Mere Sai 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Heals Everyone’s Problems

Mere Sai 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishnu and Yamuna’s marriage stands. Bayaza tells Sai that she regards Yamuna as her daughter and the kheer is ruined. Sai says but who told you that the kheer is ruined. Bayaza says I saw myself. Mhalsapati asks Sai to sit with Baraatis. Sai says how can I eat first in daughter’s marriage, I will serve the kheer to the guests. Bayaza says how can you serve the ruined kheer. Sai says it is your motherly feelings and can’t be ruined. Bayaza says hing…Sai smiles and checks Kheer. Sai treats the patients at his place. He appears infront of tiger to save Keshav. Tawu ji asks Sai to serve kheer and likes it. He says he didn’t have such tasty kheer in his life. Everyone smiles.

Jhipri’s villagers get fine. Sai makes them have water. Kulkarni looks at Anta and Banta angrily. Anta and Banta

tastes Kheer surprisingly. Tiger stops roaring and goes from there. Sai helps Keshav comes out of Pit. Keshav hugs him.

Bayaza praises Sai for filling happiness in their life. Sai wipes her tears. Vishnu and Yamuna touches Sai’s feet after their marriage. Sai blesses them.

A rich man Mahesh comes to Sai’s place on horse cart and waits for him. He thinks to wait. Just then a woman comes there and brings her son. Mahesh tells that even poor people comes there, if Sai helps the poor then when he will help the rich people. Woman hears him and makes her son rest on floor. She tries to make stone hand blender. Mahesh asks her to keep quiet. She says it is her work. Sai comes there. Woman touches his feet and tells that she came from far with hope and asks him to save her son. Sai checks the boy. Mahesh tells Sai that he came first. Sai says you came first, but stood far. Sai checks boy’s body and says her illness is severe, why didn’t you bring him before. Woman says she didn’t have money and thought he will not let her enter because she is from low community. Then she heard about his miracle.

Mahesh asks Sai to treat him and tells that he heard about him from Kashiram. He tells that he don’t get sleep and haven’t slept since many nights, and tried treatment by many vaid, hakeems etc.. He asks can you treat me else I will go. Sai asks what do you do? Mahesh says my fathers have farms. Sai asks do you work in farm. Mahesh says no. Sai asks do you sell the things. Mahesh says no. He says he has Servants for all work. Sai says I understood your problem. He goes out, picks sand and puts in the paper cup. He asks him to apply this soil’s lep on the boy’s body except head and come after 3 days.

Mahesh asks what is the treatment for me. Sai asks him to give hand and gives little amount of soil and asks him to make lep and apply on his body. Mahesh asks how can he make lep of the small amount of soil. Sai says you will get soil from your farm, and asks him to dig the land and get soil from there, and asks him to sit on clean floor and apply on his body. He says you have to do this for 3 days. Mahesh says I will do this, but will not like if my time gets wasted. He goes.

Sai asks the woman if she has not gone? Woman says I don’t have money to pay for treatment, but I shall give something. Sai tells Doha and asks her to go and take care of her son. He says we can just pray, rest is left to God.

Appa comes to her relative house. The men tell him that their vahini was not ready to do shraddh, but they did. They ask him to make her understand. Appa’s aunty or sister comes there.

Appa is on the way with his relative. Sai prays that he shall get strength to lower her pain.

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