Mere Sai 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves All Guests

Mere Sai 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chivu does the household work with much difficulty and tries to fetch the milk. It turns out to be her dream. She says it was a dream and her mum in law don’t have the courage to make her work. Food is served to the guests who have come for Aslam’s wedding. Birds make a chirping sound, but nobody understands. They start having food. Sultan says it is wonderful tasty food and asks Saleem to serve the sewiya. Saleem takes Sewiya in the bowl and don’t see snake in it which must have died by now and made the Sewiya poisonous. Birds make chirping sound again. Saleem asks everyone to have Sewiya. Rehana stops them and asks Aslam and Nusrath to feed sewiya to each other.

Sai comes there and he sees Anta and Banta putting snake in the sewiya. He takes spoons from their hand and throws on ground. He

lifts sewiya bowl and throws the sewiya on ground. Snake falls on floor. Everyone get shocked. He tells them that the birds are trying to alert you all. Nusrath’s father asks who did this ? Sai says we shall be thankful to God that everyone is saved. Sandhya says now nobody can have sweets. Sai says I brought aam ras from the mango which you brought. Maryam says how this juice will be sufficient for all of us. Saleem says if Sai told then it will be sufficient. He serves the mango juice to everyone. Hari Bhao apologizes to Sandhya for laughing on her when she brought only one mango.

Vishwanath asks Chivu if she came to stay with him. She says no and says you are still useless fellow for me. Vishwanath says did I ever raise my hand on you or shout at you, and says I kept you with so much love. Chivu says did you give me gift, take me out for outing etc. Vishwanath says if our married life is not working then tell what I can do for you. Chivu asks him to come with her to Kulkarni’s house and stay with her, says she got her answers.
Anta and Banta think that everyone have died and nobody is alive to cry. Anta says all Shirdi is ours now. They imagine themselves as king of Shirdi. They feel burning sensation on their back and see Sai looking at them angrily. They run from there. Sai says we shall follow our dharma, and says dharma means humanity dharma and not religious dharma. He asks people not to forget humanity and help each other.

A man is brought to Sai. His father tells that he is in extreme grief. Sai makes his tear fall in his pot and see his pain.

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