Mere Sai 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Plans To Hurt Sai Using Triambak

Mere Sai 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Triambak asks Bayaza to give him food. Bayaza gives him non salty food. Triambak says I can’t eat this food. Bayaza asks him to control his hunger and says Sai will treat you. Anta and Banta tell Kulkarni that Triambak is getting treated by Sai, he made his medicine with snake poison. Kulkarni is surprised and asks them to keep an eye on him.

Appa brings Triambak to Sai. Sai asks did you feel any difference. Triambak says no and tells that he ate more food. Sai asks him to have patience and devotion, he makes medicine. Appa makes Triambak have it. Triambak thinks to have some salty thing and thinks both Bayaza and Gunwantha are busy in work. He comes to kitchen and sees snacks. He is about to eat it when Bayaza comes and holds his hand. Aayi says we have to lock all these stuff. Triambak

tells that he can’t non salty good. Gunwantha asks Bayaza why she believes on Sai and wants to make her widow. She asks her to tell why she trusts Sai.

Bayaza closes her eyes and recalls Sai’s miracles. She opens her eyes and says she trusts him fully. Gunwantha asks her husband to tell that he can’t get treatment by Sai. Triambak tells that he will control himself. Gunwantha says if anything happens to my husband then I will not leave you. Sai gets Suhasini’s letter and smiles reading it. She writes that she is busy with Sattu and got him admitted in the school. She blesses him and says she will return to see him. Sai asks Tatya about Bayaza. Tatya says she is good. Jhipri and Champa come there. Jhipri gives Amla to Tatya and says she will not eat it as Champa can’t eat.

Gunwantha steals kitchen keys and gets savories, Aayi asks her when husband can’t have it, why she wants to have. Bayaza comes to Bhama and asks about guava dish. Bhama says you have sent just 1 guava. Bayaza says she has sent 1 full basket. She comes to Sai and tells about Triambak. Sai tells her that salt is poison for him. Anta and Banta hears him and inform Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks Banta to make him friend so that he listened to him. Bayaza asks Triambak to control for few days and says she will many savories for him. Triambak is happy.

Chivu sits and have jalebis. She sees Gunwantha coming there and buying savories. Gunwantha asks the seller to make it more spicy and salty. Chivu comes there and have from her packet. She says it is yummy. Gunwantha asks her to give money or return namkeen. Chivu says she is Kulkarni’s sister. Gunwantha says I heard so much about you, you are always in mayka. Chivu pushes her. They pinch each other and starts fighting. Anta and Banta asks Chivu to leave her.

Sai is in the garden. Bheeva comes there and says he is blessed with a son. He tells that you have freed me from Das custom. Sai asks him to help people and do karma. He says there is no big puja than hardwork. He gives flower in his hand and asks him to start his new life. Sai goes. Bheeva opens her palm and sees two gold coins. Sai turns and smiles. Bheeva folds his hands with gratitude.

Sai sees butterfly with feather on one side. He says you need help.

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