Mere Sai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar Fails In His Attempt To Attract Villagers

Mere Sai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dilawar teaches surah to his shishyas. Appa and Bayaza comes there. Bayaza asks Sai to come to their house and stay with them. Sai says if I have any problem then I will come to your house. He says I got a chance to learn something from Dilawar. He says it is sunnat to hear this Ayats, I am fine here. Villager gives sweets to other villagers and says Dilawar helped him and he has big gain in his shop. He says even Sai is listening to him. He says Dilawar’s astrology was right, I got a work with big profits. He tells many villagers. Villagers think to go and meet Dilawar to know their future.

Dilawar’s man asks them to stand and not to touch him. They ask villager to come. Villager come inside Dwarka Maai and greets Sai first. Dilawar stops them and asks to show their palms. He praises himself and

asks to tell their problems. Bheeva and other villager think if he is not taking money then how he is living with his shishyas and their clothes are good too.

Chivu hears servants talking to each other about Dilawar’s astrology. She scolds them for talking and asks why two women are doing same work. She sends one and asks another what they were talking about. Servant tells about Dilawar. Chivu thinks Dada is not here and Anta and banta haven’t give us any info. Dilawar asks a villager and asks him to wake up, but close his eyes. He asks him to pray and says you will get married soon. Sai asks villager to take someone as his closed will be closed. Dilawar gets angry. Other villager comes and says he needs money for their livelihood. Dilawar asks him to go to Bombay etc for work.

Chivu punishes Anta and Banta and makes them sit holding their ears. Villager says how can I leave my family. Dilawar asks him to leave family worries and worry for himself. Villager turns to Sai and asks how to leave my family. Sai asks about his work. Villager says he wants to do big, but can’t leave his family. Sai asks him to take his family later once he gets settled. Dilawar asks what you are saying and says he will be limited to do work if his family stays with him. Sai says going away from your family, doesn’t mean that you will forget them and asks him to keep them in heart.

Sai says if you think of their betterment then you will find way to call them near you. Dilawar gets angry and asks his shishyas to throw that man out. He tells Villagers that he wants to help everyone, but someone is jealous of him and hurdling his help. All villagers leave. Dilawar scolds Sai and says I let you stay here, but that doesn’t mean that you shall interfere in my work. Jhipri and other kids come there. Dilawar asks Sai to go and play with them. Sai says these kids are Shirdi’s future, if you spend time with them then you will learn something. He goes with kids. Anta says there is no special news. Chivu says someone is staying in khandar and helping villager.

Anta and Banta think what she will do if we tell her. Chivu says it was your duty to tell me and says wherever you go, you shall go holding your ears. Sai and kids sit under the tree. He asks why didn’t you come in Dwarka Maai. Jhipri says that white ghost was inside, who threatened to beat us. Sai asks her not to call him ghost. Jhipri says he forced you to stay at a corner in your own Dwarka Maai and I will call him ghost only. Sai says Dwarka Maai is yours all. You can come and meet me. Jhipri says we will come inside only when he leaves.

Villager comes to Sai and says my employer don’t respect me and asks what should I do. Sai says people behaves the way you lets them, and says if you have no respect there, then you shall go. Munnu hears them.

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