Mere Sai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai To Heal Suhasini’s Heart

Mere Sai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suhasini tells Sai that his trick will not work on him. Sai says Allah malik. Suhasinin tells Bayaza, Appa and Aayi that Sai is fooling everyone in God’s name. Aayi says when he returned my sight, I understood his Divya powers. Suhasini says you thought him wrong and asks did he tell you that your sight will be back, and says it was just co incidence. She says Sai like people is fooling them. She thinks to take his test. Sai asks Sattu if he likes flowers and says even it can feel like us. He says when I sing and talk to these flowers then they get happy. He asks him not to pluck the flowers and says only fallen flowers are gift for you. Sattu smiles. Om Sai plays….Satty collects the fallen flowers in the basket.

A man comes to Sai and tells that his wound is not healing. Sai checks it and

smiles. Sattu falls and the flowers fall down from his hand. Anta and Banta bring Kulkarni in cart and asks him to move. Kulkarni says who is he? Banta says he may be mad. Kulkarni calls him mad and asks him to move. Sattu shouts and looks angry. He throws stone on Kulkarni and his turban falls down. Kulkarni says how dare you and asks Anta and Banta to catch him. Sattu throws stone on them. Anta and Banta get scared. Tatya comes to him and says I will take you to Sai. Kulkarni gets angry as Sattu eyes him angrily.

Anta and Banta asks them to go. Kulkarni says this boy stays there. Banta says he didn’t know that he is staying with Sai. Jhipri asks Sattu to be with Sai always. Madhav comes and asks who is he? Tatya says he is Sattu. Jhipri says he is different from us, but has specific qualities. Sai says this place is his house now. He asks Madhav to inform Kulkarni about this boy so that he can tell the authorities about it. Suhasini comes to Dwarka Mai. Sai says I was waiting for you. Suhasini says you want to fool people, and asks him to treat her. She says my illness is different and it will not be known to anyone. She says she came to know about his illness. Sai says I know about your illness. Suhasini thinks if this woman wears my chappal, seeing her going. Sai smiles and says problem is in your heart.

Suhasini says he is lying. Sai says it is a serious disease and asks how can you test me when your concentration is on your chappal. Suhasini thinks how did he know? Sai says your heart is filled with love, but you are stopping its flow. Suhasini asks what nonsense. Sai says memories shall be kept safe, but not dead people, Shankar shall be let free. Sai says you will get mukt if you free him. Suhasini asks Bayaza did you tell him. She thinks everyone is feeling pity on her. Sai asks her to free Shankar’s memories. Suhasini says nobody has right to say. Sai tells Sattu that it is not easy for everyone to face the truth, but Akka will hear you and all her sons.

Bayaza tells Suhasini that she didn’t tell anything to Sai. Suhasini says you have seen his stuff and discussed this with Appa. She tells that she was cheated by many bairagi. She says she will not pray to God or please anyone. Appa apologizes and asks her to do shradh and leave. Suhasini says she will leave. Aayi asks her to go in the morning. Suhasini agrees. She imagines seeing Shankar and gets happy. Shankar goes out of house. She follows him. Suhasini comes to Dwarka Maai searching Shankar. She says I will save you this time. Sai is sitting and praying. Om Sai plays….

Suhasini comes there and asks Sai if he can bring her Shankar back.

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