Mere Sai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Return Is A Threat For Kulkarni

Mere Sai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bai Saa searches for Sai with her husband and Pandit ji so that they can alert him. Kulkarni’s wife Rukmini hesitantly tells him that today you have burnt someone’s hand and punished him, and says she don’t want anyone to curse him. Kulkarni scolds her for using her mind and tells her that her work is limited to kitchen only and she is not allowed in interfere in his work. He bluntly asks her to go inside and serve food to him. Kulkarni asks Rukmini to move from there as she is having wound on her feet, till he finishes food and taunts her for having bad values. Rukmini asks Kulkarni’s men to have food too. Sai asks the people to give him money and goes to many houses. Kulkarni tells her that he will not get up until he finishes food and asks her to ask the person to wait whoever comes to his

house. Sai comes to Kulkarni’s house and asks Rukmini to give him charity. Bai sa says I asked him not to go, where did he go? Kulkarni asks her to make that beggar leave. She gives him food and he gives her flower in returns, and tells that Kulkarni’s ego will break and he will soon realize your worth.

Bai Sa wonders that if Kulkarni see Sai then he will understand that he is Bal Yogi. Kulkarni asks Rukmini to give water and calls her. Rukmini comes inside and says she will bring. Kulkarni sees flower in her hand and throws it on floor and is about to smash it when it catches fire and he stops himself. He asks his men to catch the bairagi baba.

Everyone is still searching for Sai. Kulkarni’s men also search for him. Pandit ji says we shall return now as he is not there. Bai sa says she is worried about Sai. Her husband says they shall go home and check. Sai brings the things which he got as charity and feeds to cows and goats. Kulkarni’s men search for him and get the clue. Some kids are playing. Little girl is about to touch the pebble, but the boys stop her and asks her to sit. Her friend come to play with her. They were playing, suddenly the second girl falls. Sai holds her. Jhipri says everyone calls me Jhipri and he is Moni, as she forgets the thing. Sai says she will be her best friend. Jhipri plays with her and names her Lakshmi. Sai walks a little. Jhipri says don’t know when will Moni speak. She tries to get mangoes from the tree. Sai makes the tree bend down so that she can get mangoes and smile.

Kulkarni’s goons bring someone to him. Kulkarni is about to shoot him.

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