai looks at him and sleeps.

Rukmini asks Narmada where is pooja flower. Narmada says she didn’t get it. Rukmini says what Kulkarni

will do if he don’t find flowers. She says she will bring it and comes out of house. She thinks where she will get flowers. She sees Sai and he asks her to take flowers. She says she needs red flowers. Sai says God sees Shraddha and not color of the flower. Rukmini takes the white flowers and goes. Banta and Anta see her.

Chivu calls Rukmini. Rukmini comes home. Chivu says she is hungry. Rukmini says she will make food once pooja is done.. Anta and Banta come there and tells Chivu about flowers. She looks on. Kulkarni does puja. Rukmini brings flowers. Kulkarni scolds her and says they keep red flowers and not white. Rukmini says God sees bhakt’s shraddha and not color of the flower. Banta says same thing is told bu Bairagi. Anta says we shall tell sarkaar. Chivu stops them. Kulkarni keeps the flowers in Puja aarti plate.. Chivu thinks when Kulkarni hears the full story, what he will do with Rukmini.

Kashiram comes to Sai. Sai says he felt good seeing him fine. Kashi’s wife thanks him. Kashiram says he is starting clothes business again and asks for his blessings. Chivu appreciates Anta and Banta and asks them to have sweets. Madhav comes to Kulkarni’s house. Chivu gives him laddo and asks why did he come? Madhav says he came to talk to Kulkarni about Sai. Chivu smiles. Kashiram asks Sai to accept the clothes. Sai says you wants to change my clothes. Kashiram gives example and says you are also God to us. Sai says he will accept it as it have their love. Kashiram asks how do he sleeps on the swing so up. Sai says he sleeps there.

Madhav tells Kulkarni whatever happened last night and says then he heard the peaceful flute sound which was relieving and soothful to hear. Kulkarni talks to his sweet and says now everything depends on you. Madhav says dharm will win. Kulkarni smirks. Anta and Banta gets jealous seeing Kulkarni praising Madhav. Banta tells that they shall keep an eye on Sai and will give info to sarkaar first. They pull each other cheeks happily.

Chivu asks Kulkarni to increase his speed and tells that Sai has reached your home. Kulkarni asks her to tell clearly. Chivu tells Sai’s words. Kulkarni says Rukmini said this. Chivu says Sai said this while giving flowers to Rukmini in the morning. Kulkarni is shocked and looks at his hand. Chivu says if I was on your place then I would have been more worried. Kulkarni says you did wrong. Kashiram asks Sai to tell if he needs something. Sai asks them to take care of plants, animals etc. kashiram says ok and goes. Madhav hears them and thinks about Kulkarni’s words. Om Sai plays……

Madhav sees Sai seated at his place and a divine light behind him.

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