Mere Sai 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Anta And Banta Plan Against Madhav

Mere Sai 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parvati thinks Sai brought her to Rehana’s house for Bhama and have love and affection for everyone. Keshav asks Rukmini if he can go and meet his friends. Rukmini says your father asked you not to go out and hates Madhav a lot, and says if he comes to know then he might scold you. Keshav says he will not know and says I will see my friends from far and return. Rukmini says ok. Madhav teaches a poem to kids, and birds make sound. Keshav comes there and sees his friends from far. Banta climbs up to the tree and throws seeds on the kids. Anta tells them that there may be bird, insect or monkey who don’t want them to study and laugh on them. Champa tells Anta that the monkeys were those who think them illiterate. Keshav sings Tatya that Banta is on tree. Tatya and others throw stone on Banta. Banta escapes.

He tells Anta that kids will not go to school if something happens with them. They see scorpion and gets an idea. Rehana asks Bhama to do the embroidery by morning. Bhama promises her.

In the night, Madhav asks Bhama to sleep. Bhama says she will complete the work and sleep. Madhav says I will be awake with you, but Bhama asks him to sleep. He sleeps. Bhama sees the thread quantity nearing end and thinks if she don’t complete the work then Rehana will never believe her. She asks Sai to help her. Om Sai plays…….Sai holds the thread roll. Bhama thinks to do the embroidery and complete the work till the thread ends. Bhama completes the work and thinks thread was nearing end, but then also her work is done. She reminisces Sai and thinks you are with us all the time.

Kulkarni returns home. Villagers ask Kulkarni to give their papers. Kulkarni says I will tell you later. He calls Keshav and asks him to sit with him, and says you have to do this. He says the more you hurt the people, the more powerful you will be called.

A man comes there. Kulkarni calls him Govind Ram ji and tells his Guru ji sent him gangajal. Tatya, Bayaza and Appa are in the khandoba temple. Mhalsapati wishes Tatya for his birthday. Sai comes and wishes him birthday. Bayaza gives sweets. Anta and Banta get an idea.

Two couple come to Kulkarni and claim that the baby is of them. Kulkarni asks them to call Daayi. Daayi comes and says both women delivered baby boys, but one of the baby died. She says she didn’t see the baby’s face. Kulkarni sees baby’s mother complexion and says baby resembles one of the woman. Other woman tells that it is injustice as the baby is hers. Kulkarni gets angry and asks them why did they come to him. He leaves. Appa suggests them to come to Sai. Sai asks the women to make the baby quiet, but they couldn’t. Sai says you can do anything to get baby and gives blanket to him. He says now we will play rope pulling game and says whoever manages to pull the rope will get the baby, irrespective of whose baby it is. They say they are ready to play. One of the woman refuse to play the game and says I am ready to give baby to the other woman and says my baby can die in this game. Her husband asks what you are saying? Woman says atleast baby will be alive and will be infront of us. Other woman says now it is proved who is the real mum. Sai says the mother who can’t see her son in pain and knows sacrifice is his real mother. Om Sai plays….

Madhav saves Champa from scorpion and gets himself bitten by it. Appa and Mhalsapati bring Madhav to Sai, but Sai talks to him rudely and doesn’t let him enter dwarka maai.

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