Mere Sai 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Teaches Yamuna To Be Independent

Mere Sai 2nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aayi asks Bayaza to drink milk and laughs seeing milk on her lips. She tells her that she brought jhumkas for Yamuna and says what you are thinking that how I am changed. Bayaza says she is not thinking anything. Aayi says why you never gets upset. Bayaza says you looks good scolding me. Aayi hugs her. Appa and Tatya come there. Tatya asks him to pinch him. Om Sai plays….Sai tells Jeeva that he is worried for him. He says when we hate someone, we couldn’t differentiate between good and bad. Jeeva. Jeeva says you finds goodness in everyone and tells that after meeting the dacoit, he realized that they shall not worry about justice or injustice. Sai says how you will find out that rich people have snatched money from poor people. He gives his teaching to Jeeva and says poor shall understand that they

need to fight or not bend infront of anyone. Jeeva says you are innocent and leave. Sai thinks I know you have shraddha, I wish you would have saburi too.

Rukmini sees Kulkarni doing puja and gets worried. Servant comes and says some guards came and said Kulkarni Sarkaar called them. Rukmini fears something wrong is going to happen. Aayi and Bayaza select saree for Yamuna. Mhalsapati comes there. His wife says that the work is divided by them. Mhalsapati says Damad ji is coming today for work. Bayaza says he can attend the aarti today. Yamuna gets happy.

Kulkarni tells Keshav that from today you will not go to school. Keshav asks why? Kulkarni asks Rukmini to take him inside. Mhalsapati’s wife tells Bayaza that once their daughters are married, they will be alone. She says you have a son and will not understand. Yamuna hears her. Kaveri says Yamuna. Keshav hugs Rukmini and asks what happened to Pita ji, why he is getting angry. Rukmini says even I don’t know and calls the guards. She says if he came to know that you went to Sai. Chivu asks what you said. She says dada doesn’t like you to play with street children and says it was your mother’s mistake, and says if your mum have done her duty well then you wouldn’t have seen this day. Keshav asks her not to badmouth about his mother and says no mum can be good than his own mum.

Jhipri is at Sai’s place. Yamuna goes there. Jhipri takes her inside and asks her to make diya with them. Sai looks at Yamuna and says do you want to ask anything. Yamuna asks if girls have no value in the society. Sai says girls are bounded by the society by believing that they are not equal to other gender. He says in this society, one has to prove herself/himself and make a change. He says when daughters will be freed from the limitation, then everyone will think that girls and boys have equal rights. Yamuna says if parents differentiate between son and daughter then. Sai says even there are among the society and says you are a daughter and shall make a start, so that your daughter don’t think that she can’t take care of her parents. He asks her to be example of the truth that a daughter is a daughter even after marriage. He asks her to make a new start today itself. Yamuna smiles. Jhipri says she is changing herself and getting educated. Yamuna thanks Sai and says you have shown me right path. Sai says Allah Malik.

Sai is singing bhajan, when a bristish policeman comes there and says he is searching thief. Sai asks him to search. Bristish man holds Jeeva and see many men of Jeeva’s face.

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