Mere Sai 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Tries To Trap Sai Through Mhalsapati

Mere Sai 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamuna makes food and makes the hungry man have it. Sai smiles. In the morning, Yamuna calls Mhalsapati and asks where is that man? Mhalsapati says he must have left. His wife taunts him and asks him to learn worldly things. She says Sai has nobody, but you have three daughters. She says Kulkarni is their last hope and asks him to go and get 100 tolas of gold from him. Mhalsapati is tensed.

Madhav apologizes to Kulkarni for coming without informing him and says he came insearch of job and requests him to tell him if there is any work for him. Kulkarni ignores him. Rukmini comes and tells Kulkarni that madhav is his relative only and says if you want, then he will get a job. Kulkarni says you want to teach me, what to do. Mhalsapati is going to Kulkarni’s house. Appa calls him, but he don’t

talk to him and goes.

Appa tells Bai Sa that don’t know if yamuna’s alliance will be fixed or not. Bai Sa tells that she is against this dowry system, it is a disease and we shall oppose it. Appa promises her that he will not take dowry in Tatya’s marriage and says he will say Sai’s words. Aayi gets angry and asks if they will follow Sai at home too. She says why you wants to change the custom and become enemy of the custom. She says even Bai Sa came here by giving dowry and asks if she is not happy. Bai Sa says she don’t know what she brought in dowry and says her happiness is with her husband, son and you and talks against dowry.

Sai asks for charity. Villager gives him charity and tells that he is facing troubles since few days. Sai tells him that he shall be happy that troubles are not in his life before and asks him not to get tensed. Villager asks why did God make sadness. Sai asks him to take the trouble times as a test.

Kulkarni tells Mhalsapati that his daughter will be happy. Mhalsapati says they are asking dowry, 100 tolas of gold and says he has nothing to mortgaged. Kulkarni says I can’t ask Khandoba’s pujari to keep something mortgaged, and says it is a matter of happiness for him. He says I will bring 100 tolas now. Mhalsapati looks on. Kulkarni goes inside and smirks.

Osman and his son come to Sai and read other villagers’ problem. Sai asks if you don’t have vaid in your village. Osman says no, and says if some vaid is there, but they don’t treat poor. Sai says go and tell your villagers that everyone will get treated in Shirdi. Om Sai Om Plays…….

Kulkarni brings 100 tolas gold, but before Mhalsapati can touch it, he stops him and asks if you are asking help from Kulkarni sahukar or Kulkarni sarkar, and says he is raja, rakshak etc. He asks him to reply. Mhalsapati says I came to ask Kulkarni sarkaar. Kulkarni asks him to go and get Yamuna married grandly. He gives him gun powder and says he needs people’s support. Mhalsapati is shocked and asks what I will do with this. Kulkarni asks him to go to Police station and tell that it is given to you by Bairagya. Mhalsapati says this is not truth. Kulkarni asks him to help him and says your help is needed for Shirdi’s betterment. He asks him to do the work and take the gold later on as Prize. Mhalsapati is shocked.

Sai sees Mhalsapati and asks him to be careful. Police comes to arrest Sai. They search Sai’s place for the gun powder.

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