Mere Sai 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mhalsapati’s Daughter Alliance Gets Fixed

Mere Sai 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mhalsapati is pressurized to do wrong and thinks about dowry demand and his wife’s words. He walks towards the police station holding the gun powder. Sai comes infront of him, smiles and says you are in hurry, be careful while handling precious thing. Mhalsapati asks how do you know? Sai says you kept it close to your chest. Mhalsapati apologizes and goes. Sai says one needs to keep heart carefully. Mhalsapati comes to Police station. Yamuna comes back home and asks for mhalsapati. Her Aayi says that he didn’t come. Mhalsapati returns home. His wife asks what Kulkarni said? A villager informs Mhalsapati that few people are coming to his house. Mhalsapati gets tensed. Constables runs passes Sai and catches a man. Sai says nothing is big than karma. The man who took shelter in Mhalsapati house last

night comes to his house with his family. Mhalsapati recognizes him.

Yamuna comes and says food is ready. She asks him why he went so early in the morning. Man apologizes to Mhalsapati and says he was eager to go back home and tell his family about Yamuna. He tells that he forgot the way and came here, it was because of his prayers. He introduces his son and says he has good qualities. He says he wants sanskari girl and got convinced meeting Yamuna that she is a good girl. He asks Yamuna for her son. Mhalsapati says but dowry? Man says we don’t want dowry, you just do favour on us by agreeing for this marriage. Mhalsapati recalls Sai’s words and tries to touch man’s feet. He asks him to hug him. Man’s wife blesses Yamuna.

Jhipri comes to Sai and thinks he is sleeping peacefully, but this sunrays falling on him. She tries to cover the sunrays with her hand, but still sun rays fall on him. She thinks she is trying to cover Sai’s face from sunlight, but this sunrays are strange. She asks Sai if he is doing this and asks if sun is your friend. Sai says it is everyone’s friend. Jhipri says but I have no friend. She says I came to play with you, but you are resting, I will go. Sai says I will play with you and asks her to count the marbles balls. Jhipri says she can’t count beyond 6. Sai motivates her to study and says education is a big strength.

Man’s wife praises Yamuna and says they will come in 2-3 days with shagun. Bai Sa comes there happily and congratulates Mhalsapati’s wife. She asks them to do shagun and stay in Shirdi. She asks where is Mhalsapati? Yamuna says he went for some urgent work. Bai Sa thinks what is this urgent work. Mhalsapati comes to Kulkarni and returns the gun powder. Kulkarni gets furious and asks what did you do? Mhalsapati says at once I was pressurized by you, but…. A fb is shown, he hears two women speaking about Sai and praising him for his care. Mhalsapati says he saw Mad Jeeva who is now fine. He says Mauni, who was going with her father. He says you said right that I wants Shirdi’s betterment and I love it, that’s why I couldn’t give this gun powder in police station as Sai will make Shirdi’s future better. Kulkarni says your daughters will remain unmarried. Mhalsapati says he can’t ruin Shirdi’s future because of his daughters. He tells that he wants to take a stand against dowry system. While he is leaving, Kulkarni stops him.

Sai tells a man Nana Saheb that soon his house will have kids soon. Nana Saheb gets happy. Kulkarni tells Chivu that he will lay the trap and says he will start the school. Sai comes and says soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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