Mere Sai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Demands Villager To Pay for 3 Tolas Gold Each For Maharani

Mere Sai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

An old man comes to Sai and says his house seems to be lonely. His son tells that he is not telling you about his illness. Old man tells that we came to Sai and he knows everything, may be you understand now. Kulkarni calls Appa, Bayaza and others to Chawni. Appa gives british’s orders to Kulkarni. Appa says we have decided to give pethani saree to Maharani. Kulkarni, Anta and Banta laugh. Kulkarni says she is a Queen of the world and says she will not wear your saree. He says we shall give her something which she can wear. Kulkarni says suwarn mukut (gold crown). Appa asks if we can give something else, as it is costly. Kulkarni says I am ordering you and says I am Raja of Shirdi, and it is your duty to follow my orders. He says I can’t let my image ruined. He says he wants 3 tolas gold from every house

and says whoever can’t give, I will give as a loan with 5 percent interest. Anta and Banta smile. Kulkarni leaves.

Sultan and Saleem get worried thinking they have to give 3 tolas each. Pandari says I don’t have any money left to give 3 tolas. Appa reminds him of Kulkarni’s words. Old man shows his wife’s mangalsutra and tells that he wants his son to marry. Sai says we shall think of each other’s happiness. Sai refers to the man as Shyam Rao and asks him to make Aditya ready mentally. He asks him to get fine so that Aditya feels free to take up new responsibility. Keshav is in his house and thinks about boys’ taunts. Kulkarni tells that he will teach a lesson to the villagers. He comes back home and sees Keshav crying. He says you are still crying for those boys and says that’s why I asked you to go to London. He thinks keshav won’t be relieved until he sees him on his foot steps. He asks Keshav not to cry and says your friends will yearn to become your friends and says then you will understand how to keep them in control. Keshav is still having the stone which Sai gifted him. Sai gives Vibhuti to Shyam Rao. Aditya promises to marry if he gets fine. Shyam Rao thanks Sai. Om Sai Plays….

Vishwanath comes to Chivu and says if you like then we can go out. Chivu asks are you mad to go now. He says then we will go in the evening and will take Keshav also. Chivu gets angry on him and says why do you ask me and says you used to say let’s take everyone with us. She gets upset. Vishwanath calls her. Kulkarni scares him with his looks.

Sai sees two men fighting and stops them. Man tells that these men are teasing me and calling me ghar jamai. Other man says you have food in your inlaws home. Man tells that he is staying in his inlaws home as his inlaws need monitoring 24 hours and says his parents are fine and can take care of them. He asks if I am taking care of my inlaws then if I am doing wrong. He says he is managing expenses for both families.

A milkman adds water to the milk as he has to sell more milk and pay 3 tolas gold to Kulkarni. Sai comes there asking for charity and leaves.

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