Mere Sai 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Villagers Realize Sai Is A Boon For Shirdi

Mere Sai 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

A muslim man brings his son to get him treated by Sai. Sai asks him to make the boy rest on ground straight. Man introduces himself as Osman and tells that his son is having pain. Sai asks about his headache. Boy says he is having pain in his ear. Sai puts some medicinal drops in his ear and tells that once he gets fine, he will forgive him. Boy says he is fine and the pain is gone. Osman says you are an angel. Sai gives him medicinal leaves. Osman offers him money. Sai refuses to take it and asks him to do good deeds without any expectation. Rukmini thanks God and says I know you have opened rope. Sai sees Banta and Anta looting a villagers’ stuff while they are crying badly. Sai asks them to give the calculation and holds the bullock cart. It can’t be moved. Sai smiles. Anta and Banta comes to

Kulkarni. Kulkarni slaps them and asks what did you bring. Anta and Banta are shocked to see Sai standing. Anta says this mayavi man…

Sai says they did pull him till here with much hardwork, but didn’t see him. Kulkarni says he hates him. Sai asks why? He says one needs to be understanding to have hatred. Kulkarni says I am Vaid and money lender too. He says you can’t understand it. Sai says whoever has taken loan have the right the calculation. Kulkarni laughs and says he is Raja and they are Praja. He says his right is to get him out of shirdi. Sai says Shirdi is my Guru’s place and my Maa’s home and nobody can kick me out. Kulkarni says Shirdi is my home and I can protect it.

Sai says it is everyone’s home and one needs to take care of Shirdi. He says I am thirsty, someone give water to me. Kulkarni says give water to him. Rukmini gives water to Sai. Chivu instigates Kulkarni against Sai. Rukmini sees wound on his hand and asks about it. Sai says Ram Krishna Hari. Rukmini recalls saying samething and is surprised. She says you saved me. Mhalsapati tells Appa ji that he is going to make arrangements for his daughter’s wedding. Appa ji praises his daughter. Tatya and Bai Sa comes there and tell about the wounds on Sai’s hands. They plan to buy bed for him.

Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to tell everyone’s calculation. Someone comes and says a villager refused to give them interest and principal amount because of Sai. They are walking on his footsteps who is motivating them to study. Chivu asks Kulkarni to do something big. Sai comes to the temple and sings ram,Krishna…hari

Sai tells Mhalsapati that Karuna’s marriage will be fixed today. The groom’s family ask for 100 tolas. Mhalsapati’s wife asks him to tell Sai to do something. Sai smiles.

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