Mere Sai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Mhalsapati And His Wife Thanks Sai

Mere Sai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai comes to Kulkarni and says it will be best if you get such dreams daily for Shirdi. He says Kulkarni sarkaar ki Jai. Villagers also say jai. Sai gifts a pot for the kids of the school. Kulkarni doesn’t take it. Sai keeps it on ground by himself and says Allah Malik. Kulkarni says hari om and calls Madhav. He says Madhav is educated and will teach the kids. Madhav asks the villagers to get their children admit in the school and meet him if there is any questions. Jhipri says I want to get admitted in the school. Jhipri’s mum tells that nobody wants to talk to them as they are different. Jhipri asks why? Kulkarni says this is your school and home too. Madhav and his wife get happy. He says I thought you are angry on me, but you have done a big favor on me and handover a great work. Kulkarni says

this is a job, real work is something else. Madhav gets tensed. Kulkarni says he will tell on his return.

Bai Sa is sweeping the floor. Aayi comes and asks her to have Prasad. She asks her to open her mouth and feed Prasad in her mouth. Bai Sa is amazed. Aayi tells that everyone in the temple were talking about Kulkarni and tells that he has opened a school in the village, we shall support her. Bai sa says it is a good thing, she says she was never against Kulkarni and asks her to get ready to go to Mhalsapati’s house for shagun. Aayi asks her to leave supporting Sai so that Kulkarni don’t think them as his enemy. Bai Sa says Sai is her son. Aayi gets upset. Appa comes and asks them to get ready. Bai Sa goes to get ready.

Mhalsapati makes arrangements for sakarpura. All guests and grooms’ family are already present there. Groom sits for Sakarpura. Yamuna’s mum asks groom to keep his feet in bowl. He is hesitant. Yamuna’s mum says it is a ritual and washes his feet with water and wipes it with cloth. Pandit asks groom’s parents to do some ritual.

Bai Sa brings Yamuna. Yamuna sits beside the groom. Groom’s mum does the rituals and makes her wear bangles. Mhalsapati’s wife gives shagun to groom. Everyone smiles. After sakarpura, Mhalsapati and groom’s father hug each other. Mhalsapati’s wife tells that her daughter got such a good alliance for Yamuna. Mhalsapati says he was sure and says it happened because of Sai. Groom’s father asks who is Sai? Bai Sa says it is difficult to say who is he? Mhalsapati praises Sai. Groom’s father insists to meet him. Groom signs Yamuna if she wants to come. She signs yes. Groom’s father teases his son. They all go to Sai.

Madhav sees them going to Sai. Groom’s father sees Sai and says you? Sai smiles. Mhalsapati asks do you know him. Groom’s father says when I forgot the way, I asked him and he said time will tell if he really forgot the way or for the right. He asks him to go to Mhalsapati’s house and says he will surely help you. Groom’s father goes. Flashback ends. Mhalsapati says I thought it as coincidence and says it is your blessings for Yamuna. Mhalsapati’s wife thanks Sai. Mhalsapati is greatful to him. Sai tells Yamuna and her groom that they are united because of their families good deeds and blesses them.

Madhav asks Bhama who lives in an isolated place. Bhama says fakeer like man. She says I am happy that you got job and we got home to live. Madhav tells her that Kulkarni said that this is a job which I am doing, but he wants me to do some other thing. Kulkarni comes there with Chivu and his men. He asks Madhav how is he feeling. Madhav says he is happy and tensed too. He says he will work hard. Kulkarni says I really hope this from you. Madhav asks who stays in that isolated place. Chivu asks why? Madhav says many people came there to meet him. Kulkarni says it is strange and says a man is staying alone in an isolated place. He tells that he wants to meet Madhav alone. His wife goes inside. Kulkarni says british’s enemy, thief, dacoit etc stay at such place and entangles a person in words trap. He says my praja is blind. We have to make them see the truth and for that, we have to become their eyes, nose and ears. He says your work is to keep an eye on Sai and asks him to inform everything about Sai.

Madhav sees Sai sweeping outside his place. Bhama gives him milk. Madhav sees Sai on the swing and gets shocked.

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