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Mere Sai 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni asks Banta to read out the loan amounts of the villagers. Banta calls Aaba. Kulkarni asks him to read the paper. Aaba says 5 rs left now. Kulkarni says it is 7 and says whoever goes against me, will have to bear the consequences. Appa ji and Mhalsapati comes to Sai. Appa ji says Bai Sa feels pain seeing you in pain. They take the measurement and says they want to make bed for him. Sai says I don’t need bed, if you want to give me something then give me wood, I will make it. Appa says but. Mhalsapati says Sai will make bed according to his preference. He says he has work and is about to go. Sai says today Karuna’s marriage will happen. Mhalsapati is surprised.

Madhav and his wife come to Kulkarni’s house. Rukmini greets them and says she comes to know about his marriage. Madhav

greets Chivu. Rukmini asks if he has somework. Madhav says he has no work and says if Kulkarni gets work for him. Rukmini says he will help you and asks them to sit.

Mhalsapati comes home. His wife says she was waiting for him. Mhalsapati gives her sweet and dhoti for the groom. Wife says alliance haven’t happen yet. Mhalsapati says Sai told that alliance will happen today. His wife gets irritated. Sai asks Aaba to give charity. Aaba and his wife tell that they are leaving the village being afraid of Kulkarni and his debt. Sai says you are running away from your village and asks them to learn how to do calculations. Aaba’s wife says in this age. Sai says there is no age for learning and says God will give you a chance to change, but you have to do the efforts. Madhav tells Rukmini that he has done calculations. Rukmini praises him and says Kulkarni will be very happy to see you. Kulkarni comes there. Madhav and his wife Bhama greets him. Kulkarni taunts them for coming and says neither this is your mayka nor your sasural. Rukmini says Madhav is educated. Kulkarni says this is my house, not a dharmshala. He asks them to leave immediately. Rukmini says it will be night soon and asks him to let them stay for a night. Kulkarni agrees and goes. Madhav and his wife look at each other.

Groom’s family come to Mhalsapati’s house. Groom’s father praise Yamuna and asks them to give 4 clothes and 100 tolas gold for Yamuna. He says I am not asking for myself, but for the kids. He asks them to reply by tomorrow. Mhalsapati is about to refuse, but his wife accepts the condition and gives them sweets. Groom’s mum says we will take out the date and inform you. Mhalsapati gets tensed.

Sai tells that life is a challenge. Mhalsapati’s wife asks him to tell Sai to give 100 tolas gold. Mhalsapati says Sai said that alliance will be fixed. His wife tells that she agreed for the alliance as the groom and his family are good. Mhalsapati says how he will manage. Just then somebody knocks on the door, Karuna opens the door. Man tells that he was going to a near by village and forgot the way. He asks can someone show me the way. Karuna informs Mhalsapati. Mhalsapati asks him to stay there for a night as the village where he wants to go, passes through the jungle. Man thanks him. Karuna gives him water and asks if he likes to have food. Mhalsapati asks her to make food. He goes to kitchen and sees his wife stopping Karuna from making food. He asks her to make food and asks his wife not to worry as Karuna’s marriage will be fixed. Sai is sitting in his house. Karuna’s mum tells that marriage will be fixed only if we have 100 tolas gold.

Kulkarni asks Mhalsapati to tell Inspector that something is given to him by Sai and gives him gold as prize. Sai asks Mhalsapati to be careful while handling it. Mhalsapati comes to Police station. Constables run towards Sai.

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