Mere Sai 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Starts Treating Triambak

Mere Sai 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunwantha brings Triambak to Kulkarni’s house and says he is Kulkarni sarkaar. Triambak tells her that he will get himself treated wherever Bayaza wants. Gunwantha pinches him and asks him not to tell Bayaza. Anta and Banta see them and asks them to leave. Gunwantha says we will not go. Kulkarni comes out. Anta tells Kulkarni that he is Bayaza’s brother. Kulkarni asks them to go to Sai. Gunwantha says they want us to get him treated by Sai, but we don’t want as you are the only Vaid of Shirdi. If you don’t treat him then who will do. She says he is having bhasmak rog. Kulkarni thinks they came here without informing Bayaza and thinks if he manages to treat him then everyone will praise him. He asks them to come inside. Sai comes to take charity in the house. A woman gives him food

saying her daughter made it today. Sai blesses her. He thinks how can I eat salty food when someone is going to leave salty food.

Kulkarni checks it. Chivu asks him how much sweets he eats? He says he eats 20 pieces and then after half an hour, he again have 20 pieces. Chivu is shocked. Kulkarni says I will treat you and asks him to get medicine after 2 days. Gunwantha says your Akka tried to get you treated by beggar. Rukmini hears them. They leave. Kulkarni tells Chivu that if Triambak is not treated then he will die in 6 months. Anta says Bayaza and her brother insulted me. Kulkarni says you have no respect and says whatever he do is with a motive, and says when Bayaza and Sai will come to know this, they will get upset.

Bayaza waits for Triambak. Triambak and Gunwantha comes there. Appa asks why they came late. Gunwantha says they went for outing. Bayaza asks them to have tea and says we will go to Sai. Madhav comes back home. Bhama checks his bag and asks why didn’t he bring it. He says he forgot. Bhama says I wonder why Bayaza Akka haven’t thought. Gunwantha asks Triambak not to have medicine given by Sai and says you will follow only Kulkarni’s treatment. Bayaza asks them to come. Bayaza asks Sai if he came just now. Gunwantha tells Triambhak that Sai is the same pocket thief and says she is feeling pity on Bayaza’s thoughts. Bayaza asks Sai to treat her brother and tells about his disease. Sai looks at him and closes his eyes. Snake comes there and goes towards Gunwantha. Gunwantha gets scared. Sai asks her to calm down and asks snake to treat Triambak. Snake spits poison in the pot. Sai adds something and asks him to eat it. Triambak refuses and asks Bayaza why she is doing this. Sai tells him that there is so much poison in his body and says this poison will make you fine. Bayaza asks Triambak to have it. Appa also says the same.

Gunwantha says he is giving poison as we caught him stealing our wallet and taking revenge on us. Bayaza asks how can you accuse Sai and tells that he is my son before Tatya. Sai smiles and asks Bayaza to forgive them. Bayaza says how they can tell this to you. Sai asks Appa to make Triambak have medicine. Triambak says it is a poison, how I will drink it. Appa asks him to have faith on him, and makes Triambak have medicine made from snake venom. Om Sai plays……..Triambak says nothing has happened to me, I am fine. Sai says you have to come here daily till full moon comes and asks him to leave salt. Triambak says how can I leave salt. Sai asks Bayaza to make sure that he don’t have salt and says it will have reverse effect on him.

They come out of Sai’s dwarka maai. Anta and Banta throw Banana peel on them and tells villagers that they went to Kulkarni for treatment and don’t trust on Sai’s medicine. Banta says once her brother gets fine, she will give credit to Sai for treating him. He says Sai’s bhakt are doing cheap tactics. Triambak gets angry. Gunwantha takes him.

Appa asks Triambak why did you call thief to Sai and went to Kulkarni’s house for treatment. He tells him that Sai has done many favors on them. Triambak says he will apologize to Bayaza. Bayaza ignores him and leaves. Om Sai plays…Sai gives khichdi to Dog and says I can’t have salty food till poornima. He eats a fruit. Sai Om plays…..

Sai tells Bayaza that salt is poison for Triambak. Anta and Banta hears them and informs Kulkarni.

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